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BlendSwap Contest Winners

The winners of the BlendSwap military vehicle models contest are in! All the models are available for download under a Creative Commons license.

Matthew writes:

I first wanna thank all the contestants for entering their great models in the contest, every category winner was extremely close, with the most separation between winner and runner up being 3 points.

Secondly, lets thank our judges Wes Burke, Dolf Veenvliet, and Ben Dansie three top names in the Blender industry willing to take time out of their super busy schedules to pour over your guys’ models and judge them. THANKS GUYS!!!

Last but certainly not least a HUGE thanks to our sponsors HJ Media Studio for putting this whole thing together, Thanks Nick. Packt Publishing for supplying the prizes to our category winners and Lee Salvemini of for the awesome Grandprize that will be given away. So Here We GO!!




    That was First my choices--Nice job!

  • Kirill Poltavets

    That jeep is cool, really cool :) I even can't get why that jet got the first place over all.
    Choices on robots are rather strange. Can it be that judges doesn't looked all models well? Because even the third place looks too childish (the second also IMHO). Anyway - by all criteria Puma got well deserved first place in that category.
    But! My feeling of "what people need from free models" tells me that it can't be so important to give so much points for a good background or even env. scene and for texturing also. Because the most hard of work is to prepare a good looking concept and made it believable in mesh. Texturing is secondary.
    So, my apologies, but this Contest's criteria weren't thought out well. Good luck next time or you'll get less good models for free. De-motivation is the very great force.

  • Matthew

    Kirill, thanks for your insight, this was the very first contest we have ever done and it was a real learning experience. There's things we should of done differently, some we might not of done at all. But we learned a ton, had fun, gave out some great prizes and have some great models for the community, so all and all I think it was a success. But future contest well be more thorough.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    yep :) as we say: "the first pancake goes lumpy" (not the best translation).

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