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Blender 2.60 RC2 Available

The second 'release candidate' for Blender 2.60 is now available for testing. You know the drill: download, test, report bugs. Targeted release date - OMG! - this Sunday!


  • TxRx

    Just caught a new bug in 2.59, will test it out on this and report. Great work guys!

  • Martin Lindelöf

    whoa here we go, 2.60! just one version 1/10th left to 2.61 and cycles! :D 


    Bart, I love the new blendrnation  format look!

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Awesome, thanks :)

  • Alexandr

    Interesting, 2.60rc2, let's have a look

    • dono

      Hello !

      Good news ! But i have an error at the launch, and blender crash.
      I am on windows xp 32 bits.

      Thanks ! :)

      • dono

        Bug is fixed ! I posted on bugtracker and 1 hour later, it was fixed by Brecht ! Amazing :)

        Thanks a lot to Brecht and all the team for this amazing work.

        • Bart Veldhuizen

          Haha, awesome!

          • Ben Dansie

            I kinda reported that in IRC, but Brecht himself wasn't in there due to the time difference. Glad you did. In case it comes up again for any reason, the workaround (which is why I didn't file an official report) was to open a Cycles build, disable the Cycles addon and save as default. Then you can open the Trunk builds.

            Still, glad it's actually fixed. :)

      • Alexandr

        Sorry dono, but i'm just user (new user actualy), not developer... jet :)

  • Anonymous

    Woot! Almost at another milestone :)

  • Sunshine

    Bmesh Bmesh! Where is my Bmesh! :(

    • CorsairX

      Read the release plan and all shall be revealed :)

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