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Blender Conference 2011 schedule online

The full schedule for the Blender Conference 2011 is now online - as it's still a draft version there are still some holes in it, but I'm sure they'll be filled up quickly. Which presentation are you looking forward to the most?


  • Wray Bowling

    Oh, I see some guy named Bart Veldhuizen is talking Saturday at 17:30 ;) He's pretty cool. What do you think Bart? I think you should go to that.

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Really? *curses Ton* 

      Okay then, what do you guys want me to talk about? ;-)

      • Wray Bowling

        As someone who makes themselves look at the happenings of Blender once a day, it might be very valuable to hear you report a sort of annual climate reading, what the year felt like, how it compared to others, and what you think next year will be like. You might be one of the best people to talk about that sort of thing. :) And take that video camera of yours! It's always a treat to see the little videos you make.

        I so wish I was going. :( I blame Halloween.

      • Mainframe0001

        About NaN days, i wish i had seen how the commercial company that created Blender looked like in the early beginning!

  • Drabking

    Hope they record it, I can't go to Amsterdam because of school/work obligations and All the talks seem VERY interesting. I am studying engineering and the talk about the tsunami vis work sounds soo awesome for my studies.
    Please Ton find a way to record All the talks. 

  • bachnoral

    Any chance it will be live feed loops like last year?  I would pay for link to daily feeds, I enjoyed watching last year. Great having Blender as part of my life.

  • Kram1032

    Last year was awesome, though it was a pity tthat not all the talks where watchable online.
    I'd love to see all of them this year :)

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