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Tutorial: Tracking-Stability and Integration Test with Blender/Tomato-Branch

Sebastian König from 3DCentral posted a new camera tracking-stability and compositing demo and breakdown using the current GSoF 2011 Tomator Branch. Enjoy.

Finished Film:

Tracking & Compositing Breakdown:


  • D@nny

    Please, give Sebastian a job for the Mango Project!
    If you see all tutorials and work of Sebastian, you'll be suprised.
    He's perfect for the job, right?
    Great work and keep it up!

  • Gatis

    Would be great tutorial more in depth about Mix node (Add, Multi etc.) and Alpha node (alpha traverl from Render layer thru comp). Nice job!

  • Olaf

    Wow! I first had trouble identifying which parts were CG and which were real! If they'd changed the earphones to be less perfect (more texture and bump mappinig) I wouldn't have been able to identify it as CG. Fantastic job!

  • jiggles100

    Seb, you rock dude ... I watched the first video and thought, hmm, so where's the 3d model??? Amazing results and great compositing. Really excited about mango now that I've seen such great results from tomato (thanks to Sergei for all his hard work).

  • thinkinmonkey

    As Olaf, said, in the first time I didn't know what was CG and waht was real.
    Anyway, Gatis is right: an indepth tutorial would be great.
    Thanks, anyway.

  • Alex

    Sebastian its nice to see your work here;) and its nice that you be in same city like i do^^;)

  • sebastian_k

    Thanks everyone!
    About an in-depth tutorial, I already did one for cmiVFX:
    That explains everything you need to know about this kind of 3d integration into footage. (Doesn't cover the tracking though, but for that you have my tuts on blendercookie)
    @Alex :)
    Speaking of Leipzig, look what I saw on the Fockeberg! :D

    Cheers everyone and
    thanks for all the tomatoes.

  • Epimeison

    Amazing work...!

  • Georgie

    Wow, I couldn't tell which were computer generated. Congrats! :]

  • Stephen

    Wow! that is just amazing its really hard to distinguish from CG to reality.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • CorsairX

    Does anyone remember that Star Wars fan-film craze there was a few years ago? Image what some of those groups could have achieved if camera tracking and 3D modelling was accessible then as it will be soon!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  • hjmediastudios

    While this is impressive, all of the tests on this I've seen so far are simple shots like these. I've tried it on a complex scene used in an actual production, and it's failed miserably.

  • sebastian_k

    It would be really interesting to see on which scene it failed and why. Some shots are just very hard to track by the nature of the shot, others are barely possible, like tripod shot. Though tripod shots will have to get solved of course in some way, and it's very easy with other trackers. So hopefully it will get implemented soon.
    Can you show which shot it failed to track? Would be interesting.

  • doakey3

    Hey hjmediastudios, I saw Andrew Kramer do a cool tutorial on videocopilot using some proprietary software. I thought I could try it out using Blender:

    We should try doing a more complex shot with lots of parallax movement. I think the trick is to have lots of solid tracking points.

  • Matt Heimlich


    Maybe I just missed it in the video because it was moving quickly, but how did you go about removing the tracking markers?

  • The Techno Alien

    Is this "Tomato branch" the same as Voodoo camera tracker exporter for Blender?

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    20 years ago, when photo-editing tools like Photoshop were still new, people were only just discovering how you could tell lies with still images.

    People still trust movies. But we're at that same stage now, with compositing tools like this, as we were back then with still images. Soon people will realize they can't trust moving images either.

  • zomby again

    Is there a commentary track? I can heard only music.

  • wysiwyg

    anybody know how his compositor lines arent curved, but rather are straight lines?

  • wysiwyg

    cant seem to edit: found it, setting called Noodle Curving

  • DG1

    I have a question, does putting a tracker that goes out of frame an advisable thing to do? I mean, whenever I track a video, the camera always go hayward and would jump to neverland and then comes back, I checked the "Average Solve Error" and it's around 60 although I double-triple checked the tracks and I didn't encounter anything wrong.

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