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Cycles Material Walkthrough

Ben Dansie has put together a great introduction to using cycles node based materials system, explaining how the glossy BSDF closure works and how to use textures to control aspects of materials in cycles.


  • Diego

    I want his computer :)

  • CGEffex

    I had to stop the video after a few minutes...I simply couldn't stand the outrageous speed of his system in comparison with mine.

  • physicsnerd

    Oh My God that's fast!

    a GTX460 goes for 160 euros. Guess what I'm buying!

  • Cedal

    Aargh... A 460 is pretty much comparable with an 6870 (at least same price, but less performance)

    Patience is tha word... guess I'm just not good at waiting.

  • Ben Dansie

    Thanks for posting! :)

    Just for the record, it wasn't meant to be a subtle Nvidia advert, but I do really like the card for the price. OpenCL is coming as we all know, so patience is the word as mentioned. No need to specifically buy one card or another at such an early stage for the renderer.

    If it makes people feel better, I think my processor on the other hand is approaching it's third birthday. Still happy with that too though.

  • kABHIr

    ahh! i have that card i gonna test it Ben. anyways thanks for the walkthrough.

  • PhysicsGuy

    Hi Ben,

    thanks for comforting the rest of us *grin*.

    But seriously, how much do you think the cpu it still going to matter? With the blender ui running through opengl,
    cycles now in cuda and later in opencl and the work on making the compositor running through opencl, what is
    the cpu going to do all the time?

    Can you check how much load the cpu actually has while the viewport is rendering in cycles?


  • Jan Sandahl

    Revision 40078? Can´t find that revision...


  • Ben Dansie

    @PhysicsGuy - I know the cpu isn't doing much during Cycles. Quick check says about 35-40% cpu load from Blender when Cycles viewport is doing its thing on gpu. Just wanted to point out the same thing as you do - it's mainly the gpu doing the fancy footwork work here, not the entire machine. Without wanting to oversimplify things of course. :)

    @Jan Sandahl - Valid question. I forgot (new?) graphicall allows people to just overwrite previous uploads. That and DingTo updates his builds almost quicker than I finish my experiments. I had a quick look at that build this morning - 40168 at time of writing - and that should do everything fine. I think the first take I did on recording I made a bigger deal on how the tutorial might get out of date quickly. Stupid non Blender technical issues forced me to record a few more takes than was strictly necessary.

    The important thing is most of the stuff I cover in the video hasn't really changed in a user noticeable way since Cycles was introduced.

  • Beau

    Cycles need a real time depth of field and lens effects !

    that would be soo cool!

  • Sanne


    Cycles DOF is as realtime as the viewport render is, or do you mean something different?

  • kABHIr

    just tried the build it is simply awesome can't wait for official release.

    wow! simply awesome

  • Tadd

    Anyone else both blown away and completely overwhelmed by this?!

  • Real

    What an obnoxious waste of time. Hate Cycles and hate unedited videos about Cycles. Can't you just give us a fast renderer and get a proper teacher to nicely edit a video about it.

  • David

    What happened to your video?

    You don't have permission to access /video/28855220 on this server.
    Apache Server at Port 80

  • David

    Oh! it is working now....

  • K.Webb

    Awesome! Can't wait to see what the next Blender Open Movie will be like using Cycles and the new Node Compositor.

  • David

    Cycles HAS a real time DOF

    check this image:

  • rickyblender

    i'm totaly lost with equivalents proecural texture nodes in cycles and normal blender!

    would you be able to make a new tut showing  how to get equivalent nodes

    like for instance the old brass from material repository
    which is using 4 procedural textures
    how to control  proc texture color and alpha value

    looking foward to learn more about cycle


  • Reaser Chad 86

    What are you using that allows your cursor to have that yellow glow around it and do all that fancy tracking and color coded indication or is that integrated into a certain revision of Blender.

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