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Tony Mullen wins Blue Cat Fellini award

Tony Mullen has won a prestigious screenwriting award with a short story. He's planning to turn it into a Blender project next year.

Tony writes:

I thought maybe some Blendernation readers might be interested to know about a project I'm working on. It's a short movie called "Electric Town" and the script just won a fairly prestigious screenwriting award, the Blue Cat Fellini award (5 winners were chosen out of 1600 entrants).

Here's an interview with me that Blue Cat did. In it I mention how Blender (and hopefully, at some point, the Blender community) is connected with this project. As I have it planned, the movie will involve a combination of live action, stop-motion animation, puppetry, and CG effects done with Blender.

This isn't a call for any kind of participation just yet. It's a little too early for that. I'm storyboarding right now and after that I'll begin work on building props. Sometime next year I hope to have things far enough along to be making more concrete plans for getting other people involved.





  • Tem

    congratulations! good luck on the project

  • Mitch

    Congrats, Tony! Bluecat is one of the better contests for screenwriting.

  • Jon

    Very well done, Tony. Is the script available for reading?
    Blender and screenwritng... two of my favourite things.

  • Deevad

    Congratz !

  • Oscar Baechler

    Nice! Congratulations Tony!

  • NateTheGreat

    Congratulations! I really enjoyed the interview!

  • Nemesis

    Congratulations. Well done.