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X3DOM: Online 3D using HTML5 standards with Blender 2.5x support

You want to insert your 3D model into a webpage - you don't want to use pre rendered GIF sequences or plug-ins visitors have to download? Say "Hello" to X3DOM.  They just released the 1.2 version which takes the current HTML5 web development into consideration such as CSS3, webfonts, Flash, and WebGL. Greatly this makes it also usable with Blender 2.5x. It uses the canvas tag, and allows to use textures, which can be animated, lights, mouse interaction, collision detection and other interactions.




Blender Support:

Blender Exporter:

Converting Blender scenes into x3dom webpages is pretty simple: Blender already supports direct X3D export even so there are some issues (Don Brutzman wrote about). Blender Version 2.4 seams to export some more nodes (e.g. lights), but in general it works. We will explore this more in the future, but an exported X3D file (such as the little horse shown below) may afterwards be easily be integrated into an HTML webpage using x3dom.


  • ddwagnz

    WebGL is a really exciting new way to tackle 3d in web, although it's had its security issues and its prop turned people off with it, i think it has a place in the way we interact with 3d on the web, aswell as showing off new interactivity that couldnt be done without having to install a plugin *thumbs up*

  • Luis Robles

    Maybe a new BGEngine web player possible now :D?

  • Lucas

    The idea sounds wonderfull, but it doesn´t work with Firefox 5.
    I hope that they make it compatible.
    Excuse me for my poor english and mistakes, i´m not native.

  • Matt

    It works just fine with my fire fox. must be a problem on your end

  • Psion

    I don't know, Matt. It doesn't work on my end, either, and the site specifically mentions Firefox 4.x support only. Are you running Firefox 5?

  • TLOZ

    I can confirm that it runs fine with Firefox 5.0 (yeah, it really IS 5.0, I checked it).
    Also, I have the same hopes as Luis ;)

  • Dread Knight

    Would be really awesome to make 3d games with BGE and just export them to the browser.

  • Nosslak

    Works fine on my rig with Firefox 5.0.1 and Windows 7 64-bit.

  • Thomas
    Is that Big Buck Bunny I see? lol!

  • claas

    For some reason they all love to use BBB and Sintel in those presentations
    well I am glad they do ;)

    But it is still interesting that they all know about it.

  • PeterDC

    You need to have the right drivers and all; that's probably why it's not working for some people.

  • Mauro

    I'm using Aurora 7.0a2 (2011-07-28) (Firefox 7) and is working perfect.

    It seems very functional, the future is now. I can imagine a fully 3D internet, if that integrate functions better than Flash, is the beginning of a new era. Where you can create Web sites like real digital space, is the day of the Independence of the plugin. Today I will be able to make the dream website for me in 2000. Congratulations.

  • justposted

    Hmmm, not working for me in Firefox 5.0 under Win 7/64. Says that "WebGL is not yet supported in your browser". IE 8, on the other hand, insists on trying to save the page to my hard drive and then, if I save and open it, it tries to save the page again. So it look like no joy here, unfortunately.

  • Pawel

    It works fine on my Firefox 5 (on Ubuntu).

    Sounds and looks great. I'll be exploring this.

    There's still the Burster plugin:

  • janolap1

    Not working in FF 5.0 under WinXP Pro. Says that “WebGL is not yet supported in your browser” too.

  • noiseandpixel

    nothing work for me .... but stil sound interesting...

  • FishB8


    about:config -> filter for "webgl" -> adjust settings as needed

  • Ondrej

    For those that cannot run x3dom: one thing is webGL capable browser but you still have to meet some other requirements. If I remember correctly (please correct me if I am wrong) the graphic card has to support at least OpenGL 2.0 in order to display x3dom content. The behavior is still sometimes random, e.g. my laptop used to display it and now it cannot for no reason.. I am still very fond of x3dom, have been playing with it for some time now and its the most promissing thing so far for 3D content in web.

  • gre



    Flash is not part of (HTML5) web technologies !

  • gre

    " the current HTML5 web development into consideration such as CSS3, webfonts, Flash, and WebGL "


    Flash is not part of (HTML5) web technologies !

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