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SpacePilot PRO - 2-handed Powermode in Blender 2.5x

Nathan Letwory writes:

A short demo to show that 2-handed powermode with 3DConnexion devices works in Blender 2.5 (since 24.07.2011, thanks to Mike Erwin).


  • Benni-chan

    wow, that looks great. can't wait to test it out myself

  • Reavenk

    @0:48 Agh! You just blew my mind!

  • TxRx

    I've missed this from 2.49 and I can't wait to make use of my space navigator (puck) again!

  • jakchit

    Awesome. Now I want one of those controllers!!

  • DoeJoe

    OK great. So how do we get our hands on this build. I've only been waiting 2 years.



  • ghuck

    Oh how I missed my navagator from working in blender since 2.49. It's finnally comming back.

  • Aaron

    Pretty darn tootin'! I want one! =D

  • TxRx

    I really hope it'd make it into the proposed bi-monthly build updates in the offcial BF builds. Any build of this on Graphicall?

  • Canhen

    It seems that i need to get a space navigator:)

  • Nemesis

    Please build this into the next revision of the standard Blender build for download.

  • Tadd


    Now my wife won't be happy though .. was working on getting her to agree to an Intuous .. now I need to talk her into both the Wacom AND the Space Navigator!

  • 4museman

    This is one of the things I miss for a long time. My SpaceNavigator is resting in a shelf.

    Very nice!!!

  • yudhir

    Does Wacom tablets work on blender..i wanted to know.

  • TxRx

    They do on Windows (32bit and x64) haven't tested it in Linux tho.

  • Mark

    Hmmnn... Downloaded the latest Mac and PC releases (2.58a) and neither appears to have support enabled. Is there a preference I should be setting to enable functionality?

  • Mark

    Ooops... Just realized that this is not in the standard PC/MAc release. Sorry.

  • beta-tester

    did you download that version from

    e.g. for win x64:

    for me that version works...

  • Mark


  • Niko40

    I always wanted spacepilot navigator. Lessii... .... ... 400$ Well that's... Enough. I think I'll just settle for the puck thing. 100$ doesn't sound that bad anymore.

  • Nemesis

    @ yudhir

    All graphic tablets work in Blender. I have a Wacom 4 XL and everything works perfectly, including mice and various pens.

    I have a Spacepilot pro and am looking forward to seeing this advance incorporated into the next upgrade of Blender. 2.49 with a spacepilot is brilliant and the workflow is so fast.

  • zimboe

    great to see this.
    is there a build for download somewhere?
    when will this find its way into a release?

  • zimboe

    reloading before posting helps... ;)

  • fabio

    I know that no space for it anymore and I have my video guys leave here and go over it to your friends and please feel free to comment thanks

  • Pedro

    This is a great start, but in blender 2.60 I can't find where to set up the up/down, pan movements. Also assigning user defined functions to the buttons doesn't seem to work yet. Hopefully it will in the next version.

  • Pedro

    ups - I forgot to mention in the above post that I mean for the spacepilot and space explorer

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