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Digital Lathe

The Fablab team in Turin, Italy, recently created an interactive digital lathe that uses Arduino, Blender and a MakerBot 3D printer to create  and print a parametrc 3D vase.

Lorenzo Romagnoli writes:

We developed a system in which Arduino extimates the real diameter of a physical collapsible cyrcle and sends the data to Blender that consequently modifys a parametric vase. Thanks to the 3d printer we have in our Fablab we decided to directly 3d print what people design on our own.

You can read more and find the source code for the project on the teams wiki.


  • Cedal

    sorry but: Fablab? When pronounced, it gets a whole other meaning... :S

  • Toneddu2000

    WHOHOO!Great invention guys! Blender using variety is awesome! I'm very pleased that italian blender community is sprang!

  • GRV

    I'm in, fablab!

  • radialronnie

    Repeatly press 6 whilst watching video for The Geek Dance of Joy. o_O

  • thinkinmonkey

    Ma che bella iniziativa e che fantastico esperimento!

  • Brian L.

    That's neat! And man, it's apparently a chick magnet!

  • marco borgna

    we really need this type of tinkerers to change our world! :D

    I hope that one day every shop will have a 'thing' to print/create/modify objects on the fly instead of buying .


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