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4th Edition of the Blender Basics Book

The 4th Edition of the Blender Basics Book is now available on the Central Dauphin School District website as a free download. This edition has been completely revamped to match the 2.5 series with expanded chapters and activities. The book is available to download as an entire book or individual chapters. In addition to the book, I've started to create videos to go with the chapters (link on the website).

Also, with several request over the years for a printed version of the book, I now have an economical printed version available through Cafe Press , but you can still print and use the downloadable version as you wish.

Blender Basics is 178 pages, 23 chapters and designed to get new users up and running with "the basics" in as little as 30 hours.



  • code

    You R-O-C-K!!
    did you know that?

  • Gerbin

    wow thank you very much!

  • Dusty

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!

    I have a friend who I have been trying to teach Blender. This book is really going to help!

    Thanks again!

  • Redy

    Thank you... this books is very basic for me, to learning the basic of Blender.

  • flagus

    Absolutely awesome. Thats gonna be really handy. Sure that even for dudes who are going to make the transition from blender 2.49 to 2.5X series is gonn abe of great help.

    Thanks so much for that enormous contribution.

  • Nemesis

    This is really appreciated. Thank you:)

  • Tim

    Great book! nice to have it as a reference

  • OBI_Ron

    Excellent!!! Thanks for keeping us informed!

  • pep

    Oooh thanks !
    finally i can stop teaching blender 2.5 with the 3th edition ;)
    it worked, but i had to explain that i used Blender basics just because it was the best structured manual for a beginner course.

    And being Creative Commons is not a trivial argument for students in developing world like Costa Rica.

    Really thanks for your work

  • teachtech123

    Thanks for all the kind comments! This edition was the most challenging of all since I felt like I needed to learn Blender all over again. Well worth the learning. As soon as the students are out of here for the year, I'm switching all the computers over to the new version. No more 2.49 :-)

  • Chris

    That is 10 kinds of awesome.

    Kudos to you sir.

  • K3

    So cool you made a new edition of the Blender Basics Book. The 3rd edition was one of my main resources when learning Blender by myself a few years back. Sadly I didn't have an instructor to call when I finished an exercise:)

  • Ultrapaul

    Jim, you are a Prince among men.

  • Robyn

    Thank you ever so much for this - this is a very, very generous gift of your time and talent as an instructor. Your contribution figures right at the top of the list of the whole Blender project: a tool - particularly one this powerful and complex - is useless without guidance. Thank you again!

  • filip

    I have been waiting for something like this for two years.
    Even though I am not good yet, I feel confident I could give courses with this book.

  • MKG

    Oh - thank you so much. I'm one of those unfortunate souls who just can't come to terms with video tutorials (probably my advanced age!) and love having tutorial material I can read in the bath (if you see what I mean).

    More power to your elbow, I say. And thanks again.


  • Tony

    Thanks you very much for this important resource material. I have just scanned through it so far, but it appears to answer almost any question I might have had concerning this powerful program. Looking forward to tearing into it chapter by chapter very soon.

  • Retina 3D

    A great learning resource for the most powerful and popular free open source 3D suite. Its for sure Everyone will praise Blendernation for publishing this information.

  • Sim Pern Chong


    Thanks you very very much.

  • teachtech123

    I just received my own copy of the book from CafePress 3 days ago (took them a little while to get the first ones out- mine and 2 others- now it looks like they are printing in a day). The cover, binding and copy look great for the most part, but a few images in the book printed as gray blocks. The original files print fine for me so CafePress is looking to see what went wrong. I really want those individuals buying a printed copy to get a good book. I'll post again when Cafe Press has the issue corrected. I think the book is priced well at $17.00 US (if the book were formatted as many technical manuals are, it would easily be 300 pages).

    Thanks again for all the comments!


  • mbrayce

    this is a great book...
    i tried to use blender several years ago, but never got anywhere with it...
    i cant say that now...opened the book, opened blender, and just got engrossed
    i thought it was going to take a while to get the basic hot-keys down...but i found myself
    control-alt-shifting with confidence after a couple of minutes into the first practice exercise
    ...a sculpture...he wants a sculpture...(insert expletives)!
    how the Aeolipile of Heron came to mind i have no idea...
    some of the objects are a little skewed...but what the hey
    i had fun!
    thanks much for the confidence builder

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