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Making of Larva

Renderspirit is hosting a making of Mookie's Larva, which was done entirely in Blender 2.5 and extensively utilizing the node editor for material mixing and post-production.

He provides some very good insight into how to deal with different material requirements, and producing stunning work while having to deal with some of Blender's render engine limitations.

The person behind is Mookie is Kamil Kuklo, a Polish CG artists.

Mookie writes:

The idea for this project came when I first saw an image of a head of a bluebottle fly larva made with scanning electron micrograph. Although most of my friends found it quite disguisting I just felt in love with this incredible, rather funny creature. I started to think where it lives, what it eats and soon the whole concept for my work was ready to go.



  • Dingo

    ooo Awesome, It's polish. Tak trzymaj, Pozdrawiam z Wisły ;)

  • symphony

    it's ugly

  • Tadd

    HHA - this is an awesome style!

  • abhifx

    wow! nice amount of details here and there and the image makes me chuckle. kudos to mookie

  • http://blender gaza

    i love blender

  • Gradir


  • TWS Admin.

    I saw that picture before.

  • kolab

    Nice to see here. Pozdrawiam

  • Kabixx

    Great stuff Kamil. Jesteś genialny:)

  • Justchecking


  • roofoo

    I don't know whether to laugh or to barf..... Good job on the modeling and materials though.

  • miamia

    I saw the electro n microscope picture minutes ago on the net, funny to see that model now here :)
    Here's the picture

  • Dalibor


  • oyster
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