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Blender at PyCon 2011

Christopher Webber gave a great talk about Blenders python API at this years US Python Conference. He shows some great examples of how python has been used in blender, and gives a really informative introduction to using the bpy python API.

Chris also provided links for the slides and an ogg version of the talk:


  • jan


  • Regele IONESCU

    Great presentation and I found something I was looking for for quite a long time: how to change the text object from the command line.

  • Grimbo

    That video was excellent fun. It's really made me want to play with blender python.

    He did make a slight mistake with one of the questions. When he was asked if the blender game engine was coded in C/C++ he said it was purely python. He must have thought that the guy was asking what language was used to make Yo Frankie!

  • Grandmaster B

    Nice! Python is the best scripting language! :D

  • MrMowgli

    Great job! It's a hard subject to cram into such a short timeframe, and you managed to cover some of the good stuff. I think it would have been good to point out that the entire user interface (Mostly) is done in Python, and where to find the scripts for reference and to pick apart.

    Overall though you had great enthusiasm and you showed off the best parts to start hacking from :)

  • 3dementia

    Christopher, really enjoyed your presentation. Great intro to Blender and Python. Love your attitude about yourself, and what you are doing. Keep it up!

  • Christopher Allan Webber

    Hey thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it! Given I had to both cover blender for python devs *and* bpy at the same time in 30 minutes, my goals were:
    - get people excited about the ideas of blender & bpy
    - give them enough information as a starting point for hacking

    I didn't think I had time to walk through useful examples. But we had a blender BOF where that happened more. The reaction so far has been pretty good so I am pretty happy. I am glad to see people on BlenderNation liked it!

    Fun fact: the guy doing the video recording was Bassam Kurdali / slikdigit. I convinced him to join the PyCon AV team this year (I'd been on it the previous two years.)

    @Grimbo Hm, I thought I explained that there's an underlying C / C++ component to the BGE and a python layer / python scripting for the game itself on top of it. I think I had a hard time making that clear. Hopefully people didn't walk away confused!

    Thanks again all for the nice feedback!

  • arnaud

    Very nice presentation. I'm just transitioning to 2.5 and I will say that being able to see a script equivalent of what you're doing through the standard interface is very instructing. Thank you to you Christopher, you made this to the point and exciting!

  • Jarred

    Go Chris!!!

  • Thomas

    Awesome presentation!

  • Dread Knight

    I really enjoyed this video and learned a few things as well :D Good job!

  • wzzl

    Hey emacs orgmode source for latex-beamer !

  • nolanea

    Nice presentation. What are they talking about when they discuss adding a terminal / console with "readline support" to Blender? In what way does the current Blender Python console not have readline capability? (Py novice here - thanks)

  • alex

    that was fun)) and fix your video driver %)

  • HBa

    Thanks for the video, I was really looking for this. Cheers

  • Gaurav Mishra

    Great SHOTS!

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