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Sintel: 4K and HD version

The Blender Foundation have finished the 4K (super-HD) version of Sintel. At 650GB, it's not available for download - yet. However, a full-HD version is now available for download.

Ton Roosendaal writes:

The 4k files are being copied to USB drives to be shipped to our sponsors. The 16 bits 4k frames are 650 GB in total… not fun for a mirror, nor for uploading either. Need to solve this still, but maybe wants to try to host it. Will keep you updated on it. The 4k film will at least show prominently on NAB Las Vegas this year.



  • Audacitor

    Load it into a torrent, let the masses provide the bandwidth.

  • Agata Soda

    OMG 650g....

  • ucupumar

    it'll take ten years to download it from my internet connection. lol.
    BTW, congratulations guys

  • The Fatsnacker

    Serve this puppy via bit torrent

  • jorbuc


    It's the first movie custom-made for Frank's 2000 Inch TV.

  • kevin deguisne

    Is there a stereo version planned ?

    youtube accept and play 4K files

  • Nemesis

    A suggestion.

    Upload it as a torrent.

    After a few days, the many Blender users will have the load spread between them.

  • Destenoth

    Well, my ISP did just upgrade my download allowance to a terabyte... :D

  • bov

    I was just thinking - as good as the film is that's a bit of an over kill I would say. Is your average viewer really going to see anything different to justify such a massive download.

  • Jame

    That's like 8 times my monthly bandwidth in one file XD

  • fake name

    this was no elephant's dream, or even big buck bunny.

    A waste of massive time and resources imo.

  • Nion

    I'd be so awesome to see it. But aside from the extremely huge file size: who the hell as a 4K display and what hard drive is fast enough to play this massive data volumes in real time?

  • Le@ndro

    I don't even have a disk big enough for downloading (not to count the time it would take)!!! I'll just stay with my beautiful DVD box set.


  • Scott

    Noin: It looks like the 650 GB are compress in a lossless format (PNG sequence and WAV files).

    The native format used in cinemas for 4k-projections is using a lossy compression (JPEG2000) so data rates are a lot lower then.

  • hmmm

    even JPEG set to lossless quality settings is smaller than PNG with highly detailed pictures. (but I guess they prefer PNG due to the more free nature of the format)

  • J.

    @Scott: The 650 GB version is 16 bit DPX, so fully uncompressed, no lossless compression like PNG.
    This version is not meant for viewing directly at home on your computer monitor, but as source material for 35mm prints, DCPs and other high-end stuff. (of course you can do with it what you want)

    But a 4K DCP with the Cinema soundmix (made at Konken Studios) would be welcome, as it's easy to download and you can put it on a harddrive and take it to your local cinema.

  • d4rk

    Hmm... if i downloaded this, i'd need an extra HDD and 3 months of spare time XD

  • RC

    Yes, make a 3D version for 3D TVs!

  • Snu

    wait... 650gb? ...
    assuming its the same aspect ratio as the version i have, then the res would be 4096x1740 or so... so:
    (((4096px*1740px*16bits)/8)bytes*24fps*((14minutes*60)+48seconds))/1024/1024/1024 = 282.92gb... even adding uncompressed audio at 96/24 and allowing for file format overhead... how does that equal 650gb? am i missing something?

    anyway, good to know its going to be showing at NAB, great publicity!
    id love to go this year, but its not likely to happen

  • Eages

    The only reasonable means of distribution seems to be torrents. Too bad most of Australia's internet plans still use quotas ;_;

  • Anonymous

    I think, that the only reasonable method to distribute this is to sell on HDD(s) through Blender's e-shop :-/

  • ADM

    Don't forget to multiply all that pixel data by at least 3 channels if it's RGB data. Then you get 848.75gb. Lossless compression would then bring it down to 650gb likely :)

  • Destenoth

    I'm with Anonymous; selling it on HDDs from the Blender store would be the way to go. That said, if you can find a hosting site willing to attempt it, or make torrents work, then power to you.

  • Me

    Torrents won't work. File too big, user uptake too small (few 4k monitors out there, no point in downloading except if you want to transfer to film). HDDs or multiple blurays via snailmail would be the way to go.

  • Chris Eller

    The 4K DCP from the 8-bits per color TIFF files has been packed and is available for download as the DCP directory and a TAR archive.

    The DCP weighs in at 18 GB, much easier to download for some folks. You'll need software that supports the playback of InterOp compliant DCPs.

    I'll pack the 16-bits per color version when that image sequence is complete and available for download.

    Chris Eller
    Indiana University Advanced Visualization Lab

  • J.

    Great! If you want a SMPTE version you got to repack it yourself?
    Have you tested it in an actual cinema?

    I'll try to get Jan Morgenstern to release the cinema mix,'cause a home won't sound optimal in a cinema. (mostly due to the x-curve and the surrounds that are calibrated -3 dB)

  • Chris Eller


    I packed the InterOp version since that is the newer standard. We have a DCI compliant cinema here at Indiana University that I'll be testing at shortly. I have already played it back on our lab's 4K projector via Easy DCP Player+ software from Fraunhofer. Since Fraunhofer wrote the whitepaper for DCPs, if it plays in their software, it'll play in any screen server/media block that can handle the newer InterOp packing. The IU Cinema has a Dolby DSS200 screen server.

    A calibrated cinematic audio essence would be very welcome. Ideally encoded as discrete 48kHz/24bit mono WAV files since that's what I need to pack from. Our cinema is THX certified and having a calibrated sound essence would be very nice.

    Thanks all,
    Chris Eller
    Indiana University Advanced Visualization Lab

  • TiagoTiago

    Woah! Is that big enough for IMAX?

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