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Wayne Dixon Animation Reel

Wayne Dixon writes:

I have recently collated an animation reel that was all done with Blender.

It includes an Bridgestone  TV Ad that was done with Red Cartel Studio's late last year,   It was animated by myself and rendered by Mat Ebb. All the Animation was done by me.

I also rigged the robot*, the bobble head*, the ball and I partly rigged the Lizard (I fixed some bugs and updated it so it would work properly in 2.5). The Pantin and Bik rigs were made by Kioppa, and the Rabbit rig is, of course, from BBB

*Sorry but these rigs are not for download

However, I am in the process of updating all the other 9 rigs I released last year. (I'm nearly updated them all to work with 2.56 and added some cool features).

Hope you guys like it the reel.


  • hiren

    Hey I'm hiren ur demos are gd. I'm a bigginer nd I'm in grade 9 I love animation nd I use blender
    If u can, pls assit me with tutorials

  • Chucker

    Nice animation work, did you do the compositing for the Gecko shot as well?

  • hiren

    Nice work

  • 3dementia

    Looking god Wayne. You have a great sense of weight and timing, I always enjoy your animation skills.

  • waylow

    @hiren - thankyou

    @chucker - no the rendering/compositing was done by Matt Ebb (but I rendered, poorly, everything else)

  • Gryphon

    Yay! The butterfly lives!

  • tidbit

    I don't want to go off topic but, I fear for our future.
    If the current generation of 9'th graders type like that, wow.
    Please learn to spell and use atleast basic grammar, hiren. Get off your dang cell phone and learn to type real words and real sentences.

    On topic: Nice animations. Really fluid and smooth. Springs are a pain, nice job on them.

  • hiren

    Lol. I will try to stop using mxit language.
    Will you guys please help me with tutorials please

  • Moolah
  • Gnuren

    @hiren: Try blender cookie and blender guru for good tutorials. And both youtube and wimeo has a lot too.

  • hiren

    Thanks gnuren what's the website for those tutorials please tx
    Do you mind if I ask for your email address

  • Dillbobaggins

    Wow great job! Keep up the good work!

    Off Topic:
    I agree with tidbit, our generation is in danger if thats how the majority of ninth graders spell.
    I being in ninth grade myself realize the importance of good spelling and grammar.

    Again great job on the animation! Im looking forward to seeing more.

  • Keith Sogge

    Hiren, I suggest you goto YouTube and search for "Johnny Blender." It's a series of tutorials that guide one through developing a character in Blender.

  • jay

    Very nice Wayne, and thanks for all the hard work keeping rigs up to date!

  • ArMan

    If you had the time machine and you would go with it to the year 1940.

    Then you will find some local people and you will tell that the cities of america will be filled with people who has weird hairs, they have piercings and paintings on their skin and they will speak the language that is not possible to understand for the people of 1940 - they would laugh at you.

    You dont't even need to tell that you're speaking about their own grandchildrens.

  • erik90mx

    Greetings sir!!

    finally your reel is in Blendernation :)

    I know you have enough talent to do great things and better in the future.

    keep you working hard like always...


  • Marimba

    Wtf, no high poly cube? Blasphemy!

    For the rest A+

  • waylow

    @Marimba - yeah I feel ashamed this was posted so close to Donno's showreel. How can I compete with perfection :(
    Did you hear he got a Job at both Pixar and ILM? That guy is a genius.

  • totom

    i like your work very good

  • himal bissessar

    Hey guys I'm also in grade 9. I'm hirens brother. I'm also interested in blender.

  • himal bissessar

    Hey guys. If you don't mind can I please have your emails. I'm really interested in blender animation. I'm only in grade 9.

  • hiren

    Great work on those animations very impressive
    Guys can I please have your guys email please.

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