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Toward Sculptris-like sculpting!

Farsthary writes:

As my new year surprise for the community I will show you my recent advances in the subdivision algorithm for Unlimited Clay: now those ugly long and thin stretched triangles belong to the past! hope you like it

PS: before you ask, no, this is still not committed to my branch: there´s a bunch of issues not shown in this video that will prevent this for public usage yet but don´t worry, I´m working very hard to get as soon as possible a public build!

Best wishes for this new year!


Farsthary is living in Cuba and spends a lot of time on Blender development - a small donation via PayPal will help him a lot! There's a Donate link on his site below:



  • Tom

    Awesome !!!

  • FloridaJo

    Now this is freaky. I can see some really cool animations coming out of this. The Night Before Christmas comes to mind.

  • FloridaJo

    Is all donations in CAD? Just wondering if I hit something wrong.

  • Fabian Schempp

    This looks nice!

  • Scott

    FloridaJo: It's all right. Has to do with the emb*rgo.

  • MSZ

    This is amazing! It should be merged into the main build someday.

  • donald watkins

    That was absolutely ridiculous, beyond amazing!

  • kABHIr

    Wow awesome that is really really cool work. thank you so much for your hard work i really appreciate your work.

  • Mitch

    Wow! The new solution is much cleaner than the old one. Excellent job!

  • endike

    incredible work

  • PassPose

    This has to be my most anticipated feature in blender.

  • acro

    jeez, he's incredible. my jaw hasn't hit the floor like this since... the last time Farsthary posted an update. :)

  • Flynnstone

    FloridaJo I believe the CAD only donation is due to US restrictions making it easier to get Canadian dollars to him.

  • farsthary

    Hi guys :)

    Thanks a lot! everytime the community get exited it makes me more committed to my work and provides me new strengths!
    hopes this year I could give lots of surprises!

  • Falberto

    I'm lovin it!!!

  • Hjörleifur

    This is without a doubt one of the greatest features in blender and deserves a generous donation.

  • Ignatz

    That is very, very impressive and it will make a huge difference in sculpting performance and results.

    Big thumbs upçç

    However, fFrom my experiments with the sculpting I think it will also be necessary to put an eye on good scripts to reduce and clean the results of sculpting (faces too small, non-manifold geometry, etc.) so that there are no problems at the back end once the sculpting has been finished.

    But, yes, from what I'm seeing in that video presentation... just brilliant!! :D

  • Jasper

    really nice, i should sculp more and figure out my paypal account which i never have used

  • julius hibert

    This is nice! Really nice! The peak of awesomeness!
    Great! perfect!


    When a farsthary 1.0 3D, next week ? 2.0 the next month ?
    Seriously, you are incredible, go to blender foundation immediately...

  • Adhicipta R. Wirawan

    Great Job!
    can't wait for the progress ^_^

  • FloridaJo

    @Scott & @Flynnstone. Okay, thought so, just wanted to make sure.

  • FreeMind

    "need soe kind of retopo tool or meshcleaning tool as Ignatz said"
    There was a GSOC project for automatic Quad retopology modifier.
    However, it was never finished.
    Maybe someone will pick it up.

  • qwed88

    "Farsthary is living in Cuba" Can I make a donation from the U.S. without going to prison?

  • Piiichan

    The feature I am really looking forward to. It's much cleaner than before.

    Good job :)
    I'll surely donate the day this is integrated into Blender!!!

  • Vending

    Wooow.. :D This is indeed awesome!!

    -on a sidenote: I'd like to also thank Dr. Peter for starting this tri rage :D

  • kike sanz

    ton hire this man !

  • Demohero

    Great news.

    Good bye sculptris. Welcome Blender.

  • pixnlove

    Well...I am not easily amazed but I have to admit...
    Your skills are out of this world.
    I have tried Scultris 2 months and I was very excited with the idea a modelling with expendable mesh, but unfortunatly I did not manage to produce something worth showing,
    I think blender sculpt mode allow you more control somehow.
    But it is my personal experience.
    Can wait to try within blender!!!
    Thank for making Blender move a step forward in the word of modelling!

    Ps:I would love to run a decimate on a mesh of your to see what would the result be like.

  • Thomas

    Huzzah!!! This is amazing!!!

  • 4museman

    This is really AMAZING! It gives me impression, that it works even slightly better than in Sculptris. Namely when using bitmap brush. Kudos to Farsthary!!!

  • young_voter

    If this great Farsthary makes it to main trunk, will it give BMesh another drawback?

  • ammonite

    Speechless! Sculpting in Blender will be better than ever.

  • rhellik

    Awesome sauce!
    But I have to ask, whats the music you used in that video? :)

  • Juan Romero

    farsthary, eres un genio. No tengo palabras para agradecerte el increible trabajo que llevas a cabo para convertir Blender en un programa de primer nivel.
    Estabas tambien implementando Iluminacion global, si no recuerdo mal. ¿Sigues adelante con ese proyecto?. Para mi es lo mas importante, pero me da la impresion de que la render branch hace tiempo que no parece evolucionar. Eres tu quien se ocupa de esa "branch" o no tiene nada que ver contigo?
    Increible tu unlimited clay, de nuevo, gracias y saludos desde España

  • Blendiac

    qwed88 - It's fine because technically speaking you're donating it to a Canadian, who is completely legally entitled to travel to Cuba and donate money to whomever you wish. The Cuban government doesn't exactly have problems with people bringing in money and leaving it there. :)

  • RNS

    My concern is using UV after sculpted.However donate he deserved it.

  • Alex

    Seriously awesome! I love using Sculptris but I'd love it even more to do that inside Blender :D Really, really great work there!

  • kilikoro

    Amazing work !!
    Just a question, if it’s a modifier, that means that we don’t need a retopo tool? It would theoretically possible to sculpt on a base mesh, and then disable the opengl view!!

  • Clavin12

    Awesome! I want it.

  • alexi

    What the hell the blender foundation wait to hire this guy?!
    Hire him now, now!!! before someone else do it for you, damn!

    Ton...?? ;)

  • nash88

    Amazing work!!!
    Looking forward for your work on the next builds :)
    Good job...

  • shine

    OMG !
    Awesome !
    Realy cool

  • Mehmet PINARCI

    impressive work .

  • Brad Cathey

    If Blender only had about 10 more farstharys!!!!
    Show your support. Send a donation now and help encourage other brilliant coders to join the effort to make Blender better and better.


  • LswaN

    I love sculptris and I love blender. The two of them (sort of) in the same program will be absolutely awsome! Please, keep up the good work!

  • namekuseijin

    fucking awesome! That's the real deal for sculpting!

    now if only quad remeshing would come along...

  • MrMowgli

    AMAZING!!! Great job!! Can't wait to see this make the main branch!

  • Nemesis

    This is a great advance and will be very useful in Blender.

    Good job Farsthary.

  • pixelnate

    Amazing work, dude! I cannot wait to try this out.

  • Karthik

    Awesome !!! Can't wait for this feature to be integrated into main branch !!!

  • BlendNmix

    Can you explain, pls, the algo behind?
    The highlights.

  • rhellik

    Anyone know what music was used in this video? Thanks.

  • Jason

    I think I just came in my pants!
    when are we getting a build of the genius....?

  • Rikez

    I love it!!!!!

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