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Sintel Release Expected Thursday, September 30th

Tension is mounting: in a press release, the Blender Institute has announced that Sintel will be released on line next week Thursday, September 30th. The official movie poster has also been released. Pablo Vazquez shows the production steps on the Durian blog.


  • Andrew Price

    Woohoo! Can't wait to stay up late F5ing the blender homepage :P

  • Kidramez


  • tommy5

    Cant wait!!! :)

    btw, as i remember for BBB, shouldn't we first got DVDs before online premiere?
    i guess this way they prevent it from leaking to early?

  • claas

    pretty impressive - cannot wait till I can see it.
    the new render improvements must have worked out well for this style
    judging by the work we saw sofar.

    Good Job.

  • Stamjen Vkotyak

    dragon is breaking the fourth wall :/

  • leo

    the picturRe is awesome ,
    i can't wait guys.

  • Grandmaster B

    It looks sooo great!!!

  • Domy_graphy

    wow wow wow

  • 4museman

    Gooooood! Can't wait to see the movie! So in Thursday, September 30th will be "The Sintel Day"? Maybe I should take a day off to enjoy that red-letter day! :)

  • Graham Hall

    Fantastic - do we have a time when it will be online? I've a whole building of new students and I could get them all together to watch and cheer - just like we did at Studio K!!!! Wooooooop!

  • Dion Moult

    Very impressive poster. Well, I'm definitely motivated now :)
    *marks 30th on calendar*

  • yokljo

    Ooh ooh ooh! I'm excited!

  • mr.Me

    @mr. Andrew : LoL~ i actually does that XD.. cant wait till i see this epic movie

  • nawabz

    F5ing all tha way
    hope download is ready though.

  • DimitrisC

    Can't wait guys and gals! Congratulations to anyone involved!

  • Jamez

    Can't wait to finally see it!

    The 3d work on the poster is nicely done, but the positioning of the title looks out of place imho. Surely it would be better placed in the top quarter of the poster(across the forehead) where it would be more legible.

    Currently the S in Sintel is somewhat obscured by the graphics on the bottom left, especially when viewed on the thumbnail size. Just my immediate reaction anyway.

    Of course everything else about the project is top notch :)

  • Tx36

    Awesome... was hoping this would happen... 30th is my B'day..
    this is My best Birthday gift ever... i'm even planning to buy a new pc soon and start working with blender on my B'day.. :) yippieee........

  • CraigSnedeker

    Oh yeah this looks sick :D

  • Traa1703

    Nice. I've been waiting for this.

  • kram2301

    That's an awesome poster :D
    It's SO close now :D Can't wait :)

  • mookie

    How exciting!

  • Blendiac

    /me tries desperately to timewarp forward a week


    Damn. Still here.

  • moxstudios

    This is AWESOME!!! I can't wait

  • Thomas


  • DimitrisC

    BTW without trying to sound like an evil bs (and I'm off topic I know) I would also like to see blender dot org with a new look. Sintel's website looks 1000 times cooler imho.

  • trinitrotolulene

    whooo! I hope your servers are up to it, its gonna be massive. :)

  • Paul

    Well done to all involved. You should be proud of what you have done there. I would be, if i could do what you have done lol

  • bonlebon

    Pan's labyrinth anyone? Waiting to see this movie. Good job guys!

  • ralmon

    Lol. Somehow I find myself laughing. Its really exciting!

  • Ben Dansie

    Just to add to the building anticipation, the tutorials and dvd features are starting to fall into place as well... :P

  • dsavi

    *Head explodes*

  • Seb

    the both dragons are looking Cute

  • Hamilton Mendes


    Great Day! This will be "The Day".


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