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NASA KSC Buys RoboThespian

Remember RoboThespian ?

Lyle Walsh writes us that this time NASA KSC (Kennedy Space Center) is buying the Blender-controlled robot. Unluckily, he is not having his chance in space but to meet and greet visitors at the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando Florida.

The RoboThespian will be installed at the Kennedy Space Center by the end of Autumn 2010.



  • TLOZ

    Pretty cool!
    I love how this robot and blender are working together ;)

  • Ran13

    Saying the Kennedy Space Center is in Orlando is like saying the Blender Institute is in Arnem... it's about the same distance away. ;)

  • Sneg

    Congrats :)

  • Lasse R. Bruntse


  • Wray Bowling

    That's excellent. I was just watching the original demonstration video last night. What luck!

  • Frank_robernson

    Interesting ...

  • 3DGURU



    ps: I'm a Mechatronics Engineering student, and can't wait to do my own some day :).

  • Lyle Walsh

    The most cool thing IMHO is that this means that the US government (via NASA) is now supporting Blender. Not a bad endorsement!

  • Barnes

    now that is awsom

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