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Yiy, a song with music video done in Blender

Phetogo Tshepo Mahasha writes us he made "this music video " for a prominent indie musician "Muhsinah" with Blender, GIMP and Photoshop.

I come to you bare.

Bearing no disguise with the tension building high.
Knocked back down and then,
on the day advised, the intention was all mine.
With no surprise, frilly thinking gone.
Along with the goodbyes.

Coming further in.
Not yet past the star, to arrive at first feeling.
Feels so good to finally win,
as opposed to being
comfortable and fenced in.


Here's the "Behind the scenes video"



  • Mike

    Cool - kind of German expressionistic. Liked all the gritty textures.
    Animation was kind of stiff - but a neat music video overall.

  • Tadd

    I liked it. Almost felt like stop animation. Very slick.

  • TLOZ

    Really cool stuff
    Even though the music repitition and noise effect became quite annying after a while..(?)
    Great video though :)

  • justposted

    I really enjoyed that. Totally slick, with consistently high standard throughout. Facial expressions were top notch, I thought, and the story itself held my attention despite the tune (not my taste, sorry). Good work!

  • Brian Lockett

    Put another tally on the "Cool" board for Blender! I liked the video, too--I like the visual style and it has a unique little story. And I'm even interested in this indie artist. Muhsinah. Never heard of her before. Anyways, kudos to you, Phetogo!

  • duder

    this video is a bout a clown walking thourgh a town on cracked earth and climbing a ladder falling to his death ?? wat a waste of space

    clearly the audio editing was amature work good attenmpt for a noob i ve seen better!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Fatsnacker

    Hey Duder, you get outta the wrong side of the bed or what?

    there are constructive criticisms, opinions and then there is your mouth...go find somewhere else to post moron.


  • Mike

    @Duder, watch it again it was a game of snakes and ladders, the kids aim was to win the game, the snake man made him fall. Then in the end he won the game because the dice lady through a special number.

    Very well thought out, I agree with tloz that the white noise affect became annoying.

    Great work.


  • kram2301

    Very odd music and fitting to it a very odd music video.
    It's not my taste but it was executed very well :)
    Definitely a clever idea.

  • http://www.lø Jasper

    Good thing that Mike explained the concept of the video. I just looked at the nice B/W movie style and got inspired.

  • Moolah

    Cool clip! :)
    I got the idea (first guessed that this is the famous "Snakes and Ladders" game, second - Mike explained it better)... but was that quiting to the plane over all - the win?
    At some moment (after falling) I thought that the boy woke up in his bed after a nightmare.. but that was some continue :) not as I expected for that time.
    About the quality - it's very good but I would add some sharpness to textures or over all.

  • Aout

    it's nice visualization of the good old ladder-game you know, don't you.never had this feeling while playing the game. but i like it. @mike don't understand why german. you are german or what, however great work.

  • Blending BriGuy


    You, are a waste of molecular cohesion.

  • mohan

    what photoshop did which gimp coudn't?

  • duder

    @blending guy dito

    a apple is an apple you cant call it a orange , therefore a good video with crappy sound effects and vocals and story line is crap .......

    i say again good attempt to the other for trying to create something in blender good work for a noob ....

  • Blending BriGuy

    Sorry, Duder, I can't hear you over your atrocious typing errors.

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