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Paint Effect System finished

Miika Hämäläinen has been developing a very interesting system to achieve a higher level of simulation realism. By allowing either meshes or simulations to affect textures' value of nearby meshes, ie. to paint on them. And he just said he finished it!

From his blogpost:

I just finished coding "paint effects" system. Now it finally works over UV-seams well enough. Here is a short animation demonstrating spread effect on a 3D surface: Mancandy Freeze.

In that video, paint output is simply being used as a stencil mask for ice textures.

I'm also thinking about renaming this system to "Dynamic Paint", because now you don't only paint with mesh but with particles and other stuff as well

Here are some of his supercool videos.


  • epima

    A huge thanks to you Miika !

  • mozartstaedter

    I really cannot understand why no comments are left on this one .... this is AWESOME!!! Stunning work, keep it up Miika

  • Alexsani

    very nice.

  • Gregzilla

    Wow.. I can't wait to test out that shield effect..

    Something I have been waiting for a long long long long long very long time.

    Impressive work..

  • Raimon

    "I really cannot understand why no comments are left on this one …. this is AWESOME!!! Stunning work, keep it up Miika"

    Ok, this is my comment. This is awesome indeed. Keep up the good work!

  • Giovanni Lanfiuti

    This one opens totally new possibilities.. Thank you so much!
    I'm thinking if it's possible to solve that problem due to the differences between the frames... It's very visible in the smoke effect... Just 2 cents
    Thank you

  • goeland57

    Hey, another star to Blender 2.53 *******

  • Blower05

    Vow!!! It is too cool and when it is available? on 2.54?

  • Basile Galimard

    Great work ! Can't wait to play with all these new exciting features !
    Blender is getting so impressively good with time, thanks to all the motivated developers

  • ShoePie

    Thank you Miika! These videos look great! I can't wait to try it out.

  • Stephen

    painting placed polys by pouring perpendicularly projected particles providing a pleasing plethora of pictures to purvey is pritty powerfull :D

  • DoubleZ

    Amazing oO

    Just... amazing !

  • N.A

    I´ve watched this since the beginning and im very happy about how fast and great this developed...the possibilities are huge... Blender rises faster than it can be released or even been submittet to trunk...

  • Jonathan

    Thanks Miika, Your job is amazing and very important to all community.

  • rajeev kumar

    when we will be able to get the blender build incorporating all these.

  • Georgie

    Wow! Another breakthrough after smoke simulation.

  • Dennis F.

    Miika- THANKs A LOT!

  • adrian2608

    One word, AMAZING!!!
    Many thank's for this one!

  • Blending BriGuy

    Holy cow! Now THIS is a generational leap!

  • samiboy

    What passion! I imagine that the best part of creating tools like these is knowing that people will actually use them. Looking forward to seeing what the community creates!

    Get that puppy into the trunk!

    Thanks Miika!

  • Floso

    I have the feeling that the Blender community is in some sort of big bang state. So many great changes in so short time have come since the new version. It's so cool! This is a great one. Thanks a lot Miika!

  • blood

    very amazing indeed! huge thanks to miika

  • jaol

    This is a fantastic notice!

    That opens a lot of posibilities.

  • hetors

    Incredible results!!, I like the pasion you put on this new feature!!!.
    When this will be available?. I hope soon.
    Great work men!!!.

  • Nuzrub

    really amazing work

  • mjordan

    I'm eager to read some documentation for these features. :O

  • invertedNormal

    spectacular! every demo is a finale =D

    hope this gets integrated during the next open movie project... or sooner.

    thank you for the extra hard work on this, Miika.

  • Olaf

    Fantastic! Is this going to be incorporated into the main 2.54 branch?

  • joeri67

    Very cool.

  • MiikaH

    I hate to tell you guys but this whole paint system isn't ready yet. :p I just finished paint "effects" system that is part of this dynamic paint tool.

    Yet it isn't that long until this whole system is finished. Just a couple of weeks. (My summer holidays ended this week, so studying takes quite much of my time now. :x)

    Anyways, I can't say anything about when (or if) this gets merged to trunk. I'm not in position to decide such things.

  • stvndysn

    hey MiihaH

    dont worry that its not finished, you take your time on getting this perfect tool ready...

    btw did i mention your a yes you are

    with just this tool you've extended the uses of blender 10 fold and we love you for it

  • namekuseijin

    Giovanni Lanfiuti Sep 7th, 2010 at 1:38 pm:
    "I’m thinking if it’s possible to solve that problem due to the differences between the frames… It’s very visible in the smoke effect…"

    I don't see it.

  • Marcus

    This isn't one feature, this is ten features!

  • Wookie1

    This is all so so cool. Best new feature of 2010 I say.

  • Fast Animator

    Fabulous work!

    I think "Dynamic Paint" is a better name than "Paint Effects", because Maya already has something called "Paint Effects" which is something different entirely. It could get confusing to those going from one program to another.

    Maya's "Paint Effects" is more closely akin to a Blender 2.4x feature (I don't know if it's in 2.53) that allowed particles (or any object or objects) to be placed on a mesh using brush strokes. This is useful for randomly positioning vegetation or rocks on a landscape, etc. Maya's functionality for Paint Effects is even more jaw dropping than what can be accomplished in Blender. For a tutorial on how to get something similar to Maya's "Paint Effects", see this tutorial:

  • Bart Robinson - VFX Artist

    Beautiful work on the effects paint system! Can't wait to use it in some vfx production.

  • Craig Hellman

    Fantastic, really inspiring, extraordinary work, love it, can't wait to use it!

  • rogper

    Thank you very much! I'll be using extensively your project soon.
    Without your work, whatever trick I would had to use, it wouldn't look nothing near.

  • Giovanni Lanfiuti

    @ namekuseijin
    You're right... I didn't express well... I was referring to the nape of Suzanne in the fourth video, after the smoke has hit its head you can see the texture stretched but I think this is due to the origin of the smoke and it's not easily solvable... I was wondering if it's possible to avoid this problem...

    Obviously Miika's work it's pretty outstanding... It's in a beta stage and it's already perfectly usable (that problem can be boring only with still rendering).
    Thank you again!

  • Mitch

    Very handy. Will definitely try it out.

  • DingTo

    Many thanks Miika for this awesome new feature!

    Hope it will get integrated into Trunk very soon.
    The shield effect is so incredible cool, i wanted this for years!!!!!!

  • djallalnamri

    great,beautifull ... and useful too ...
    they say ... "imagination is the limit!"

  • dotblend

    looks a bit like

    a example from 2004 i did...

  • SEspider

    Glad to see it's finished.
    Now if only I can get it to work correctly on my end. I keep running into dumb little snags. lol
    Don't worry, I'm sure it's my fault, not the add-on's

  • alanti

    That is just so cool, terrific work. Many thanks
    Blender just gets better and better, thanks to people like Mika, so a big thanks to all of the developers from me

  • SEspider


    Where can we find a copy of the finished version?

  • Alberto

    Very interesting!!!

  • MmAaXx

    stunning feaure!!

    I have already tested in some optimized builds, and works perfectly! ;)

  • Fire Angel

    Nice to see this still progressing and so quickly too. More uses than one individual is ever likely to think of. Well done and thanks for all the work that has gone into this.

  • Xero

    Holy flying suzanne cakes this one of the coolest things since the internet. Wow Miika you're my hero.

  • ralmon

    Incredible! It has a lot of possibilities for animation special effects and it developed fast too.

  • bojo600


  • Siml

    Very Amazing.

  • Psy-Fi

    W-O-W!!! Now that's a feature!

  • Moolah

    Thank you, Miika! Amazing possibilities!!!
    I love Blender's community for it's enthusiasts! :)

  • Daniel

    Excellent! So will this be incorporated in trunk or as an extension??

  • zaniocz

    GOD ¡¡¡ it is, really so amazing ¡¡¡¡, the Displacement Painting is that like me more ¡¡ Wonderfull really ¡¡

  • blazer003

    In-Cred-Ih-Bull. They were all so impressive, but I was most impressed by the displacement painting. I will have to find an excuse to make a snow scene so I can test this out.

  • http://www.lø Jasper

    Good effects! Really nice.

  • Charon


  • Reaction

    Stunning stuff! Just can't work out if the "displacement painting" video is showing a texture being changed, or if the ground/snow mesh being physically displaced by the feet?


    @Reaction : I think that the ground surface is physically affected by the mesh of the feet.

    This amazing feature will be a great tool. As I understand it, it will be compatible with my "Tracks Creator", a setup using object particles to create animated textures used for displacement.

    In my current system, I have to render an animated texture and use it in a second pass for displacement.

    With the use of Miika's tool, I am almost sure that all the effect could be achieved in only one pass !

    Thank you Miika for this great feature !o)

  • Brian Lockett

    How long will we have to wait for your new Blender awesomeness, Miika Hämäläinen?! How long will we have to wait for Blender 2.6 altogether?! Great job, MiikaH!

  • jin choung

    wonderful work!!!

    but please please please, avoid the world of pain you're gonna reap by calling it "PAINT EFFECTS"....

    most people that hear that will think of maya's "PANT FX" and they're gonna be asking question after question about how to do stuff like that.

    may i suggest "shmutz" or "pollock"... "dynamic paint" is indeed good as well. just anything to avoid needless confusion.

  • Feureau

    Holy shit! this is incredible!
    When can we get are paws on this thing? :3

  • SEspider

    @ ROUBAL & Reaction,

    I've not tried it yet, but I believe that the painting process is made, and then on a texture layer above it, a simpler texture is placed above it and set to NOR. This means that the animated paint texture can be set to a large displacement and the Nor level shows on top of it.

    But I'm just taking a guess at it. lol

  • Alberto Arnoldi

    Awesome!Great job Mika!

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