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Node system to the next level

Lukas Tönne is bringing the node system to the next level, by representing almost everything as nodes. From his previous work, his goal seems to be the improvement of the particle system but this new improvement won't limit itself to that as it is going to be very useful in the other areas.

From his introduction of the blog, Lukas wrote:

What i am trying to do is to bring up the Blender node system to the next level by adding a few core features. The goal is to have nodes that can not only calculate a few values (like a texture color), but which can actually modify the data in a scene, be it objects, mesh vertices or particles. I will explain the details of these changes in future blog posts. The videos below should give you an idea of how this looks (they are already a little outdated, so expect more interesting stuff in a few days!)

This video was from one of his blog post and it demonstrated a possible use of his node system to generate some waves and another one showing the attracting node for some particles.

I asked him if this could lead to construction history system or something like tree of modifiers and he kindly replied:

I guess the question is not "if" but "how" ;) Basically the get/set system could be used to access a more "protected" type of mesh data like the derived mesh. With each successive "get" you'd access the derived mesh information updated in the previous "set" node execution. Pack these into group nodes and plug them into a "program" sequence and you basically get current modifiers

Thank you very much Lukas!


  • blabeen

    Nice ,, looks like Houdini work style

  • pop850

    That's pretty cool!

    Much better than learning python!

  • DimitrisC

    I wish we could see something like C4D's Xpresso in Blender. It is such a powerful tool.

  • dusty

    I'm sure I've seen this before.....

    Even so, this is one awesome feature with loads of potential!!

  • Nicknamz

    @ dusty.. yea it was published before, (Published by Bart on August 23rd)

  • kram2301

    this is going to be awesome :D

    Everything animateable, everything nodeable, every node animatable and any animation nodeable :)

  • Blusock


  • differentsmoke


    I can assure you every architect* on the planet does.

    and by architect I mean person under 35 who's interested in current architectural processes and has heard of blender

  • tyrant monkey

    deja vu.

    @differentsmoke there is a feature freeze on at the moment so what is in the Beta is whats coming out for the next stable release. But the future looks so blinding bright.

  • Brandon Hix

    I am really interested in your progress on this. This is great. It could lead to some serious improvements in the organic implementation of natural particle systems in the future. Awesome job!!! Definitely agree needs to be in 2.6 for sure!

  • smashed

    This is awesome!! It remainds me of XSI's ICE.

  • Oscar

    I LOVE THIS!!! A ton of super-advanced rigging setups can come out of this. Not to mention, the unlikely origin of the holy grail, Per Particle animation!?!?

  • apoth

    I hope that way we'll finallly have constraint nodes some day

  • Giovanni Lanfiuti

    (I have never learnt anything about nodes)
    I can't understand the potential of this innovation... But I have no doubt (by reading all these positive comments) it will be a great feature..

  • Tynach

    Does this mean that we can finally change the index of refraction of a material with a texture, with nodes? I've always wanted to do that, but can only do it in Maya.

  • anonymous

    So will this work in with the game engine? Can I control logic with the node editor? That would be sweet...

  • j09

    Great use for the new RNA system! (I believe that's what makes this possible)

  • bp

    This is all good stuff!

  • freedolin

    very cool! sehr geil... it's like xpresso (cinema 4d) but seems to be way better... opensource power again.. like it

  • Jack RED

    That's the new generation of programming :D
    nodes instead of lots of words ;)

    Good luck!

  • Ian

    What about divers integrated into the data system. that would be awesome!

  • alexK

    can I just say (quite late) that I really don't want to have to watch a video every time I want to learn something about blender? I don't know about y'all but for me it's a LOT FASTER to just read an article. Sometimes a video has great value, but most of the time I'd rather just read a description or tutorial. Sheesh! I'm falling behind the curve here!

  • Bart Robinson - VFX Artist

    Wonderful work! Construction history is an inherent part of this kind of workflow. That's the only way it works.

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