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Reel: 'Hobby Game Projects' - Endi

Endre Barath [Endi] writes:

Some of my hobby projects - 3d realtime graphics. Rendered with Blender Game Engine, so everything is realtime and runs 20-40fps on my very old Gef7600 videocard.

Please watch in hd!


  • Alltaken

    Pretty tasty.

  • Paul Mena G

    Looks Amazing!!!

  • forestdino

    Very nice texturing, nice atmosphere.

  • johnj

    hobby projects? what can you do if you want a professional game? everything here is more than perfect, there is an exccellent quality but most of all you have a personal touch, and blender now is a very good tool for so much talented creative minds!

  • Grandmaster B

    I've seen this video, this is pro work dude! Doom 3 and Riddick were not any better! And i guess you even made all of this without the improved sculpting features in 2.5?!

    I've also read a small PDF from your side where you describe your basic workflow in sculpting, it was really helpful to get some confidence. Thanks!

  • SaphireS

    Really nice reel!
    And it's great that everything is realtime, but I think you should have included some wireframes, they're quite important imho.
    Or was this just a reel about texturing?

  • kram2301

    Saphire: I'd count that as some sort of ingame reel with all the works basically finished.
    Or something like that...
    However, yeah, Wireframes wouldn't have harmed :)

    Those are some great games / parts of games :D Looks very good.

  • Slobodan

    Excellent.Unique atmosphere Congrats.
    Looks like too much effort put into this one and...nope...allow me to believe that a "pro" reel was the goal from the very beginning:D
    Again> Excellent

  • Dread Knight

    Mad skills :)

  • Enrique

    I cant believe thats blender real time game engine!! WOW great work!!!


    Very nice modelling and texturing ! Congratulations !

  • Traa1703

    ^^ (this comment is too short)

  • Mike

    Amazing! Something tells me your skills are in demand.

  • Drew

    aside from the solid design of the characters, I really like the lighting/ambiance done here! Lots of single components totally coming together into 1 complete scene.

    I like the level of metallic shine on the characters, while it is border line too hot/shiny and new, it maintains that dungeon-dingy feel through the rest of the textures maps.

    Great style about it all, Endi!

  • 4museman

    Very nice! Bravo!! You have your own style!

  • morello

    Hajrá Endi!

  • Rayzor

    This doesn't look good... It looks astonishingly great... MAN!!! Bravo man... bravooo.

  • flagus

    Wow...I'm really impressed. You have really done a great job with the BGE. Do you work for a game company or as freelance for one or on commercial projects. If not, what are you waiting for for!?

    Keep the good work and all the best for your future plans.

  • Middlefinger

    I can't make some of those things in the normal render engine, let alone the game engine :D Looks awesome =D

  • Thomas


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