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The Cup

Daniel Martinez Lara writes:

Everything: modelling, animation, illumination, the render is Blender Internal and all the comp is Blender too. I'm happy with the work of students :)

I'll post some blends with the setup of lights and comp on BlenderArtists later.

Some Facts:)

  • The production time was 3 months, 3 students work on full time and another 3 students on spare time.
  • All characters are based in Psl-Man MultiRig (Red-Nelb character with the rig of Psl-Man will be online in a couple weeks or so).
  • All students was working on the idea, script, style, modeling, animation, etc ...
  • Everything was made in Blender 2.50.
  • The render is Blender internal and the render time in a i7 processor took about 3 minutes.
  • One dropbox account ( was used like a sever to get all the project sync with the all students.


  • malefico

    Wonderful job Daniel, congratulations to your students ! Awesome !

  • redbyte

    WHOA!! I was not expecting that! One of the best shorts I've seen produced in Blender. Great animation, materials, lighting and above all, STORY! Everyone involved deserves a huge pat on the back. Well done! :D

  • velogfx


  • Papasmurf

    Awesome! love the cartoon style of stretchy/bendy. Great story too, the character and set and motif was instantly set up, without dialogue. Excellent.

  • Mike

    Really enjoyed that! Amazing about render time too!

    That first picture that shows up - maybe I'm wrong, but is that just a lense effect - or is it supposed
    to be stereoscopic 3d?

  • Gkvoelkl

    It's realy great. I like it.

  • marwin

    i love the rig o.0

  • oliver

    excellent! it looks so eaaasy in the rig-vid...

  • moxstudios


  • W

    woo! can't wait till that rig is online.

  • SureFire

    This is a great clip, commercial grade. Great movement, story flows smooth.

    This is a short that should be used for a reference when someone post their work for review.
    People seem so touchy about any critiquing so it would easier to link them to this short and say, "that's the way it should be done"

    I am a professional animator working in broadcast and I give it 2 thumbs up.

    super job guys!!!

  • Rodrigo Guimaraes

    Congratulations Daniel and all the students.
    The animation is beautiful in all aspects.
    Really well done. From beginning to end.
    Thanks for sharing and contributing with the Blender Community.

  • Colin Levy

    What a fun short! Incredible work, guys. :D

  • MeshWeaver

    awesome! :D

  • 4museman

    Well, now I must say a big WOW! The short is stunning and the rig just great! Thumb up!

  • keong racun

    awesome ^_^ is that 3 minutes per frame ?

  • Nathan Vegdahl

    Awesome! Well done! I love the extended screaming at the end. XD

  • bebR

    Simply brilliant !
    Great work to all of you.

  • Samuel Junior

    Very very good. Congratutations.

  • MSZ

    Great! Awesome work!

  • FreeMind

    This is one of the best blender shorts I've seen too.

    Ain't it weird that there are only a couple of quality shorts produced in blender?
    Why is it so?

    Either blender is not good enough for the job, or it's to difficult.
    Anyone has any ideas about this?

  • Oliver Perfumo

    Que lindo trabajo, Daniel!
    Felicitaciones a tus estudiantes, quedo muy profesional y divertido.

  • Rorkimaru

    Awesome job! So cute =D

  • Robo3Dguy

    AAahahahaa.....well done! Great animation.

  • Slobodan

    Great,great work!..Congrats!...:)

  • airsnake

    Awesome job!'s so nice!!!

  • JW

    The fat kid looks like he's made out of plastic... And personally, I don't like the somewhat shaky camera. But, I must say, the animation is great.

  • Bernard

    GREAT really! BTW where did you work on that short? no city or country mentioned, or did I miss something?
    Congrats to every one involved anyway :-)

  • Bratu Sebastian

    Great work, students!

    It really looks production like, can be broadcast to TV.

  • tonurs


  • TonyM

    Great work!

  • terrachild

    The reason there isn't a lot of high quality work being done in Blender is not because the software isn't up to it, it's because the people that create high quality animation don't use it.

    There is unfortunate reality that all of us, myself included (a recent convert), in the Blender community must face. Blender was previously regarded as a joke by people who worked professionally.

    I grew up in Hollywood and have worked in various capacities in the movie industry for a long time. Trust me, if I walk into an effects house, or animation house, and ask for a job, the first question they are going to ask me is, "How well do you know Maya?" This has happened to me! Now if I answer, "She's really cute, I really like her. Oh, by the way I know Blender inside and out, forwards and backwards. Wanna see my reel?" they are going to show me the door.

    The new Blender has a chance to change all that. The interface and tools are no longer a joke compared to Maya and Max. What we need to do is evangelize like crazy, and get everyone to start using it, and to switch over. Then, and only then, will more high quality work like this start getting done in Blender. I'm a believer now, but we have a long way to go fellow Blenderites.

  • RNS

    terrachild- I total agreed!

  • Moolah

    Plastic-fantastic! :)))

    This style is a kind of nostalgia for me. It recalls a memory about some old russian puppet animations... But it looks very fresh and full of humour :))

    I believe that Blender will beat many other 3d apps very soon. I was really shocked when I seen all these great sculpting tools in Blender 2.53 beta. I didn't even thought that this greatness will be so soon! About a half year ago I dropped off Modo with it's endless bugs and the weak technical support and I don't feel sorry about it even a bit.

    P.S. This trainer looks almost 100% like my ex-stepfather :)) And he was a basketball trainer too! :)

  • reyn

    Hahaha! That was very hilarious! I love that scream 'till the end. ^_^ One of the best shorts I've seen yet.

  • Aussie

    Best animation from a story perspective that I have seen here (laughed myself silly). Keep up the excellent work.

  • haiblender

    ( ........good concept ....... )
    nice wrk

    how many days took for rendering,
    Is it blender internal
    or any other source
    how many guys u wrked.

  • ufateh

    Excellent animation and modeling. Keep up the great work

  • Giovanni Gallo

    great work! I love it!

  • PapaBeers

    @FreeMind & @terrachild
    Freemind, you asked why the Blender community doesn't produce more great shorts. Terrachild replied that the professionals don't use Blender which begs the question, "Why doesn't the Blender community produce more excellent shorts?"
    Could it be that professionals tend to have more discipline?
    It takes discipline to produce works like this. And these six students received discipline as part of their obviously excellent instruction.

  • Frisketus

    Excellent in so many ways, concept, execution, education and entertainment

  • Leto

    This is just pure awesomeness .... Can't wait to put my hands on the .blend's

  • Demohero


  • Adhir Pandit

    Lovely... :)

  • melon

    Great!! 8-))

    One of the best Blender's animations I've ever seen. It matches world's top quality, congratulations to the team.

  • yoozco

    i agree with melon, world quality. i'm proud of Us :D

  • RNS

    The problem is the blend foundation when professional come for support they are told they're too busy to complied and directed to the community for tech help.maybe this attitude is what keep professional away from blender.this is the complain I read on 3D commercial forum now and than.Some regard the blend community as a "under ground Hippies tech community" free expression dude! anyway Pepeland people well done !!!


    Really great animation. Well done and very funny !

  • Alberto

    Muy bueno... felicidades a los que hicieron la animación! me gustó mucho y es muy graciosa ^^
    Sigan así ;)


  • Whimsy Collective

    Repost from Blender Guru Wall's

    Victor Vera

    This is the PSL's channel on vimeo, there are a lot of videos of PSL Man -Multirig, the tecnique used by the Pepeland's School in this short...

    In fact, he said that they didn't think in a short, but an e...xcercise of rigging and animation..

  • janidotux

    Muy buena animación, mil felicitaciones a tus estudiantes, se nota que tienen pasión y muchas habilidades por el modelado 3D. Sigan adelante y esperamos ver pronto más trabajos de ellos.

  • mrunion

    Excellent! Awesome!

  • vidrazor2

    The piece overall is great, but I don't get the exaggerated chromatic aberration. It doesn't really add anything to the short, which stands just fine on it's own. The only true criticism I have is the cup at the end no longer being metal.

    I've seen this exaggerated chromatic aberration effect used a lot lately, and perhaps it's just me, but I find it a distraction. If you're gong to use it at all, why not use it to create a natural effect? This would really have people wondering if it's not stop-motion (assuming you're clever enough not to use motion blur).

    The credits made me wonder how this may have looked if toon rendering was used. People may very well never realized it was a 3D project.

    Excellent work overall, however.

  • dusty


    I love it! The whole design, animation, rendering... everything!!

    Well done1!!

  • Blending BriGuy

    Quote: "The interface and tools are no longer a joke compared to Maya and Max."

    I know that the interface is an acquired taste, but who ever said that the toolset itself was a joke? Lets not overstate things!

  • D@nny

    Great animation, really enjoyed it!
    Great work!

  • http:/ meltingman

    wonderful i love the rig too.
    Felicitations :-)

  • terrachild

    The problem was, to be honest, the entire package was viewed as a Joke. That's not to say that it didn't have some good tools in it. But, most people never got past the interface to even check out the tools. That's just reality.

    I don't pretend to be an expert on how good Blender was before the overhaul, but even the latest version is missing many things that have been standard in Max for years. For example Blender really needs a character animation module that let's you just drop in skeletons and apply motions to them. Not just human skeletons either. Something like "Biped" in Max. There are other examples, but to be taken seriously, we all need to view the new Blender as starting over from scratch. Blender is now where Max was years ago.

    This is meant as constructive criticism. I'm a Blender convert. I've used Max for years, but I'm spending hours every day doing tutorials for Blender now.

    There is one thing I should have mentioned in my previous post. If I do my graphics on Blender and sit down with a client who is spending a million dollars on a 30 second commercial, and he says "what program are you using? I haven't seen it before." And I reply "Blender." If he knows it's a free program, than I'm gonna have to launch into an explanation into why I'm not using some expensive software suite. Free, is not necessarily a good thing in the minds of execs in the "Biz." They view expensive as good, and a sign that you are delivering the best work possible.

  • prof-2004

    Que grande trabajo! Mui buena animacíon!
    Os los saluto por esta enorme producion e aguardo más curtas como esta. Felicitaciones.

  • 3D Junkie

    I am amazed at this animation, i looks like it was a stop motion animation could not belive is 3D

  • Charon

    Very nice. I want to get back to school time!!!

  • ucupumar

    Very lovely and strong character
    This animation reminds me of French Roast, Academy Award Nomination for Best Shorts
    I can't wait to download the rig

  • Elliott

    That was fun, but someone really should have kept track of the donuts... I don't know whether there are nine or ten!

  • dronix

    Wow great short.

    The rig looks like fun. BTW, is this an online school?

  • blendman

    fabulous breakdown !! really great ;).

  • McPandaBurger

    yeah that was great good job

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