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  • redbyte

    Beautiful work! I love these minimalistic/abstract videos :)

    A simple effect done well is always better than a complex scene done poorly.

  • Blendiac

    Mmmmm.... purdy, glowy thangs.... :)

  • paulmichael

    I think it looks very good

  • bo

    I have a dream...
    ... to be able to create this kind of effects in realtime in BLENDER. Like in Apple Motion, but in true 3D space.
    Very nice work.

  • Marcus

    Oh yeah, realtime, that would be great.

  • spacetug

    100% agreed with Andrew/blenderguru/redbyte. :)

  • JCAA

    Excellent.... congratulations!!!!!

  • Mitch

    Awesome work. Now I don't have to get Particular. :D

  • Adrian Peirson

    Beautiful work, I have much to learn.

  • anon

    i'm not impressed..
    at the beginning, the particles glow but don't cast any light on their surroundings.
    the rest is just someone randomly playing with particle settings and rendering.

  • 01mf02

    Good work! Reminded me a lot of ...

  • Nathan Williams

    Lov it.

    So simple and yet so beautiful.

    And thanks for posting the blends.
    Really interesting to see how you did it!

  • Rune

    I like the way you get the particles to move and look smoth and organic.

  • Bernard

    Very cool animation. Thanks a lot for sharing the files. :-)

  • Jon

    Very cool! What's the music?

  • videcormeum

    As a mograph artist who uses Trapcode this does indeed interest me. This actually looks a bit like Trapcode Form AND Particular in some parts. Maybe I'll use Blender more often.

  • miuzik

    This will sound stupid, but I do not know how we can put a small sphere on each node/mesh point of the sphere that are then deformed... ? Any suggestions ??? Instead of making waved surface, I would like to do a illumated sphere (on each point of the 3D sphere)

    thank you

  • Rez

    I think thats what he means by "This video is a compilation of various experiments I have done."
    Raeding is FUNdamental :)
    Yeah this really looks good! Looks like some of the stuff on those flash video intro screens. The rest I think I can figure out, but how did you get that shadow cast on particles on the green sets? I didn't think particles could do shadows?? and the last exploding one is cool- I could see that easily being the framework for a space explosion... Motion blur with particles also?? Is this 2.49?

  • David Tilman

    The song is "Flocon" by Silence, availabe at Jamendo (

    I duplivert a small sphere onto the larger object that is deformed. On the video's page you can find a link to download all of the blend files to see how it is done.

    If the "green sets" is the scene with the moving curving line, I actually used a subdived plane with small spheres dupliverted onto the plane instead of actual particles. You can download the blend files to see how that is done. You can have particles cast shadows by choosing to render as object in the particle options and choose a small sphere as the object to render for each particle.

  • Maranda Zwiener

    your gardening tips are really easy to implement. thanks for that. hope I will have enough time to take care of my garden in the future.

  • miuzik

    Thank you very much for the answer ;-), I will take time to dig more into these files. It looks really great !

  • Timmy Steinharter

    Its been a while since I have been out in my garden, hopefully this post will help me get out of the house. Thanks for the tips!

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