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  • dambs

    Very Nice...No Dof node ?

  • iulian27

    that's just awesome

  • marijn

    :O I don't want to be in reality anymore

  • MeshWeaver

    lol, every time i see that Alley render, i expect to see Jack, the guardian, doing his funny dance :D

    those renders are really nice, things are really evolving quickly :)

  • nobody

    Although it has disturbing unaliased edges, I like the hut render most.
    Dunno what stage the shaman-model is, considering it being a WIP... but there are things definatly need to be done.


  • FishB8

    @nobody: They are very much WIP images. Look at the image file names and they will give you clues about what was being worked on, or at what stage in the render pipeline they are in.

  • pixnolve

    I cannot Understant why people are so animated about this...
    we haven't yet see a single Animation and the project has started more than 6 months ago...

  • Simon

    The project have a couple of months left too

  • moomoo

    Also, just because we haven't seen any animations yet doesn't mean they haven't been made.

  • ralmon

    They look great! Still, I really want to see a render of the dragon (or a dragon if they had make several). There doesn't seem to be a render of it. I wonder what had happened to it now.

  • Olaf

    Sintel (the girl) looks great!

  • frank_robernson

    This technique is amazing, just like all have said -they look great!Can't wait to see more.

  • Beorn

    There will be some animation finals in a week or two.

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