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In-Between Ends

by Alex Glawion

From the same person who brought us the beautiful Evolution and A Glimpse of Light comes another absolutely breathtaking piece: In-Between Ends.

Alex writes:

I have been working on a new 3D Short Film since my last Short Film "Evolution". Its title is "In-Between Ends". As always it has been created entirely in Blender (2.49b).


  • bboyclike

    WOW....just WOW......indeed amazing! especially the textures!

  • Gerbin

    really stunning!

  • aukeran

    It's a special lenguaje film. Soundtrack is perfect. 100X100

  • clecle

    not only the animation was great but also the meaningfull story ( i dunno if that expression exists in english anyway)

  • Jonathan

    Evolution was amazing, and this one is not behind

  • Gr8!

    Wow! Amazing!

  • airsnake

    So astonished!! Wonderful!!!!!

  • Arco

    The music, the movie... Amazing!!!

  • Felix

    +Like from me, and yeah, wow, to think, all done in 2.49! :3

    very nice!

  • Marcelo Pardinho

    Simply amazing! The musics, sounds and animation are perfect!

  • steve

    Well executed and enjoyable to watch.
    I think i understand it. Poor little blighter trying to fit in and find his purpose, drifting through space alone. looking for meaning. Only in death does he find his own kind, with the irony being... even when surrounded by his own, he's still alone.

    Great that you ended on a positive note. Showing the cycle of life continues, regardless.

    I felt rather tense through the whole thing, like everything was out to get him. There wasn't much joyful exploration, only aimless drifting. Would have been nice to see him playing with the floating umbrella's... like 'this is it, this is where i belong'... then discovering the hole would re-enforce the motivation of 'seeking just because it can'.

    Enjoyable afterthoughts. Mission accomplished.

  • peter

    i kept waiting for someone to say " I bid you welcome"--loved the wind sound


  • Bart

    Very touching, thank you.

  • Himanshu

    Hi Alex,

    It's a wonderful piece of work from all aspects like story, production design, cinematography, sound design, acting, credits and many more. Did u work with a script and story board? It seems u did! Great work, Keep it up.

  • Himanshu

    Wonderful lighting and editing. I am really really awed by the way of story telling.

  • Darrin Lile

    "Curiosity killed the cat" never looked so beautiful! Fantastic work! And very nice website as well.

  • zapman

    I like the sound best! Well done!

  • Voodoo Doctor

    BRILLIANT! Absolutely stunning. So many interpretations can be gleamed from that piece. I loved your soundtrack, too. Thank you for sharing that piece of art.

  • dono

    Well done ! Strange and beautiful ! Bravo :)

    Amazing work !

  • Mitch

    Took me a bit to get into it, but once I did I was drawn into the little guy's journey. I loved the atmosphere you created, as well as the whole new universe--in just a few minutes. Very nicely done!

  • Sim Pern Chong

    I am speechless....

  • Ivan01

    Amazing! Great everything I'm speechless too.

  • Jackal

    remarkable work, the music goes perfectly with scenery, great story - well played

  • chubaso

    Absoloutly amazing!

    i loved the interaction of sound and video in the last one "Evolution" but this one is even more amazing^^
    It is very dramatic due to the sad explorations the little blighter does. It also transports or invokes very much feeling. For example the scene in the hole where all the other dead blighters were caught in their last pose before they died, is very creepy! And thoes shots from far away where theblighter is rising straight into the sky gives the feeling of hope.

    I really love the idea and it was very well transfered into an amzing piece of art!!

    keep this good work, i hope there will be another one !

    best regards

  • tallguy

    Terrific again. Alex, have you posted anywhere how you do your nodes setup? Your ability to do such abstract images and such wonderful "paintings of light" amazes me.

  • Jordan Harris

    In my opinion your best short film work yet. I'm impressed by how emotionally original it is.

    - J

  • Jinx

    Fantastico! Alucinante!
    Se agradecen videos como este.
    Muy buen trabajo.

    Absoloutly amazing!

  • Spencer

    I would kill to have a blend file of those spheres about 2 minutes in. Fantastic design and effect. Would really like to see what materials and modeling were used to make those.

  • taxofit

    very, very beautiful!
    thx for this fantastic piece of work!

  • Bernard

    Brilliant work in every aspect for an excellent story in a very short film. Congrats! :-)

  • Robo3Dguy

    That was a good watch. Very nice short :)

  • nemesis

    This is a very good, very well thought out piece of animation.

    I love the concept and execution of the concept.

  • torksu

    wow very impressive! I like the way you kept the model of the litle guy so simple and in the end it looks pretty scary with all those stone guys all around!

  • banor

    That is so weird but so cool. Some awesome visuals - wow. Thanks :) The animation on the ghost dude wasn't great, but some of the DoF, lighting, and especially the end gravescene were very well lit/textured. Coolness :)

  • Marcus

    The soundtrack was really the thing taking me in! Great piece of art!

  • Radialronnie

    @Spencer, It looks like a sphere with inverted normals and a strand particle system + those lumpy little objects floating inside are probably mesh objects.

  • El'endia Starman

    Very nice short! One thing I would LOVE to know is how you created that tunnel close to the end...the one leading to the grave place. I have something like that in mind for one of my own projects...

  • Cyrr

    Thanks Alex.
    Great movie.

    I like very much how you are able to take a viewer into "your" own created world. Great camera move. I feel all the time on its side and passing through the universe with your "little guy".
    The glowing gives the whole movie a great effect to be surreal. Everything fits well, even the little umbrellas ;)

    Don't misunderstand me, I never made such a great piece - but all objects look very simple to me. I just imagine how much more it would become epic, if you would make all the objects with more detail and include more surreal stuff into it. I'm still amazed about the work.

    Did the whole idea grew over time, or did you get the idea for the movie in a "bright" moment?
    How did you write the story for the movie down. Just with text, or did you mak some scetches? Share them with us, it is always fun to see how people approach their movies.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    2010: The year of Durian

  • iulian27


  • Constantine

    You reminded me why I got in to 3D.

  • Nicknamz

    Weird and Beautiful, the end was great.

  • pixnolve

    You should write movie's scripts.
    your stories are deeps and very sensitives,
    there is just something great about them.

    Why not use 2.5?
    Does anybody feel like me...
    Blender 2.5 is not as nice a 2.49

    Hopefull Tony Mullen will write is book on 2.5 and I will be thinking very differently.

  • Aoti


    A wonderful piece of work. Well done.

  • Nathan Vegdahl

    Beautiful. I have no idea what it means at all, if anything. But it was beautiful. :-)

    People don't use 2.5 for production work because it's still in alpha, and is still subject to changes that can interfere with projects.

  • yoff


  • damir

    Hm...Maybe I'm just plain dumb but I don't have even slightest idea what's the story or message of this movie.
    But I liked that cave part witch is actually sad.

  • nsnipe

    What is the song? Sounds very familiar but can't remember title...

  • Rev. Stump

    Beautifully done. Amongst all the other talents required to assemble a piece like this, your Blender knowledge is masterful.

    But I don't get it.

    Is the little dude swimming thru a robot's intestines? Really liked the part where he meets the shells of his digested friends.

  • Dread Knight

    Not bad :P

  • Mark Olsen

    A piece of art...

    Im blown away. Dont know what to say, other than i enjoyed every minute of it.

    Good job :D

  • aisbaa


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