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CSS Transform Exporter for Blender

css-animation-exporter-blenderThe CSS Transform Exporter exports a 2D Blender animation to a CSS animation. As only a few browsers actually support this (including Safari and Chrome) it has limited use, but it's a cool idea ;-)

James Urquhart wrote:

Just to let you know, i released an export script for Blender which takes Blender scenes and exports them to regular HTML + CSS using CSS Transforms and Animations which can then be displayed and played back in any Webkit-derived browser.



  • Terry

    That is awesome, I hope firefox gets support for this feature. But if/when it does I can see this being really useful.

  • Blenderificus

    cool and useful as more browsers adopt it, hopefully firefox natively soon

  • sebih

    Great! So all Blendernation-reades have Safari installed now (at least Win+Mac) ;)

    Maybe there'll be a css-Version of Sintel?

  • Henry Schreiner III

    Works great on Chrome!!! :)

    I think we should start with a CSS Elephants Dream, we can work on the CSS Sintel later :P

  • rgdfhdfhdryerztetz

    It would be more useful to export to SVG + SMIL.
    That is a format for vector-images (can also embed bitmap).

  • Pierre-Luc

    AFAIK, Firefox does support this feature too but it's mozTransform or something similar. I don't know up to what extent it is incorporated, but you should try making your code Mozilla aware.

    --edit : I should have checked first. The source does have moz elements in it, but Firefox 3.6 doesn't seem to be as advanced as Chrome in this aspect. Forgot to say it's pretty impressive ! Good job !

  • Francisco Ortiz

    Dude that's awesome! Thank you James!

  • laaza

    Firefox 4 beta supports CSS 3 transformations. And interesting idea :D

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