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Blender-Tuts - 'Gathering every Blender 3d tutorial out there'

blender-tutsHere's a new site that catalogs Blender tutorials.

Rafael writes:

This site is a growing index of tutorials for Blender 3d. Since there are many tutorials, but they are all scattered around the web, I though of grouping them all in one site, well organized.

One thing I've noticed also is that sometimes it's hard to get a tutorial regarding a specific tool. There's the manual, but it's better to get some really pratical advice. So, in the short future, if one searches for a tool in this site, one'll get a tutorial that uses that tool, even if it is not about that tool.

So that's it, I though it would be good for people learning Blender to have a site like this^^

Thanks for the support!



  • Vending

    Awesome!! -someone please make more good rigging (video) tutorials please :D

  • Bart
  • climbingair

    That is a great idea! As a beginner/intermediate user I've searched far and wide for something like this.

  • http://[email protected] Renato Sousa

    Great! Keep up the good work, it would be nice to have that index for all tutorials available around there.

  • Michal

    Yes it's good to make some tuts and colect them into some web, but i thing that better is one web bigger then many smaller ones. And why not use the "official" one(BN Links). And my idea is connecting it with wiki to show techniques.

  • FF2

    Nice initiative!

    It would be nice a "rating system". I guess there will be a huge amount of tutorials, and there are some very useful tutorials out there but also others not so useful. So a rating system would make useful information easier and quicker to be found.

  • tonurs

    "blender tutorial" .. 1,700,000 google hits. Good luck !

  • Gensael

    You have two amazing sites here:


  • Rafael

    Thanks for your support guys^^
    @FF2 - yes, I think I will stablish a system like that in the future. Thanks for the suggestion!
    @tonurs - yeah, there are a lot of them, it will take time, but I think it's pretty much possible=)
    @Gensael - thanks man, I had forgotten thx!

  • pure_bordem

    that racing track tut was cool, never saw that one before

  • MeshWeaver

    i think i read about this on, am i right?

    anyway, it's an awesome idea, i'm going to explore the site :-DDD

  • Rafael

    @pure_bordem - glad you liked it^^
    @MeshWeaver - you're right, I posted the site there before=)

  • vidrazor2

    The biggest problem with the blender tutorials is that they're scattered among versions. While that's not always a problem, sometimes it is. For a newbie it can be confusing and/or frustrating and/or problematic when a tut says hit "x" and you don't get "y".

    Now that the push is on for 2.5, do all these tutorials become obsolete? Of course, one can continue to work in whatever earlier version a tutorial is written for, but where does that leave you when you move to 2.5?

  • wysiwyg

    why cant all these sites collaborate? use blendernation links as the main one.

  • Jonathan

    recontranice! This site is awsome! xD there're some weird but useful tutorials... love the crack tut.

  • temudjin

    I think it would be nice to have tutorial subsmenus like
    - texturing tuts
    -modeling tuts
    - lighting tuts
    Would be easier for people to target directly what they're looking for

  • Bad Sector

    A very good idea, but the site does the #1 mistake that most new sites do: its based on a blog.

    Blogs are NOT for databases!

    You need to build a proper database backend with a good frontend. The site isn't much more than a link database actually and with a proper database you can extend the features easily later (like adding comments, cross references with a semantic meaning, ratings, tagging, target blender version(s), alternative links, archive downloads, etc).

    if you need help with that you can contact me. I like the idea, but the implementation is not good and converting it to something better later will be much more painful since there'll be more content.

  • Nolan Tyrrell

    Oh this is great. The thing that lets the manual down for me is that I cannot get an example for a specific tool without distracting myself with interesting side issues. I will look at it now.

  • Square Polygon

    Agreed with Bad Sector, you have limited yourself by basing it in WordPress.. but best of luck anyway!

  • Reaction

    The problem with *another* tutorial site is that, just like the tutorials themselves, there are so many spread around that you can never remember where you saw one!

    Please, please, PLEASE can anybody with a turorial just get a link put here on the blendernation links page rather than posting it on *another* different site?

  • starplayer

    @vidrazor2 - 2.4x tutorials don't become obsolete with 2.5, as many of the workflows are the same.

    @Bad Sector - Yeah, I also think a database would be the best answer, but my knowledge of databases is limited. However, I would like to organize the site much better in the near future. You can send me your email to contact(at)

    Thanks for the critics, and also thanks for the praises=)

  • Rafael

    The top comment is mine, I got mistaken with the nick, sorry=P

  • Sim Pern Chong

    Great stuffs !!!

    My contributions are here:

  • vidrazor2

    >>2.4x tutorials don’t become obsolete with 2.5, as many of the workflows are the same.<<

    Not when the entire interface has been revamped. An experienced user may find his way around, but a newbie will be dumbfounded.

  • Whimsy Collective is suspended. Can we get back?

    Anyone have a back-up copy of the site on tumblr or blogspot or or a twitter page?

    I know that tumblr and blogspot allows custom domain without the or
    I guess that would be best cheaper option if your hosting gets suspended.

    For Tumblr

    For Blogger (blogspot)
    follows >

  • Whimsy Collective

    Thank you BlenderNation for your Community streams! All or most of Blender-tuts RSS aren't lost as I found you've archived them for us!

    Here's the link of the Search results for Blender-tuts in the Community Stream.

    There are few links that are from which are downloads link for .pdf so far don't work because is suspended or either hasn't paid for the hosting.

    Overall most links that are outside of posting should be good as far as I've dug through for a specific post such as Creating atmosphere in Blender node system (v 2.48), IT WORKS! Although, there are a Google cached pages but all, just some are cached.

    Here's one particular posting worthy of being in the Blender Links.

    Creating atmosphere in Blender node system (v 2.48)
    @ Blender-tuts December 11th, 2009 Composition and Visual Effects, intermediate, map value node, scale node, Video Tutorial

    A good tutorial on creating a very controlled fog with the node system, or an effect of fading in the distance. Very useful. Also includes a way to add a background texture with the node atmospheresystem (here used to add a sky).

    * Creating atmosphere in Blender node system – tutorial (watch it in fullscreen)

    Author: adrian2608

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