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Call for Testing of BMesh Integration (NGons)

bmesh-subsurf-ngonBMesh is now in the Alpha testing stage. It's reached the point where it needs user testing to further progress and identify bugs.

Build Links

Please use a build no older then November 4th.

Bug Reporting

Report bugs on the BMesh Bug Tracker. Please only use this bug tracker!

More Info

More info on keystrokes, feature notes, crash recovery, and known issues can be found at the developer's blog.


  • Felix

    What type of bugs should we be looking for,
    and what is expected to work in general as of now?

  • RH2

    Wow Bmesh is looking really cool!
    Ill try out a build tomorrow

  • Syafbif

    it keeps on crashing when you convert a text to a mesh

  • wayne

    yay :)

  • anon

    read the blog post

  • Bananaft

    Hell yeah!!

  • Senshi

    Aaw, no OSX version yet =( It looks great so far though =)

  • Teisto

    As first-time Blender 2.50 tester, I am not unimpressed. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Felix

    @anon: already read it,
    before it was even posted to bn,
    kinda leaves to be desired... :)

  • MeshWeaver

    um, what is bmesh? and is the version really stable enough for it to be used without risk? to my computer, i mean.



  • EagleWing

    @MeshWeaver: It allows you to create a face from a polygon with more than four verticies.

  • f9b

    Very unstable. At least on win xp.

  • Thomas

    You should change the title. Bmesh is not just ngon support, as the creator tries so hard to explain.

  • MeshWeaver

    @EagleWing: oh. pretty cool. :-D

    @f9b: how about Vista?

  • b-fighter

    when tied with multires modifier, it will be dream tool, at least for me :-)
    can't wait!

  • anon

    you know what "testing build" means, right?

  • Robbie Losee

    For a video explanation of Bmesh, check out the following:

    This was all it took to convince me that this will be a wonderful feature.

  • devroo

    here is link for actual OSX intel version build....

  • http://na 247wkman

    once you go into edit mode, you can't return to object mode, making this build unusable for moment- still this is a must update for blender- it gets hard to keep polys low when every cut propagates throughout the whole mesh. ALSO- would like to see vertex/edge snap guides when trying to make individual cuts like xsi and max

  • Trevor

    The bug report link doesn't work for me, so posting my bug here:

    I used the bevel tool and some dissolving.  I can't export to .obj, when I load this file up in a 2.61, it has no faces, only vertices and edges.
    I tried to use just a bevel on an object and it worked fine.

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Hi Trevor,

      you tried a link in a post that's almost 3 years old. As BMesh is now a regular part of Blender, you should use the Blender bugtracker for your report. Chances are that nobody will find it here.

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