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Blender courses in Denmark

ed-209_499x312Danish freelancer Johan Roug is offering Blender courses.

Johan wrote:

For a very long time I have had the desire to start up a school of 3d. I enjoy teaching, and I enjoy 3d. Therefore I have settled on the thought of starting today.

At Digitalent, which is my freelance company, I will start out by offering Blender crash courses. Making people more familiar with the user interface and tools in Blender. The course will also dig into different modelling techniques. and workflow.

If everything goes well, Digitalent will offer more specialized courses in modelling as well as 3d effects. I hope these courses will be a welcoming to Danish people who want to learn about 3d or just want an inside of the other side of the magic world



  • Claws

    Finally something in my vicinity - I'll check it out :)

  • johansrk

    Thank you for all the great feedback on email.
    Digitalent will also be offering drawing courses, besides the 3d. It will be a good sublimentary or standalone course, where basic drawing skills are learned. This will make it even better for sketching your 3d models before the actual modeliling. There will be evening courses as well as fulltime courses.

    News about this will come soon


  • Pelle Johnsen

    Hey Johan,

    Good to finally see Blender courses in DK. Would be great if some of the 3D companies here also started checking out Blender.

    Best of luck,


  • Anders Otte

    Great, finally some advancement in little Hamlet-ville.
    I will be following the progress on available courses. Thanks for your effort.
    Now we just need a user group too ....
    Regards, Anders Otte

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