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BREAKING - Ton Roosendaal to receive honorary doctorate today

ton-honorary-doctorate-of-technologyTon Roosendaal will be receiving an honorary doctorate at the Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK later today for his work on Blender. A streaming video of the entire ceremony (direct link for Windows Media Player here) will start at 11am UK time (GMT+1) and is expected to last for two hours. As it will cover multiple persons, we can't predict when Ton will be on.

More details and photographs will follow later today.

Update: Ton was the first graduant to speak. His part is over now.

Update: 07-16-09 4:11PM CEST: Added pictures - Tim

Update: 07-17-09: More pictures added. Video registration of the entire event. Ton makes his appearance around 22:30.


  • Agile

    WOW. Congratulations!

  • ThoC

    Big wow! Congratulations! I think this is more than well deserved :)

  • tyrant monkey

    gee wow super congratulations, the only give those out to bigwigs or if you are in africa (where I am) to politicans and presidents. So DR. Roonsendaal is now an offical bigwig. But perharps the title should be reworded to "Breaking News...." because when I saw the partial link at blenderartists I thought 'what! who just broke Ton how dare they'

  • Ricky Dee

    Great news and thoroughly deserved. Congrats Ton, thanks for all your work and dedication and long may it continue.

  • sympodius

    Congratulations, Ton!

  • beta3designs

    Congratulations Ton, you really deserved it for all your work in blender :)

  • Hedge

    Congratulations Ton!
    Thanks for everything you do for Blender and the Blender community

  • Wookie1

    Woot! Really really deserved. Standing ovation to you.

  • cperrin88

    He's on now!!!

  • Rouven Markovic

    Hey Ton big Congratulations to your title. That was long overdue.

    That worth a tripple:


  • Bart

    Video is over. Ton was great :) 'One word of advise: if everybody does it, it must be stupid!' :-D

  • Awards

    Dr. Ton Rosendaal

  • Skiri-ki

    Mayor congratulations Ton, and well deserved indeed.

    "If everyone does it, it must be stupid." nice one Ton XD

  • smadahar

    Superb! We should all insist on calling him Dr Ton from now on! And by the way, wouldn't that be a brilliant name for the villain in the new Durian Project?

  • Awards

    Did you listen to what Ton said?
    He said this degree is for the Blender community as a whole!
    I love you Ton!

  • gustavg

    Congrats! You really deserve a funny hat!

    btw. Dr. Ton sound like the name of a supervillain (especially if you say with a dutch accent) ;)

  • zapman

    congrats! :D

  • Dm7

    Wow, a big congrats to you DR. Ton! This is amazing - I have been watching Blender grow and expand since 1998 all because of your positive vibe and of course, with programmers and artists' contribution. It is indeed a honour for me to know somebody who received a honorary doctorate! Now that's mind-boogling! Do keep this up and pull up a revolution in our present society with open content ideas, I'm all in with you! I love you Dr. Ton and once again a big congratulations from me!

  • Toni Grappa

    Congratulations. But this cape he had to wear was a little bit "colorful" :-D

  • Mfoxdogg

    Congrats ton, well done, and still as humble as ever :)

  • sebastian_k

    congratulations dottore!

  • madturtle

    Cool! Congrats!....Dr. Roosendaal!.....Dr?!?!?!?....may by he can take a look on my arm, he hurts since yesterday.........

  • aws357

    Congratulation ! A well deserved honor !

  • oxigen

    Excellent!!! Haha, they needed to do something, because he is actually the King!!! \o/

  • Nik

    I also vote for Dr. Ton as a supervillain :P Has anyone managed to record this? I wanna see it...

  • damiles

    Congratulations!!! That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for Ton and Blender


    Well deserved Dr Ton ! Congratulations and a big thank you for all you did and do for Blender !

  • Ashmunaday

    Well deserved honor for the man behind Blender! Congrats Dr. Ton

  • Shiretoko
  • Airsnake

    Congratulations Ton!!! ; )

  • Jadawin99

    That's how this world should operate as a whole. Honour to the ones who really deserve it.
    Congratulations Dr. Ton and many many more years of dedication to your work.

  • siraniks

    Congratulations Ton! from PinoyBlender :D

  • Elubie

    Congratulations Ton! And well deserved!

  • chimericidol


  • MmAaXx

    well done Ton!

    regards ;)

  • Heho


  • random

    as from the audience:

    lol and btw congratulations you deserve it.

  • blood

    yipppeee!! congratulations Dr. Ton!! Very well deserved!!

  • hitechboy722

    loving that hat! lol

  • gauravanim


  • pima

    great event for Ton, blender... and open source !

  • JoOngle


    Well deserved Ton (and co-devs), you have indeed worked for it - hard - without any exceptions.
    This piece of opensource software have changed peoples lives all over the world, including mine.

    Once again - congratulations!

    Tommy Helgevold

  • slukas

    Thank you Ton.

  • Ianvdl

    Well done Dr Ton!

  • David_Mac

    Certainly someone that deserves an honourary. Good show!

  • Martín Eschoyez

    heyy! Congrats Dr.!!!! ;P

  • Morcy

    Congratulations Dr. Roosendaal!!! Well deserved!

  • Anja
  • Kukanani

    Congrats Mr. Roosendaal!

    The Blender Foundation is awesome.

  • Kukanani

    >Sorry, *Dr.* Roosendaal.

  • yokljo

    Awesome work Ton! If anyone deserves it, its you!

  • teldredge

    Bravo! Well deserved!

  • Darrin

    Couldn't have happened to a better guy!!! Congratulations Doc!!

  • kABHIr

    Congratulations Dr.Ton

    you deserve it!

  • VanPelt

    Wow, congratulations Ton!

  • Born

    Congrats to Ton!

    I am proud!

  • Jimmie L Simpson

    Wow!! Congratulations Ton!! You tha man! I have been observing the growth of blender from a weee baby - all the way up to it's mature stage of development. And I am amazed at the transformation. I mean, this 3D suite has functions that are up there with 3D max and the like. And it is still growing. I enjoy downloading and testing the new functionalities and any improved stability. All the bug tracking, fixing & constant updating is phenomenal. Keep the passion, and may God bless you above anything you can imagine. Also big ups to the blender community. You guys are like a family. Keep hope alive. Long live blender!

  • Kirado

    Congrats Ton!

  • Kernon

    Congratulations!! It's very well-deserved.

  • travisdk

    Well congrats to Ton,
    You of all really deserve this !

  • kijja

    || || ||


  • Virgilio Vasconcelos

    W00t! :)

    Dr. Ton!

    Congratulations!! You REALLY deserve such recognition!


  • RadialRonnie

    Hearty congratulations Ton!

  • Arnaud

    Dear Doctor Ton, congratulations! Well done, well deserved.

    And thank you for your incredible leadership.

    When do you start seeing patients?

    Quintuple Cheers!!

  • Olaf

    I'm not sure if Blender is worth a doctorate, but Ton is surely a beacon and an icon for the open-source community, no question about it.

  • Dwayne

    Congrats Dr Ton! You deserve it every bit!

  • Bruno Alberto

    Congrats, Dr. Ton!!!!!

    Thanks for Blender!

  • TxRx

    Congratulations indeed Dr Roosendaal!!!
    Also may I just say this "Nice one Leeds Uni!"

  • Xrage

    Congratulations Dr. Rooseendal
    It is more tan well deserved, thank you for all your work on such an amazing application as Blender is.

  • http://kijja kijja




  • Sephiroth the Bimbo Master

    Crongrats doctor Ton!!!!!!, you really deserve it, wow I got a surprise when I read the new on blendernation, and Damn I got the new late, I couldn't saw him.

    Sephiroth the Bimbo Master

  • Sa

    Bart can't you find us a video anywhere? you can ask them for it.

  • Mike

    Holy crap that's a lot of comments!
    Anyways congrats Ton!

  • tom h

    Video advalible bu going to: then select the "Thursday 16th Law and Business" on the right hand side.

    Tons bit starts at 22:30 minuets in

  • Saverio


  • ShilaM

    UAOOOOO! Congratulations Ton!
    Standing ovation and best wishes to you!!!!!

  • http://--- pip

    CongratuLLLLLLLLationS DOCTOR TON !!!!!!!!
    YEPEEE!!!!!! now where're all doctors Blenderheads!! Let's show the world how can we feed culture!
    Big round of applause for THE DOC

  • ByronK

    Dr. Ton, You are a hero to all of us and now a Doctor too! I am so happy that you have been recognized for your great gifts to the world. Thank you.

  • thinkinmonkey

    Congratulations, Ton!
    That event, and the reaction of Blender community, reminds me you're not just a "simple" programmer or a dreamer, but you are mainly a good symbol of endurance and belief!

  • J.Dumisani


  • Karl Kühberger

    Ton, you really have deserved it. Congratulations to Dr. Roosendaal!
    And thanks for all the work you have put into the Blender project!

  • Matt Ebb

    Haha, congrats! Now he really is one step closer to Dr. House ;)

  • Sim Pern Chong

    Wow... Congrats !!!

    I am so proud to be a Blender user...

  • Wanda L

    Congratulations, Ton!

  • Arterial Tree

    Congratulations!! You are a true inspiration.

  • polytropoi

    Congratulations, Dr. Ton! I think you should get a Nobel Prize next... you've given more to humanity than many yet realize, and we're all in your debt. Democratizing the tools with which the future will be built, providing opportunities for millions of folks who otherwise would be locked out, truly empowering people to create - it's difficult to overstate your accomplishments, and you're just getting warm. You're an inspiration. Thank you!

  • Kemeros

    Congratulations Ton!, a great achievement :)

  • Sanne

    Congratulations, Ton, and thanks for everything!

  • Jasper

    feli !

  • Anubhav

    This is great news.Congratulations Ton!!!

  • stan

    congratulations Ton!

  • Matt

    Yay for Dr. Roosendaal!!

  • Andrew Gregori

    Congratulations Ton!

    U must be proud of your work, because we are proud to have u as our leader :D

  • Bmud

    Did anyone record it? This would be another one of those things that deserves multi-lingual subtitles so everyone in the whole blending world can enjoy it. :) I'm proud to be a Blender-head today. Wow.

  • degentd

    Congrats Ton. And thanx for all of your hard work made for the community.

    Regards, zoli

  • degentd

    BTW. Ton We (the whole community) are PROUD of You!

  • mercury

    felicidades Ton :)

  • Gaurav Nawani

    Congratulations Ton :)

  • Herbert123

    Congrats - well deserved. Here's to Ton, the Blender Foundation, and the community.

  • Pranke

    Congrats!!!! :)

  • Colin Levy

    Exciting day! Congratulations Ton, I'm watching it now. :)

  • Karthik

    Congrats Dr. Ton !!!
    You greatly deserve it

  • dusty

    AH!!! Well done Ton!!!!

    if I had known I would have paid a visit to congratulate you!

    My brother lives in Leeds.

    as everyone else already said, you deserved it!

  • Cunera

    Lief broertje; ik hoop dat je dit kunt lezen want ik schrijf natuurlijk gewoon in het Nederlands:
    Super gefeliciteerd. We zijn vreselijk trots op zo'n geweldige broer.
    En; dr. Ton klinkt best wel goed hoor!!!
    Groetjes, Hans en Cunera uut Azum.

  • Kuz

    I have his autograph! Good Job, Ton!

  • Nikolay740

    Blender is the best!

  • Wii

    Congratulations Ton!

  • Manuela

    ¡Happy Dr. Ton´s Day to everyone!

  • Cub

    Cheers! Congrats, and more than well deserved.

  • metalliandy

    Go Dr.Ton!

    Congratulations :D

  • vykelt

    Awesome awesome awesome, I love it. Dr. Ton has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Congratulations Dr. Ton.

  • Nemesis

    Ton is one person who really deserves an honoury doctorate.

    Well done Ton and thanks for all the hard work.

  • Kevin

    WOW Congratulations!!!!!!

  • 3djimbo

    Congratulations Ton!
    I have severe dyslexia but was able to learn Blender.
    Just proves the interface IS EASY for those who want to see!

  • ghost

    Congratulations Ton! You really deserve it.

  • Thomas Francis

    wow, they have such weird apparell... Is that natural?

  • rogper

    Parabéns (congratulations) Ton!
    Well deserved is a understatement ^_~

    ...and I sadly didn't saw it :(

  • Pettson

    wow, this is fantastic, big greets. know that your work is much appreciated by me and many.

  • Month3d

    gefeliciflapstaart dr ton :)

  • Henry

    And he damned well deserves that honor! That man is a prime example of a modern role model. Of course, the clothes in those pictures do not exactly flatter him, or anyone, LOL!

  • Peter G.Kovacs

    Respect! Congratulations! Ton, we will put one of that images onto a wall in our studio.
    This is great!

  • Chucker

    woot! Congrats Ton, if I was there I'd shake your hand

  • meandthecomputer

    Congratulations Doctor Roosendaal.

  • BlenderLovingPandaBear

    Wow Congratulations Dr. Roosendaal

  • DeathCloud
  • Oleeblood

    Great news ! Congratulations Master

  • Rick

    This is very cool ^_^

  • Hai

    Congratulations to Ton!

  • meltingman

    Youhouuuuuuuuu ! I Love youuuuu! :lol:

    congratulation Doctor :-)

    lo merece, si trabajo en blender es fabuloso :-P.


  • SeanJM

    Aww, you look so cute.

    Congratulations you are an angel Ton.

  • svofski

    Congratulations Dr. Ton!

  • florinel

    Well deserved! Congratulations!

  • DJPhotoduck

    Congratulations Ton!

  • rednelb

    Congratulations, Dr. Ton Roosendaal!

  • Piiichan

    Congrats' Ton!

  • Stéphan Rodriguez

    Congrats Ton !! This is really deserved. And thanks for all the work you've done for us.

  • Neil

    Just adding my bit to the ever increasing volume of applause.

  • ysvry

    congrats Ton, didnt i say 4 years ago tha you should be knighhted in holland too :p, well done.

  • Kyle Dell'Aquila

    Ton! You are a legend now!

  • timothy_truckle

    Congratulations Dr. Ton ! You really deserve it, as does everyone involved in the development of this great app Blender !

  • Bill N

    congrats Ton!

  • Phil

    Well Done

  • cindergarten

    Congrats Ton and thank you!

  • kikko

    this is history. congrats

  • RH2

    "Dr.Ton" does have a nice ring to it.

  • themonster

    WOW. Congratulations!

  • Socceroos

    Brilliant stuff! Fully deserved, Dr. Ton!

    Your efforts with Blender are an inspiration. We're so proud of you and all that you have done for each and every one of us.

    Keep up the champion effort! We're all cheering you on!

  • shrinidhi666

    Congratulations Dr. TON :-) .. U deserve it ..

  • chimericidol

    Wow check out the amount of the replys o_0

  • dreamsgate


  • DeMoN

    Wow, I was vegging out watching "So you think you can dance" on TV and they said that one of the judges was not present because he was getting his Honorary Doctorate in the UK, then I look at BN and this!

    Congratulations, It really means something when it is given in recognition hard work, and not just because of fame. Absolutely brilliant!!

  • Ron Proctor

    Congratulations Ton! You deserve about 4 or 5 of those bad boys!

  • Gargoyle1971

    This is epic. I remember my C key license and the story of the self invented code at the studio and every detail I always followed because I loved this 3d software that followed practical human use rather than sheep marketing data leading up to what he turned into a gift to the world that keeps on giving. So deserved, congratulations! Awesome.

  • Alex Delderfield (AD-Edge)

    Congrats to Dr. Roosendaal, this is massive!

    Its great to see him getting some appreciation like this for all the work hes done.

    Looks to me like a scene from harry potter though ;)

  • irf

    Selamat dan salut untuk anda, Dr. Ton...

  • Deevad

    Congratz Dr. Ton ;-)
    This video moment is great, and it was a pleasure to see it.
    Your advice at the end is very very inspiring ( and more as a concept artist ) !

  • Papasmurf

    Feeling the love, Ton? Congratulations.

    and you really do look like Dr. House in a way...

  • johnwind

    I cant believe I'm sheading tears of joy for your achivement Dr, Ton. *sob*.

    Blender have given me soo much hope and streght for the pass few years that help me carry on living my life believing that it is never too late to learn.

    Blender has open so many doors and enlighten the path that I truly believe could be achived with greater height.

    The greatest reason would be having something to believe in that I thought could never be possible, even with the condition of the world today that we live that is full of greed and suffering.

    If it wasnt for you and this whole communion, I dont know where I'll be.

    Thank you Dr, Ton. for this gift you've give us, and to the whole community of blender heads that worked
    effortly to support this great fenomenon.

    ** seeing you standing side by side with all the messiah of our time... Linus , Stallman etc ...

    May peace be with you...

  • Vassilios

    ------->CONGRATULATIONS TON!!!!<--------

  • Gerbin

    Congratulations Ton!!

    And more power to blender!!!

  • Tony

    Congratulations Ton!

    And kudos to Leeds Metropolitan University for being the first to recognize Ton's contributions with an honorary degree!

  • thoro

    Congratulations Dr. Ton!
    Well deserved.

  • Arru

    Congratulations Dr. Roosendaal, utterly well-deserved!

  • he

    Félicitation, je suis très content pour toi !

  • Thorben


  • Julian Frank

    Congrats Ton

  • jin

    what the hell? was he getting an honorary doctorate at HOGWARTS?!


    AWESOME DR. ROOSENDAAL! you deserve that and more. congratulations and rock on!


  • Bozo

    Congratulation, Doc :)

  • Lyron

    Congratulations Ton!!

  • Jonathan Merritt

    Congratulations Dr Roosendaal,

    Your contributions to both scientific and artistic pursuits with Blender have been astonishing, and have built a wonderful community that encourages participation and diversity. A very well-deserved honor!

  • Domino Marama

    Congratulations Ton! Very much deserved.

    PS: this just in - I was first first viewer :)

  • Domino Marama

    Damn.. Guess I was the only viewer :(

    It was the Honorary Degree Profile for Ton, hopefully they'll repost it soon.

    It was on this playlist:

  • johnj

    congrats tons doc Ton ;-)

  • Thomas

    Absolutely stunning achievement! Congratulations Ton!

    May Blender continue to thrive on your vision!

  • Mike Joslin

    I was there!!. It was my first time in meeting Ton and I was struck by his humility and gentleness as well as his passion for Blender. It is a long and complex process to select people worthy of this award and Dr Nick Cope Associate Dean for Innovation North and user of Blender chose and put forward a persuasive and winning argument for Ton's selection. I have sat through a number of these ceremonies, but for me Ton (and the Blender community) are a well deserved and excellent choice for this honour

  • Sankhon

    Congrats Dr. Ton, you deserve more than this. Wish to know if there is a way to contact him directly ..., an email?

  • Bal Singh

    I was at the ceremony too!!. I was fortunate enough to spend an hour or so chatting to Ton after the ceremony. It was an honour meeting you Ton. Congratulations to you and the blender community for this well deserved honour.

  • ton

    Hi all,

    Thanks for all the great reactions! It's been a tremendous day there in Leeds. The Brits love to do things with decorum and style, which was a wonderful experience to take part in. It indeed was all very Harry Potterish, but that's only illustrating where Rowling comes from in the first place. :)

    Special thanks to Nick Cope and Mike Joslin (posted above!) for putting this forward. It was great meeting with them, and - for those who wondered - we've not had contact before ever... to me it was a totally unexpected honor, and was so great to see their enthusiasm embracing Blender there on the Innovation North faculty.

    The picture of me holding up the scroll is when I said: "Thank you Blender developers, website admins and website makers, documenters, and all the Blender artists world-wide... this one is for you!". And I mean that, we're all honorable now!


  • Kirado

    Someone should model a 3d blender character of Ton in his regalia!

  • NielsBlender

    Van harte gefeliciteerd!


  • arti

    Congratulations Ton!

  • Sleeper

    Congratulations Ton.

    @Mike Joslin - Sure beats Videoscape on those Amigas in Harrogate, doesn't it.

  • terence

    Congratulations Dr. Ton. I'm glad to see Leeds University recognizing the work you've done.

  • vidrazor2

    A Windows Media video stream? Does anyone see the irony in this? LOL!

    Confgrats Ton

  • Hamed

    congratulation, hope god help you beat all of obstacles.
    I honestly think this award is just small for you MAN.

  • Nixon

    You really deserved this honor for all the work and heart you put into blender and its evolution!!
    I also feel think of this as big honor for the whole community of developers and supporters wich keep this 1337 3D tool state of the art, you all do a great job!!!!

    Gotta say thank you to Ton, the DEV's and all the people who share their blender expertise with tutorials, scripts and .blends.
    So this also goes out to everyone at blendernation, -artists, artist-mag, cg-cookie, -guru, cg-guerilla, and everyone I couldn't get into this text.
    You all make the world of 3d suites a better place:)


  • +peter

    Someday, I would like to meet Dr. Roosendaal.

  • drawlabs

    Congratulations on your success with Blender and research that is a play tool for me nearly every day.

  • SanderWit

    Congrats Ton! Well earned I'd say!

    And such a brilliant hat and robe! Hope ye can keep all that.

    Sacha will need to revise the Ton Action Figure now..

  • Husam

    Congrats .. Somebody's got to update his Wikipedia page.

  • Slowboy

    Congratulations Ton, well deserved!!!!

  • gumanoed

    My Congratulations, Tom!
    You looks cool! :)

  • Anber

    Well deserved. It's nice to see Ton get reconsigned for his accomplishments.
    I agree that the headline is a bit misleading. I also thought that Ton was Broken :)

  • 3djimbo

    Congratulations-I have been a Blender user for years! Blender is great because I was "locked out" due to the high price of software. The Blender UI is easy! I have severe dyslexia and was able to complete the Tony Mullen tutorials.
    (look at my youtube page-I modeled, animated and rigged it all!) Currently I am making my own short.


    Congratulations Ton! I am so happy for you. This is the fruit of your labor and generosity to all of us blenderians. Just one reward of many more to come. God bless you and works of your hands my brother. Blenderrific! Blender BombFest Baby!

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