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3 New Bridgestone Commercials by ProMotion Studios

Matt Ebb wrote:

ProMotion Studios recently delivered a set of three new 15 sec TV commercials for Bridgestone Australia. Done 100% in CGI, the commercials featured the well-known Bridgestone Gecko in various scenerios related to retail campaigns.

Each spot had a very tight production turnaround, less than 2 weeks each, delivered alongside an A1 size poster for use instore.

Blender was used for all 3D production.

HD versions:


  • Nathan Letwory

    Very nice work! Great animation.

  • roofoo

    Never heard of the Bridgestone Gecko, I thought that GEICO had the only gecko commercials. i wonder what GEICO thinks of this?

  • Marc

    Awesome vids. :-) Roofoo: Does GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Co.) even EXIST in Australia? lol

  • Robo3Dguy

    I love the goofy movements of the gecko! Nice!

  • BlenderBoy

    Excellent work! The reflections on the room service cart look great. Did you use image-based lighting for these scenes?

  • Hedge

    I think I'me seeing some Kajimba assets :D

  • gaalgergely

    wow, that was fun!
    awesome animations, congrats to the team!

  • kroopson

    great great job!

  • Nezumi

    SUPERB animation! I wish to see some making offs :D Isnt that tire from the last tutorial ?

  • Lasphere

    Great work! Thsi kind of well-made movies made in blender are too rare! Thanks to PROmotion studios for PROmoting blender this way! ;)

  • invertedNormal

    wow! this gecko looks and moves better than the GEICO gecko. the GEICO gecko is all stiff n' stuff.

    awesome work!!!

  • Jasper

    very nice work. How did you prepair the A1 poster for printing; with the CMYK colors and the difference with RGB?

    Downloading maybe there's my answer...

  • Dalai Felinto

    Beautiful !!!

  • Morten

    Impressive animations
    In the hotel animation it seems like the do-no-disturb sign goes through the rose. But it's a small thing. These animations are truly impressive!

  • Aka

    Poor Gecko.

  • roofoo

    @Marc: Well it's kind of ironic that the GEICO gecko has an Australian accent. :)

  • JamesNeale

    roofoo : The Bridgestone Gecko is Australia only, whereas Geico is North America only. (oh and has a UK accent by the way!)
    They both were conceived independently in 2001, and ours doesn't talk.

    Otherwise thanks to all for your kind comments. Got to get the Blender message out.

  • Mike

    Great commercials. Like the climbing motion especially.

  • Sam Jr

    Top Notch

  • Lucio Cavalcanti

    excellent and funny!

  • Dane

    these commercials have some absolutely incredible animation, this really shows off what can be done in blender.... i especially love the use of cloth effects in the third one :-D

  • Lindamus

    good to see a fellow ausie getting some good work done with belender!

  • Chainz


  • Gr8!

    Wow! Pro-Motion rocks!

  • kijja

    Very nice work.Render tutorial please...

  • bullfivehundred


  • max p

    this is soooo professiona!!

  • Nezumi

    BTW - what renderer was used here? Internal? :O

  • Fadhil

    nice ...
    using Yafaray?

  • Hitechboy722

    The character animation during the tool board was stunning. The lighting and texturing through all three shots was ACE. Although I wasn't quite taken by the tyre and accompanying rim (model wise), but to be quite honest who cares - the spotlight's on our little four legged friend.

    PS: OMG one week? how big is the ProMotion team?. Great work!

  • Matt Ebb

    cheers dudes, yeah its using blender's internal renderer and compositor.

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