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New Fiat campaign in Brazil using Blender 3D

fiat-stiloIn the past few days a new campaign was released by Fiat to promote a new car. And this time whole web site of the campaign used Blender 3D to create stills and animations of the new car.

All the stills and animations for the Fiat Stilo Blackmotion web site were made by an artist called Teisson Fróes using Blender 3D, Indigo Renderer and YafaRay. For this project the artist was willing to render everything in Indigo, but the amount of data required to manipulate and the short deadline, made him choose YafaRay for the animations and Indigo for the stills.

Here is a screenshot of the car model in Blender:


If you want to check out more about the project and other still and animations made by Teisson for the advertisement market here in Brazil, using Blender, check out his portfolio.


  • pfannkuchen_gesicht

    wow, that's amazing!

  • zareone

    Blender rocks, and Teisson is a master.

    I wish I could do something so good.

  • Ivan Paulos Tomé

    Yes, Blender here is being widespreaded by professionals, with great results !
    Blender here is considered a professional tool, no one cares anymore if it´s free or not, or the F.U.D., Blender 3D in Brazil is the choice for professional artists !
    And I am very proud to say it to everyone.
    Congratulations for the entire pipeline, coders, users, artists and all of people at Blender Foundation, this is a victory for all of us, Blender is not a bandwagon, Blender is a powerfull and very, very solid tool.
    And I am one more to say it and spread the truth about Blender to everyone.

    Ivan Paulos Tomé.
    Grey Silica.

  • BlenderBoy

    Good work. That looks pretty good. Too bad about the grain/noise in the animation; but YafRay will give convincing results without getting too complex with the lighting setup. Indigo is a decent unbiased renderer. I wonder how it'll look if you'd export the scene file into a RIB compliant renderer (ie Pixie).

    I'm very glad to read how Blender continues to be used in the professional industry. BRAVO!

  • gholm

    wow, this body of work is amazing. Fantastic results, and I checked out their reel too which is just as good.
    Well done guys, would love a few pointers from you on the setup of a Yafray pipeline.

  • Bakedbeing

    Hey guys, quick question from a Flashy here - what engine's being used for the realtime 3D with dynamic reflect maps? It looks great, and high speed too!

  • iulian flester

    Blender internal engine is gonna be (ever ?) more powerful then yafray ?

  • Gr8!

    Wow! Bravo!

  • Len

    Brilliant work! His reel has some awesome and even better work in it, and it looks like he used Blender for some or many of those too. I'd love to know more about those ;-)

  • ahb

    Good. But in my Linux Ubuntu don't get and install the required plug in.

  • siraniks

    wow this is great! and just like a real car in a studio shot... with all those bumps while the car stops... hehe... :D

  • RussWulf

    That demo reel is impressive! Is he doing all of this Blender? Wow.

  • Hitechboy722

    animating in an unbiased ray tracer??? is he insane!!! I really dint notice the noise that much :-).
    The part when the wheel spins across the screen is so sexy with the logo and all. This man needs to be interviewed! immediately! Even though I'm on a dial-up which turned the 30second vid into a 1 hour 20 minute ordeal but I still think he's done an awesome job. we should have gallery for commercial works done in blender!

  • dEspadas

    The engine on the site is Unity3D...

  • dEspadas

    They used Unity3D for the realtime effect on the website...

  • Allan Brito

    Hi Guys,

    I'm already working on to interview Teisson. Actually, the interview is ready. But, since it's in Brazilian Portuguese I'm translating the text.

    I guess it will be ready for publishing next week. So, stay tuned!

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