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The Blender Show: Interview with Nathan Vegdahl

theblendershowjpgYeah, we once tried to have our own TV channel here at BlenderNation and failed. Still, it was nice while it lasted. Ian Elsner has now launched the Blender show - let's hope he'll keep it up! Oh and Ian, if you're reading this - check out this post! ;-)

Ian Elsner wrote:

Many people have discussed the promise of creating a Blender-centric podcast.

So I have taken the liberty of hosting and broadcasting "The Blender Show". As the first episode mentions, the video podcast is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license and will feature tutorials, screencasts, interviews with Blender artists, interviews with artists outside the Blender community, showcases of works people have created with Blender, and connections with Blender developers.

The most recent episodes feature an interview with Project Peach Animator Nathan Vegdahl.

I fully intend for the Show to be open in the sense that everyone is encouraged to add content. I have no desire to commercialize the podcast or do anything other than administer the content.

The tag-line of the podcast, "A Journal of Open Source Art", captures the spirit of the project. In the end we are all artists, from the casual Blender user to the developer who writes the code, but we have the unique ability, through technology, to freely share what we have learned and what we create.

The Blender Show can be found here:

The main purpose of the podcast is to educate, entertain, and inspire the Blender community. Any content, content ideas, suggestions, or criticisms are welcome. I hope you enjoy it.


  • McPandaBurger

    It's pretty interesting, wanna see part three

  • PickAxe


  • DramaKing

    This sounds great! Wonder what else he's doing to do?


    "Making fun and cool versions of the Blender logo is really part your own artistic freedom, and Blender Foundation will never act against such tributes. Just don't expect us to "officially approve" it, that's all. :) "

  • n-pigeon

    Nathan your the man :D very helpfull tips I'm waiting for part 3 ^^

  • Ian Elsner

    Thanks for all the positive feedback! Part 3 of the interview will be uploaded in the next few days.

    In the meantime, I was wondering if you had any suggestions of who I should interview next? If you would like to show your work to the Blender community, submit a tutorial or a time-lapse, or send in another Blender-related video for broadcast, don't hesitate to contact me. I am committed to updating at least once every two weeks with fresh content.

    And I agree, Nathan Vegdahl is incredibly inspiring :)

  • AniCator

    Nathan woooooo!

  • DingTo

    very nice, but the "download mp4" links doesnt work for the interview...404.

  • Ian Elsner

    'Download mp4' links are fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.

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