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Cycling from Long Beach to San Francisco with Blender

bikeVince McKelvie (of Bikatrope fame) has created a new interactive Blender-Bike installation. This time, you can cycle all the way from Long Beach to San Francisco.

Vince wrote:

I thought it was about time to show people what i have been working on:

Lb to Sf via bike is an interactive installation/game that documents a bike trip my friend and I took from long beach to san francisco. The user rides a stationary bike through a the 3d world by pedaling forward and steering with the bike handle bars. The world consists of three mini games and a huge chunk of the california coast. I am going to be releasing a version that is playable on a computer without the hardware soon. It is made with the blender game engine, a bit of processing, a wii controller and the makingthings board.

This piece is going to be exhibited may 2nd thru the 15th at CalArts (valencia CA) if anybody is in the area and interested in experiencing it with the bike. If not i will be releasing a version without the hardware around that same time.



  • rickpier

    I like it!

  • Dread Knight

    A very interesting use of BGE :)

  • Statik

    You've got a typo in the second sentence, unless its supposed to be Long Breach. :)

    Cool application of Blender. Wish I had more time. My head is full of ideas but I lack the time to implement them.

  • Bart

    Thanks :)

  • Paolo

    It's some time i'm tinking somting like that but a don't have the skill.
    How do you control the speed?
    For me the goal is to make a simulation without the steering and to simulate somtething like a bike race (realistic time space climb and fatigue)

  • iulian flester

    This is a must


  • andrew

    dude thats awesome,

    i noticed though that you didn't continuously pedal? can you (doesn't matter but would be cool)

    also since you start in long beach i don't suppose there any thing about sublime in there lol

    wish i could be there for the bike part, sounds pretty rad

    keep it up,

  • joe

    very cool, never thought of using a bike for a controller in a game

  • McPandaBurger

    this is cool, though I get the feeling there's strange chemicals in the water there that or you're on the same crack Miyamoto was on when he made the mushroom kingdom, strange things are happening in that vid

  • MasterDomino

    That's awesome!

    So all the different things/characters you see in there are stylized and metaphorical versions of things that you saw and met on this trip? What a great idea. It's like a video game diary.

    I love the style. What is the music? It sounds great.


  • JABayne

    Would be cool if you created an online version where players could race one another. Not only do you play a new type of game, but get exercise at the same time.

  • vincehill18

    the speed is controlled by a dynamo on the back tire that produces light when the bike is pedaled. Then a light sensor inputs a light value into the computer. i use that light value as the forward thrust.

    the music is actually from the kid i went on the bike trip with Trevor Yasuda.

    one of the mini games inside the world is a racing game, and i did have the idea of connecting two bikes so people could race each other. it seems doable but for right now i am just focusing on this.

  • MetaBlue

    So now, a blender game controlled by a real bicycle? Totally incredible!!!

  • Gr8!

    Sweet. Amazing style!

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