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tube1Award winning animator and the director of Elephants Dream, Bassam Kurdali, has begun production on his latest short 5min film entitled 'Tube'. The project has been in pre-production for several months and is now heading into the production phase.

Sam Brubaker wrote to us saying:

"Last summer, Bassam Kurdali, award-winning animator and the director of Elephants Dream, decided to wrangle a herd of artists (myself included) for his latest short film project, an epic five-minute animation titled "Tube".

After months of pre-production, we've just entered the production phase, and wewanted to share our progress with the community at large. We hope you'll read our blog

We promise to keep you updated with our progress and to amuse you with tips, tutorials, and plenty of witty banter for the next few months to come!"

As mentioned above the blog is up and running, so keep an eye on it over the next few months to see this film develop. Sam also sent a link to a short demo trailer. You can download it from here.

As a final note, I think its worth checking out the team working on this project (on this team blog page), it involves many of the Blender community's most talented and pronounced artists.



  • banor

    Wow, neat... and what a long list of team members... nice... :) It will be neat to see an open film project coming from a different angle, thanks!

    (Warning, though, one of the images in the gallery is gory.)

    It would be awesome to get really good at Blender and do my own big project, maybe even get a team together ... or be on a team, like with the Blender Foundation's films... anyhow, thanks a lot for sharing! Nice "tube" titlling effect... neat to see the character concept drawings as well...

    !!! :) need to learn more Blender... ahhhh! :D
    Cheers and God bless

  • Gryphon

    That's the funniest trailer I've seen all year!

    Winter... Maybe I'll have rendered something worth looking at by then. Here's hoping.

    Good luck, Sam, Bassam and the rest of the Tube team!

  • RH2

    Yeah, I just saw this the other day..

    Good luck! Hopefully you can produce an amazing short!

  • Lucas da Costa Dantas

    I saw the first movie that was in the title of Blender website before...
    That was nice ,crazy thing ..

    I don't give a all read to the text to know this
    "new version" to another short movie gonna have a more deep
    thought about the story line and so on ...

    That thats going to be a background wait til its done,
    when here in this internet content its a chat talk about the pre movie development
    warnning .
    When all are able to talk its on development .

    Ok,that was my port about ...Thanks .

  • Hedge

    @Banor,: There is no mention that this movie will be open (source files and artwork won't be released to the public, no creative commons)
    The fact that it is freely viewable and made with an open source program doesn't necessitate that it be open :)

  • blablo

    @Hedge: what would be the sense not to release the source files then?

  • Cracker

    who is this drunk !!! Lucas da Costa Dantas

  • Thomas Vecchione


    The plan is to release all the source files yes, at least last I heard on it. You are correct in that it is not explicitly stated I don't believe at this time, but that will probably be fixed before to long.


  • SAJ

    Amazing! Was the little TEaser also made in Blender?

  • Jahmaica

    @Lucas da Costa Dantas:

    What?!?! Really, I dont understand any of his posts...

  • tyrant monkey

    Awesome line up of talent there can't wait to see what you all come up with

  • Monty Roegner

    There's noticeably a bundle to learn about this. I assume you made certain good factors in options also.

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