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Ad Displays 3D Car in Augmented Reality

Here's a *really* nice form of interactive 3D advertising, and it looks like they did the 3D design in Blender.

What appears to be little more than a black and white advertisement in three recent German automotive magazines becomes a 3D holographic model of the Mini Cabrio through a webcam and the Mini website.

The ad works only in IE6 or higher. If you want to try it for yourself, download the PDF of the ad, print it out and head over to the Mini website.


  • Bas Brouwers

    Wow, that was really cool. And it is indeed blender that you see in the 'making of' movie. Nice one!

  • eMirage


    I think that it can be done with the blender game engine, any suggestions !!!?

  • DingTo

    wow, this is really amazing!

    Blender, Blender, Blender! :-)

  • Smelz

    not to rain on anybodies parade here, but I was thinking. Do you think it's possible that companies show blender in making of videos because they would have to pay if they displayed another software's interface?

    Regardless this looks awesome, if only it worked on mac :(

  • Tokka

    After watching the 'making of' it seams like they were 'inspired' by Julian Olivers 'Levelhead' game/code.

    Maybe they used Blender because he documented his workflow in making his levdesigns / game ?

  • Kaveh

    Amazing. Thanks for posting. I don't have a printer to hand and don't use IE, but will take a look some time.

    Only thing is, they should not use the word "holographic" as this has nothing to do with holography...

  • wolfram

    Too bad they´ll force you to use IE6 (I hate it, as it just opens a black hole to SPAM & Trojans on your system :(...), but did you know that the technology behind it is
    GPL´ed (like Blender itself). Just look at

    and you´ll start dreaming of incorporating THAT into Blender´s gamekit (Ton, did you listen :-) ... ?)

    2008 was a very successfull for Blender & its community, so a big THANX to all of you who made it happen ....

    and a happy 2009 with even bigger achievements to come .....

    All the best from Wolfram (uit Keulen)

  • cd38

    that's brilliant.

  • barbatron

    it's really nice to see commercial work done in blender.
    ( that's all I wanted to say )

  • andy circus

    I think they might have used artToolKit for this, it's been
    integrated it into panda3d's engine for a while.

  • andy circus

    I don't know if ArtToolKit has been also integrated straight into blender :D

  • banor

    Pretty cool...haven't tried it, but sounds cool. :)

  • Bart

    This technology based on Bitmanagement BC Contact VRML/ X3D :) They offering the BS Exporter for Blender (for free) too:

  • Olm-Z

    If only that ad was for some EV... new technology to sell the old one ...
    but nice working technical exemple following the video .
    we'll do some other stuff with ARToolkit (and actualy I think its not AT used for this ad, at least it's the closed source new version they develop , or concurent system) ,
    Julian Oliver lead the way ... (wonder what he has in mind for next piece... )

  • Jor-Dan

    Wow... I tried loading the pdf in my iphone, and with the brightness all the way down it ran just fine on top of my phone! That was the coolest thing ever ;)

  • Robert

    Hey Logan how do you do that with artoolkit I'd really love to know.
    Quite awsome!

  • Robert

    Darn it doesnt work on Vista :(

  • 0r10n

    Hi guys,

    I'm glad you liked our application and our demo-video.

    The company responsible for this advertisement is called metaio and we are a german-based software-development-company with subsidiaries in the US and Korea.

    I'm the one resposible for the 3d-Content-Creation, and since I have been using Blender for 8 years now, I'm a little bit biased, when it comes to choose what software to use ;)

    If you are interested, please have a look at :
    Most of the models in the Marketing-Section there were modeled and/or animated with Blender.
    Since we use VRML as 3D-Format a lot of baking (animations, constraints, textures, shadows, etc.) had to be done in Blender before exporting the final data.

    As andy_circus brought up the idea of AR-Toolkit above:
    The AR-software we use is called Unifeye. It is our inhouse-developed Augmented-Reality-Software.

    If anybody has further questions about the software, the technology or our Blender-worklflow, please just post them here.

  • Tynach

    Robert, Vista doesn't work with it.

    Get your terminology right ;).

  • Tynach

    Well, I don't have a web cam to try this with, so I can't test it. But either way, I can't read anything on the site anyway, so I can't read what to do with the instructions.

  • sampan

    I like to drives a car-bmw verymuch Because it's good !!!!

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