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2.48 Released!

Its release time for version 2.48! This is a game engine heavy edition, with a large amount of BGE updates and new tools. There's also plenty of non-game related updates and tools to keep everyone happy.

Some of the new features:

  • Realtime GLSL Materials
  • Bullet update + softbodys
  • Game logic updates
  • Grease Pencil
  • Sun, Sky, Atmosphere
  • Fluid Control
  • Coloured shadows
  • Shrinkwrap Modifier
  • New Python Editor
  • and many more + a huge amount of bug fixes.

You can find a lot of information on all the new stuff at the release logs page

And of course don't forget to download 2.48 from the download page on


  • 3dcreator

    YeY. Downloading right now. Thx Blender developers!

  • blendificus

    !!!! THank you Team Blender!!! and the GSOC'ers. This is quite a notable update in MANY respects.

  • Fahassani

    O right! now we talking!!!
    THE work of art 2.48!
    Thank you all for the hard work.

  • DarkLimit

    Thanks alot for all ur hard work guys.... YAY!!

  • ronbravo

    Nice. Downloading now.
    Also, nice job to who ever did the new splash page art. Looks really nice.

  • Mal

    For me personally, the best Blender release ever, as the GE has been brought right up to date ( and hopefully the momentum will continue for 2.5! )

  • AquaticPenguin

    Very nice work and lots of thanks to the developers to creating another awesome release. It's nice to see the GLSL stuff nice and stable and official now. Although the softbodies seem to be crashing for me quite a lot.


  • dyf

    this post is just to thank all the developers..

  • YoklJO

    Those realtime softbodies are REALLY COOL!!!

  • Szentirmai-Schön Ádám

    What do I have to do to make the python code suggestions and code completition work ?
    It does not do anything at all... :( I'm using python 2.5.2.
    Can anyone recommend a link?
    Thanks a lot!

  • Dread Knight


  • fatfinger

    Great update, any of the problems I had with the release candidate seems to have been sorted. Is it just me, or are render times less in 248? Anyway, a double serve of thank you, with a cherry on top.


    Wow ! Big brain coders work very fast ! I'm feeling like I spend more time installing new versions than working with Blender !

    Thank you very much ! This release is full of marvelous tools.

    Just one question : Is the LAA enabled ?

  • Matt

    Thanks Devs! Will definitely upgrade!

  • Malfhok

    I have upgraded, and now I am waiting for the docs to catch up with the release... Anybody know how Fluid Control works???

  • Erick

    Thank you very much to all developers. I noticed that the windows version now has 64 bit too. I'm hoping that by version 50 there is a 64 bit version available for apple os x too.

    Thanks again.

  • Jasper

    Thank you all Blender devellopers !!!

  • kernond

    Thanks to the dev team and staff!

  • siraniks

    nice and it's done... thanks dev team and staff, have more power...

  • avalon33

    Thank you dev team !!!!!!! :)

  • epat

    Some major work has gone into this. Nice to see the fluid control finally make it into blender! =]

  • AD-Edge

    Check out the release log page (linked in the ariticle)
    Theres a good amount of info on the fluid control stuff.

    Definetly an exciting version though, especially for GE users. Thanks to all the developers for a fantastic release.

  • Bmud

    Yum, grease... I could do a whole animation like this!

  • Scooter

    Big thanks to developers! Great work! :)

  • DingTo

    You can find a crappy video, describing some of the new features here:
    The quality is bad so you better download the original file from Vimeo.


  • banor

    Wow, this is absolutely great awesome wonderful super man!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes... grease pencil, shrinkwrap modifier, new updates related to game making (just wanting to make games more again recently...) YESSSS!!!

    Thank you so much Blender Developers! May you be blessed richly,

    God bless,

    P.S. Enough chatting, time to download and install! WHOOT!!!!

  • Radu

    Thank you all Blender devellopers !!!

  • Frizmer

    Absolutely brilliant stuff!
    Been awaiting a 64bit edition for windows for a long time, so this is truly a most welcome release.
    A big thank you to the dev team.

  • Chenric

    Very good. Thank a lot

  • Stephen Danic

    I just taught a workshop using 2.48.
    The students all loved the realtime GLSL materials.

  • florinel

    A big Thanks to Blender developers!

  • Joe Dunkley

    Legends!!!! :)

  • Jos

    Thanks to all the developers! Great work!

  • crazyjack

    I'm still stuck on 43, and when I'm having problems I'm using SVN!
    I'm realy outdated.
    Thanx devs for your dedication.
    Just a question though. Does blender support dualview as yet? cuz it be nice if I can clean up my work area.

  • toneddu2000

    Thx a lot Blender devs! Blender is becoming a new standard for open media!Excellent work!

  • denshidan

    Why do I get directed to the 2.47 download links!!!!

  • Marco

    An awesome release, IMO, and more thinking they created a (near?)-state-of-the-art 3d game, too, in the meanwhile...

    don't miss this shrinkwrap > cloth example...



    @Crazyjack :

    I use Blender (under Window XP Pro and Home Edition) in Dual View mode (Nvidia video cards) for a while. It works fine. Just disable the full screen button and extend your window on the second screen with your mouse pointer. But obviously, you can't put a panel outside the Blender screen. It doesn't works like Photoshop or Gimp. Wonking on two screens with Blender is really marvelous !

  • Bozo

    Brilliant ! Thanks a lot, Blender team !

  • ysvry

    greatnews, thx to devs, and great to see the game engine up to date.

  • DramaKing

    Really looking forward to the bullet updates. I'll probably be rooting through the docs to see the details on that.

  • NathanKP

    Alright! I can't wait to check out the new game features.

    NathanKP - Inkweaver Review

  • urandom

    This might be a silly question, but how does one enable GLSL in the viewport? I checked the GLSL item in the Game menu, and made a material with a textured specular channel. The viewport doesn't look anything like the render preview.

  • urandom

    ... and I forgot to add, that my graphics card is an nv 8400, so theoretically it should worl

  • broken

    GLSL support doesn't seem to work on my stupid Acer laptop having ATI Mobility Radeon X2500. (Acer doesn't have newer drivers, but I have seen GLSL in use in this machine.) It only shows some black and white buggy stuff on screen.

    Otherwise sounds like a good release.

  • gokudomatic

    nice! maybe the time to try to learn to use the game engine. A tutorial for a total newbie, including the new features, anyone?

  • BonE


  • dazzler

    Great news but I don't think the python code suggestions and plugins work.

  • Felipe Budinich

    YAY! thanks everyone on the development team.

    I'm new to blender, and since it was just a "small" release i was expecting a LOT less (being used to other software releases, some small bug fixes, some new bugs, etc..)

    But this? I just can't believe it, I lack words, seriously.

    thanks, thanks, thanks, a million thanks!

  • redbyte

    You should know by now that ATI and Blender have never been the best of friends =)

  • Sim Pern Chong

    Coloured shadows should be cool. Thank you so much!

  • Randy Realist

    redbye: ATI and *quality* have never been the best friends either ;)

  • Jsaffari

    Its good work
    A big Thanks to Team Blender!

  • Ron Upton

    I was pleased to find 'Simple Deform' modifier in v.48. But, I have not been able to get 'Bend' to function; all other options function as illustrated on the blender site. Presumably, there is something I need to know relating to settings or such. Any advice would be welcome. (Windows user)

  • http://0420 paul

    all i got to say is the creators of blender are retards!!! I bot 2 animation programs that cost me 1,600 dollers..and blender was beter then both of them..(TO THE CREATORS OF BLENDER DONT BE STUPID YOU COULD BE MAKEING MILLIONS OF DOLLERS...If i seen this the blender program go for 850.00 to 1,100 dollers i would pay it)


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