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Mancandy updated for 2.48

Bassam Kurdali posted an update for his famous Mancandy rig. It'll ensure 2.48 compatibility, fixes some issues and adds a bunch of new features. Check out the announcement.


  • Lasphere

    Hey thats pretty cool!
    The mandcandy rig is really impressive!


    - It is also pretty cool that my mancandy-image is showing in the bottom screen at the "related post" (What did YOU Do yo poor mandcandy?) :D

  • ByronK

    This is really exciting! 2.48 must be getting very close to being released.

  • Auria

    Great, but what license is it released under? I could never find its license mentionned explicitely

  • blendificus

    cool, hopefully some updated video tutorials for mancandy will come out soon, there have been QUITE A FEW changes since the dvd's initial release, of which I have.

  • edna

    Lovely stuff.

    Don't fail to check out the reel on the website (link at the bottom of the page). It's a marvellously understated bit of animation heaven!

  • ddwagnz

    omg i miss being able to have time for doing crap with mancandy!!! :( :( maybe next year =D

  • Fahassani

    Cool announcement just seen the site.

  • NathanKP

    Awesome, the rig already had so many bones that I could barely figure out how to work it. Now it will be even more exciting.

    NathanKP - Imagination Manifesto

  • Nemesis

    Brilliant, thanks.

  • paul

    hooray! bassam ftw!

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