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SIO2 Game engine for iPhone uses Blender

SIO2 is a Free Open Source 3D Engine for iPhone and iPod Touch. It's built around Blender by using an exporter/optimizer script, and even includes the Bullet engine (in fact,  Check out the features list and tutorials (Blender tutorials included). We'll keep you posted on further developments.


  • claas

    lol - that is pretty pimp.

    Cool to see they use Blender for making games for the iPhone.
    Kinda a new market and fitting market since the iPhone only
    has some recourses compared to a full PC/Mac.

  • blendificus

    wait, WOW, does this mean we can build a game/app in blender and export it for use on the iphone? ?!?!??!

  • Bart

    @blendificus: that's what I'm hoping for! :)

  • Malfhok

    Hey, that's sweet! I was just looking for an open source iPhone engine!

  • Matt

    Awesome! Does this work with the iPod touch?

  • Dave

    @Matt: It should do - the iPhone and Touch are basically the same - apart from the phone, gps and camera on the iPhone.

    Now all we have to do is hope that Apple make things easier to allow us to develop stuff for the lovely little beasties (I've an iPodTouch - great toys!). At the moment it costs us developers to even create free Apps for them :(

    I tried the SIO2 engine with the examples - but without paying for the Apple certificate I could only run them in the Simulator :( But they sure do look good :)

  • Bart

    @Matt: the answer to your question is cunningly hidden in the first line of the post ;-)

  • Cuby

    Wow this looks incredible! I'm actually typing this comment on my iPod Touch at the moment so I definatly look forward to getting this incredible app on to try it out!

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • chuzzy blue

    Wow hearing blender + Apple is definitely a good thing! 1 + up Blender!

  • Daniel

    Oh, that's awesome news... I *think* the iPhone uses ARM architecture? If so, I'm going to have to see if this will work for development on the new Pandora (!

  • Sean

    How long before we see the, "Yo Frankie!" iPhone port? :-)

  • Dave

    I still find it amazing that the ARM cpu was 'born' in the UK from a company that made computers primarily for schools - Acorn (who spun off the Advanced Risc Machines company). The Archimedes (later became RiscPC) 'kicked bottom' when it first came out. The RiscOS desktop still has features that are sorely missing in current mainstream OS's.

    And now it's powering many, many mobiles and small computers all over the place :)

    From little Acorns do Apple's grow ??? :)

    @Cuby: SIO2 is not an App directly, but a library for developers to do 3D Apps. :)

  • Matt

    Does any one know if it will be possible to create games for psp one day - or infact any other platform?

    This is really cool by the way -


  • Kmwerner

    @Chuzzy Blue- Blender and apple aren't partnering up...the iphone SDK is out now, so anyone can make things for it.

    Still very cool though.

  • blenderman345

    Yay! I just got the iPhone/iPod Touch SDK! Good news!

  • QuailMan

    OMG! This is the coolest thing ever!
    Pinch me I'm dreaming

    I can use Blender to make iPhone games!?!
    Awsomery approaches!

  • Matt

    "@Matt: the answer to your question is cunningly hidden in the first line of the post ;-)"
    Wow, I can't believe I missed that...

  • Sebastian

    THAT is very nice for a Opensource gameDev-Kit called Blender3d:
    "- Built around Blender (!! WYSIWYG !!)"

  • blendificus

    does anyone know of this allows for the implementation of BGE materials, like logic bricks, or other code written in the BGE? Or perhaps is it just for importing geometry/uv's?

  • ysvry

    lol - that is pretty pimp.

    Pimp as a coke junk that sells his retarded sister too dribling old man with swearing genitals?
    Yeah well id sugest an other word if you mean good.

  • Dalai Felinto

    blendificus, apparently it imports only the meshes and materials (very simple material probably).
    I'm looking into their tutorials and it looks really interesting.

  • Avery

    I am very interested in this, as I love to hear how blender is breaking new boundries. However, I only see summaries of the tutorials, without any links to the tutorials themselves. There are couple links to tutorials on youtube, but there isn't any sound. Anyone having any luck with this?

  • vidrazor

    If you think about it, this is only really cool if it gives blender some good exposure to developers on the iPhone platform. The concept in and of itself is no big deal, really. I believe the days of iPhone's apps hype concept are numbered. In a year's time all this will be going on in Android, and probably at a more frantic pace.

  • Terence

    vidrazor may have a point. I've heard that Apple is pretty restrictive about what they will allow for the i-phone and oddly enough, with the release of the Google phone they have gotten even more restrictive. Google's approach is in the opposite direction of Apple's. They seem to be letting everybody create anything for the phone, so I'd guess that once the tools are available, you might find more Blender created apps for the Google phone.

  • sfepa

    firs of all, i need to buy iphone)))

  • aws357

    This means one thing.

    "Dear Apricot Team. It is with a great regret that we tell you your job is not finished yet."

    "Not until you port Yo Frankie on iPhone/iPod Touch."

    "'rs truly"

    The blender community of iPhone users.

    :) Just kidding but it seems this could make it easier in the future to port Blender games to iPhone...

  • Fahassani

    this is one of the bast news I read.
    do you know what this mean?
    Think far way far, this is one of things that blender needs,
    IF some artist ( God please!) work on this it will may go to the next apple Keynote.

  • Mandrake

    Ermm, excuse me for noobishness, how can I get this onto the iTouch? I have a zip folder open with all the files and such for SIO2... do I need to re-jailbreak the iTouch, or what? It looks really cool, now I won't have to drag my laptop with me everywhere xD Never tried to do something like this, always used app store or installer.

  • @aws357

    *cough* open source *cough*

    Load up the yofrankie game in blender, hit export, cross fingers.


    Yo Frankie on app store, for $2.99, I'd buy 20 copies.

  • shul

    I have a developer license for the app store, will load the demo (if there is one) to my ipod touch and report back, from the screen capture in youtube it looks like there is a slight performance problem, BUT a great idea !!

  • Jason

    So Windows users can use this to develop for iPhone/iPod?

  • sio2interactive

    As a follow up, SIO2 Interactive is working on its first independent production and we need 3D artists to design and texture levels for our upcoming game!

    For more information check this post:

  • vidyadhar kudumula

    good one !

    does it mean, use blender to model and export to iphone or use sio2 for the same ?


  • tonurs

    >>blendificus Oct 9th, 2008 at 8:11 pm
    >>WOW, does this mean we can build a game/app in blender and export it for use on the iphone? ?!?!??!

    That was my assumption from all the Sio2 marketing blurb ... build a game in blender under Windows and use Sio2 to export it to the iphone/ipad ... so I bought it the product ... you can't export games. Very poor/almost non existent doco too.

  • upretirementman

    When are they going to have Blender ( the application ) on the iPad? Imagine that! You could model on the road! Awesome if possible.

  • bruce965

    SIO2 is a Free <<>>

    If it has ever been open source i'll fly now!


    Why am I not flying?


    Seroiusly, this project seems to be in an iron crate, to just download it you must claim to be the leader of a company!

    Bah... :-(

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