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Reaching Out

Awesome artwork by Soenke Maeter from Germany. Soenke writes:

I created this one for the BWC2008. The composition is something i payed special attention to. It's rendered with Blender2.47 internal render and some postpro with Photoshop.

(Click on the thumbnail to enlarge). Original threads on CGSociety and BlenderArtists.


  • BlenderBoy

    Artistically it's a good comp. - good work.

    Sort of looks like the Tower of Babel (I'm hoping I'm wrong though).

  • Sven

    @ Blenderboy: Why do you hope you're wrong? Tower of Babel was my first thought as well :D

  • KevinW

    Awesome. It's great to see Blender in the CG Choice Gallery!

    Great Job


    p.s. their other work is awesome too.

  • BlenderBoy

    I was hoping it wasn't the ToB to avoid any religious or political debates on the BN site. I don't think it will escalate to that, but what was just my concern. I remember a few weeks back there was a post about Microsoft asking something of the Blender Fnd (and I didn't follow the post too well), but the following day, after hundreds of comments, the BN moderator closed the post because people took it too far. It's like the whole Mac vs. PC thing - WHO CARES! Use whatever platform works for you and move on. Anyway, getting off topic; I think the artwork is good regardless.

  • Blendin 4 Jesus

    Awesome image! I followed this one since he started it and yes, it is meant to be the ToB. But not in a religious sense I think.

  • tewo

    it's not CGArena, cgsociety

  • Bart

    @tewo: updated, cheers.


    Very nice work. Congratulations.

  • Anonymous

    I don't think an symbolic reference to ancient reflections of historical artifacts would cause any religious or political strife.

  • Tx_Rx

    Thump, [Jaw dropping noise]. Nice piece, very nice piece.

  • amoose136

    I haven't seen anything this detailed in a long time. Sincerely sensational are the descriptive words that come to mind.

    On a different note.... Bart could we please get a Blendernation favicon?

  • GustavTheMushroom


    Trust a German to come up with an epic pic like that...



    Out of interest... How many Polys??

  • ColeZero

    This is really awesome. That masterpiece will be set on a very high place on BWC.
    Great work.

  • oin

    if resembles babel tower, could be more about separation of humans, more than other implications.. maybe the birds wanting to reach out of that situation? Outstanding work.

  • blendercross

    Very impressive oin said : Outstanding work! Congrats!

  • @rem

    Excellent piece, Soenke! The lighting and detail is truly masterful...

  • icejoe

    now i wanna see this rendered with indigo or luxrender. even though it would take weeks, it would be epic.

  • NathanKP

    Wow! Really great work!

    NathanKP - Inkweaver Review

  • banor

    yes, I've seen this recently. It's beautiful

  • Oscar R. Paz

    Awsom work, good job

  • Martin

    Really inspiring, well done!

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