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Blender 2.47 released

Blender 2.47 was released today! Continuing Blender 2.4x series, Blender 2.47 is a bugfix release to stabilize the "Bunny Release", serious effort has been put in tracking bugs and fixing them.


  • YoYoFargo

    Oh, and has siggraph info too!

  • MrNoodle

    So now what 's next ?
    Apricot release.
    Durian release
    2.50 ?

  • blenderman345

    Warning, you may wanna go to cuz the official dwnload page isn't working for me.

  • blenderman345

    @mrnoodle: Durian release only after 2.5...all the people round the world should have a party( b users)

  • Egan

    Wow, that splash is pretty hilarious. A bit contrary to what we are trying to say though. Blender was improved from 2.46 to 2.47, not crushed by an apple. ;)

  • Bill

    Still does not work with WindowsME! Still says on download page that it does. So what is the deal? Please would have been nice to know.

  • Gez

    They crushed some bugs... I think that's the idea :)

  • Gez

    Mmmm. No 64bit packages yet?
    I can't wait :)

  • pictorali

    Awesome work. Many thanks to the development team!

  • Master Danix

    Lolz,the splash screen is EVEN more funnier

    Nice touch

    Downlading...Downloaded ! :D
    (Does it solve the famous Transform Propreties glitch?)

  • rexprime

    ton can take a vacation and comeback refreshed for 2.5

  • Matt


  • RNS

    Only bugfixs,however no new textures features like ,ocean,and new clothes modifier featuring multire vertices triangle and tiles texture.anyway thanks for the hard work you developer did.


  • Pedro

    Vacations to Ton now! We need 2.5!!!

  • ysvry

    great, always good to get bugs fixed and i love the uvmaped and id node in the compositor too. THX Blender team.

  • Benjamin Bailey

    Woah, awesome! This a great post, like, yah! "There's probably no new posts on BlenderNation right now... whoa!"

    Thnx, God bless!

  • bow3d

    I Thank you Ton and I give thanks to all who worked on this great program.

  • Pixel3D

    The 2.47 release refuses to launch on Windows 98, just like 2.46. :( Both 2.47 release candidates launched and seemed to run ok. What happened?

  • http://none Jean_R

    @ Pixel3D
    Well, 2008-1998=10 years. There is nothing more to say at all.

  • [email protected]

    glad to hear it. but i got this message when i try to run it on opensuse 11 64 bit :
    error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    what's wrong ???

  • Bozo

    Fixing bugs is never as exciting as putting new features in, so I've got to say a big "Thank You !" to all the blender developers.

  • GabySoft

    Thanks to all for your efforts!! An release day make it a better day !!

  • Owen

    Again the same problem, in all new blender version. So please if you can help me :-| SEE here :

  • GoG

    Great.. but i hope this release is last of 2.4x? I can't wait for 2.5 release anymore!! :)

  • aiWorks

    @Blender Dev Team: Thank you VERY MUCH for the new release! Great work!

    @Owen: "EditMethods -> Aligned to view" solves your issue, if I understood correctly from the screencast.

  • Owen

    @aiWorks > Man, thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Lasphere


  • http://skiri-ki.deviantart.dom Skiri-ki

    waahaha, what a pun is that xD
    2.46 had the bunny with a butterfly <- sort of a bug
    2.47 has that butterfly crushed by an apple xD <- bug fixed

  • Sanne

    Many thanks to all who worked on this release!

  • Bassam

    @[email protected] E

    "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    what's wrong ???"

    It's saying you're missing a library in your system; you should install it in your package manager (I'm not sure what the exact rpm name is in opensuse); in ubuntu there is libalut*** ; just search for alut (and openal if you don't have that either) and install those packages.

    Another easy way to get the deps is to just install the blender that's in the repositories via the package manager; this'll bring in all the dependancies, so you can then download and run binaries from without hassle.

  • Bassam

    @ Owen
    I don't know if you're being serious or snarky, but the solution is already visible in preferences:
    in edit methods, under add new objects (on the right) there are two prefs: Switch to edit mode, and align to view. Turn them on and you're back to the old way.

  • blenderman345

    Hehe. The bug is gone. What was the major bug? The butterfly.

  • johantri

    it works !! ^_^ thanks Bassam

  • Owen

    @Bassam > Man you know me , I'm always serious. I hate people who kidding on me , I was just asking for a view methode. This ain't my fault if I don't know Blender as some master you hear me? , right? !PS; your server is down !

  • JamesG

    how come there is no fix for macbook leopard 10.5? I'm getting tired of going into opengl profile and then launching it.

  • zapman

    thx for the bug release! blender rocks hard!


    A release flavoured with apricot taste !
    Thank you Blender Team !o)

  • Guardian 452


    Ok, first of all thank you! It was driving me nuts not having objects appear the way I like and not kick into edit mode!

    Now, stupid question...I know there's a way to save these settings (as it is I have to set them each time I start Blender now)...can you or anyone else tell me where it is?


  • Terry

    Awesome, Blender marches on!

  • Bill

    My previous post may have come off as mean.Just wanted to correct that,i too am grateful to those involved in making blender what is it today.Thank you!

    @Guardian 452
    I think crtl + u will save user settings.

  • djallalnamri

    *hello and great thanks for 2.47 release
    *meanwhile i have a serious problem
    - i am trying to move from windows to free os like mandriva linux or ubuntu
    - i have tried blender on ubuntu and it's a big difference with blender running on windows xp:i can hardly recognize my nvidia gfx 5200 gc
    - i have noticed that mandriva is updated when it comes to graphic cards drivers but it takes long to download and iso image as i don't want to use pirated os to download free os :it is not clean!!!
    - now people who experienced blender on mandriva with graphic card like mine can you please tell me if i will have the same bad resolution,...
    - i try to convince an architect to turn to blender and he is very fact i try to convince everyone here to turn to free soft and oss as most times it is cracked soft which used here
    -this may sound off topic but please people who use bender with other os than ms windows let me know about your experiences
    * thanks in advance

  • kevin

    i am not shur about getting this download, dose anyone know why the import and export lists were downgraded by that i mean no importing OBJ ect and same for the export function?

  • Guardian 452

    Thanks to everyone who posted the tips...Blender looks like I want it to now!

    And thanks again to the developers for all their amazing hard work!!

  • tazukii chang

    i have 2.47 yay thankyou bf.. but how come when i go to file and the import obj wave option is not there same thing with export hit me back somebody please.

  • LithorVita

    It's work up.

  • anv

    ./blender: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    Hardy 64.bit

  • patrick

    Yea im getting the same problem. I have windows version of 2.47 and only have 3 import and export options... how do i import and export all of the other formats like: OBJ , LWO, 3DS etc ? Is it only windows people that are having this problem?

  • t_hnx

    I finnaly got it to work under gentoo linux

    I was getting the same error: "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

    I emerged "media-libs/freealut" and then it complained about so I emerged "media-libs/libsdl"

    The next error was:
    Compiled with Python version 2.5.2.
    Checking for installed Python... got it!
    Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".
    intern/ghost/intern/GHOST_WindowX11.cpp:175: X11 glxChooseVisual() failed for OpenGL, verify working openGL system!
    X Error of failed request: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
    Major opcode of failed request: 18 (X_ChangeProperty)
    Resource id in failed request: 0x8aeba80
    Serial number of failed request: 11
    Current serial number in output stream: 12
    that's about " glx" not loading, so edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf and uncomment (#) Load "glx" and Load "dri"

    all fine!!! it's working :)

    hope this will help some linux newbies like me

  • hamid mahmood

    Deat t_hnx

    Actually i am having the same error that u had got.

    (error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.)

    could you please explain the following line, i cant understand about what you are talking about.

    (I emerged "media-libs/freealut" and then it complained about…. so I emerged "media-libs/libsdl")


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