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  • Bataraza

    What a Great Job… One of the Best I’ve seen made with Blender

  • Deltaray

    The animation is nice and all and its great that it was made with Blender, but the message is lost on me because I know that it was all made by a large insurance company.

  • ArtIsLight


  • ArtIsLight

    nice to learn about ProMotion. ;D Their animation of the sea monster/mermaid king was quite impressive. (had seen it before, as well as Lighthouse.)

  • ArtIsLight

    besides the music on the mermaid king one… ;(

  • Robin

    Wonderful article. Appreciated the perspective of work, production, solve, work. No evangelizing, no rose tinted glasses, just solving problems with Blender!

  • urandom

    interesting, is the ocean simulator available as a plugin/build somewhere?

  • Tynach

    I would also like to see the glass shader and ocean simulator builds.

  • Philippines

    This sucks! I actually thought it was the other way around. Well, i guess thanks for clearing it up!