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Making of the sci-fi city by Bertrand Benoit

Last week a very cool making-of, for a scene called Sci-fi City was published at The scene was made by Bertrand Benoit, who modeled the scene in Blender 3D and rendered it in Indigo.

If you want to check out some details about the modeling and overall process of scene's creation, visit this link.


  • Bart

    @Lucas: please stop posting this message everywhere on our site. Go to the forums and offer your help there!



  • aws357

    The image is really beautiful. As someone who enjoy SciFi it reminds me a lot of those Coruscant hive city vistas painted by Ralph McQuarrie.

    One advice, visit the site the artist personal website too

    It's worth a shot.

    And if you are on diet, don't watch the sweet french pastries... I would kill for one right now... :(

  • aws357

    PS : the french pastries are on the portfolio (link at the end of the "making of")

  • PavelSiska

    WOW, Great job :)....
    I see Indigo is very capable renderer.... only one question - How long did it take to render the still picture?

  • Chris

    I'm curious about render time as well. A modern graphics card would happily render such a scene at 60 fps but Blender works nowhere near as fast.

    Very high quality composition. It looks like a frame from Babylon 5 or something like that.

  • daniel

    Chris: A modern card could render that at 60fps if everything was pre-computed, i.e. baked normal, AO, shadows... etc

  • PavelSiska

    This picture is perfect inspiration for game projekt ;)....

  • PapaSmurf

    Awesome. I'd love to work with you. I'll ask my boss to get in touch...

  • ethana2

    Coruscant: the early days

  • Sim PC

    Wow... that is very impressive!!!

    It is like watching a blockbuster.


    This is a great inspiritation for begining artists (such as myself)!

    Keep up the great work!

  • blendercross

    Cool SciFi Panorama, very impressive Quality!
    His personal Galery includes a lot of eyecandys.

  • Spinnacre

    Cool, i saw that in 3D world!

  • sen

    You can find also the video of this scene at his personal website

    Cool stuff

  • Pilot

    Great scifi enviroment. I loved these Blade Runner cities very much!

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