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Bloomington Blender Users Group Meetup, Thursday July 24th

The newly formed Bloomington Blender Users Group will be kicked off tonight at 7pm. That's TODAY, so drop your work and get in your car if you're in the area!

Mark Krenz (Deltaray) wrote:

I wanted to announce a new users group that DichotomyMatt and I have started in Bloomington, Indiana. We've had people interested from all over the state and even Ohio.

On July 24th, the newly formed Bloomington Blender Users Group for Bloomington, Indiana and the surrounding area will be having its first meeting. Anyone is welcome to come regardless of which 3D software you use or your skill level. We'll have discussions and show and tell where you can show off your own work. We'll also show Big Buck Bunny, Elephant's Dream and other videos and images made with Blender. To finish up the meeting, we'll have a "jam session" where participants each help contribute to a small scene and render it.

Join in on the discussion in our forums.


  • Deltaray

    Or you can ride your bike or walk if you're close enough. Thanks for making the announcement.

  • ByronK

    What fun! I wish I was closer. I would definately be there.

  • ByronK

    Hello Mark and Matt, I hope your first meeting was a success. I couldn't find any email or phone information about how to contact you directly.

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