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Article featuring Big Buck Bunny on

An article about Big Buck Bunny was published on, and it`s a great summary of the project. A few extra details are revealed in the article, like the overall cost of the project.

The impact of the project and the future of projects like Big Buck Bunny are mentioned on the article. Visit this link to read it.


  • Laurel Lion

    That was a great write-up on Good point on their closing sentence regarding other open source projects following this model.

  • Artisten

    Impressive work on article.


    Yes, Great article.
    Blender desserves it !

  • TX_RX

    Agreed, a good write up and it sheds some more light on the logistics involved with BBB.

  • amoose136

    "Big Buck Bunny builds a better Blender"
    Say that ten times fast.

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