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  • Pavel Siska

    Great work about some tutorial? :)

  • Dread Knight

    Not bad.

  • gr8! (Dimitris Christou)

    Not bad? This is AMAZING! Keep it coming!

  • Nathan Vegdahl

    Ian Hubert is teh awesome!
    Project London FTW!

  • Zecc


  • Anthony

    I believe his is going to set another Blender landmark once it's done. :)

  • macouno

    Also folks... that video was released along with this help wanted page on the film's blog

    Go see if you're interested!

  • Marcus

    Form a visual standpoint, this is the most complex, dynamic, massive-action-that-blows-the-audience-away animation that ever came out of Blender.

    This yet again proves that a skilled crew is able to produce world class shots that equal blockbusters like Transformers, Pixar (BBB) etc.

    Respect to the artists! Respect to the Blender developers!

  • blenderman345

    Whoa! Here we come Pixar!

  • ysvry

    great anim a bit short though.

  • Marcus

    Here we come Michael Bay!

    didn't get the title though: "Benny's fuel and repair"? Looks like the opposite...

  • Andrew

    Really well done, but way to short. The viewer is just coming to terms with whats happening when it abruptly cuts to an ad. Not cool.

    But I guess the 7 seconds of action we saw were good.

  • gauravanim

    oh my god... Goood ...amazing man its amazing..wanna see more

  • JuanD


    I think this is material for the Siggraph reel. Isn't it?

  • Ataru

    Whoah... that is pretty sweet! NICE modeling! :-)

  • Joeri

    Looks like this is going to be way better than the project Ton is going to present at the blendconf2008. ;)

  • Wireless_Syrup

    ....Wow. Transformers quality 3d footage. Amazing.

    Animations from small scale studios like this, who use great open source software, are really doing some amazing things. I can't wait until the full video comes out. With some luck, large production studios will take notice of these short films, because blender is getting up there as a major contender.

  • Marcus

    I can't help myself watching this over and over!

    I really would like to know how clips like these influence sales curve of commercial 3D software (can you hear the bomb dropping sound sync to the curve going down? AHHHyes....)
    It surely is a long-term process, but I really think that in ten years most artists will have grown up with blender, and if blender manages to be more and more interchangeable (import/ export), I think it will be in most pipelines.

  • Johan

    Glad they started this project. This will surely set the bar for Durian.

  • blendercross

    This demo-short is real professional in cut,timing,color,animation.........and so on!
    It shows what is possible in blender - amazing, hope we see soon more.

  • Len

    After watching this I feel SICK! Uttersly sick and intimidated lol.

    INCREDIIIBBLLLEEE work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still struggling to breathe.

  • RokieTheJawa

    I got to say it. I don't stop to be amazed by all the stuff made with Blender, this is totally awesome!!!

  • Mantar

    This bears no resemblance to the Transformers movie. I can easily recognize both robots, and I can see what's going on! :'D
    Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all night! Tip your waitress!

  • Kirado

    cool animation.. but that ad thing or copyright thing.. was so NOT COOL!.. seriously don't so that it ruins everything.. come up with some other way of putting your name on it..

  • ccherrett


    I think he can do what he likes with it.

  • Ian

    No, Kirado! Giant copyrights are the EPITOME of cool! And a necessary evil! Evil is the new black.

    This clip was actually intended as a recruitment clip to be used to see if we could get a few more good folks on our team to help with the visual effects (In fact, if anyone wants to throw this following link into the article, that would be RAD!).

    But yeah! To find out more visit this link;

    You guys are all epic! I'm so hyped at the positive response!

  • Tx_Rx

    I'm extremely interested in the quality of the actual animation in the short. Any more excerpts?
    Looking polished and very exciting though!

  • Adria

    three words:
    Oh my good!

  • Ghost_Train

    That's freakin sweet! Very awesome visuals. The music seems very
    anti-climatic which seems to hinder the energy of the scene. I hope
    that will be switched out with something more engaging for the final
    because I want to l fully love it.

  • Ian

    The music is just crap I wrote :P. Fingers and ears infinitely more talented than mine are working on a pretty darn sweet soundtrack. If I'd been thinking I probably would have deleted the music before exporting the clip... but whatevah.

  • Phil McCoy ([email protected])

    The artists at Spiral Productions LLC are indeed grateful for the positive response to this clip. As Ian and Dolf mentioned, the clip is intended to help us recruit some more help to complete this full length feature we call Project London. If you want to stay in touch (it's gonna take a few more months to finish it), here are a couple websites to bookmark. (soon to be our marketing site) (news for cast and crew)

    We are pleased and proud to be part of the Blender revolution.

  • Nathan Taylor

    I still can't get over how cool this is, and it's such a small fraction of what's going on.

    Can't wait to see what the response will be like when people see the whole scene.

    To anyone thinking about joining the team: I have never had so much fun working on a project. Also, it's a fantastic opportunity to expand your Blendering knowledge.

    And seriously, who wouldn't want to make giant robots? :)


  • Lucas Da Costa Dantas

    Looks like real robots !!
    Pixar ??? How about Jurassic Park ?

  • IronShield

    This clip blows 3DS Max RIGHT out of the water.

  • Rakunko

    I'm more use to Gundam mechs and Shirow with a humanoid layout, with a head and limbs but this looks so sweet too! nice animation! very mechy ^^ keep it up

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