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  • kram1032

    wohoo :D (Just after I started a probably more time consuming render :S xD)

  • Matt

    Yippee!! Woot!! Many thanks to all the developers!!

  • solhex

    Thankyou ever so much to all at the Blender institute. Spending what feels like most of my life indoors without friends has never been so much fun. Now I have even more reason to burn the midnight oil.

  • Sephiroth the Bimbo Master


    Thanks guys, you're the best, I can't wait to put my mouse-pointer on it's new stuffs!!!!!!

  • The Last Rookie

    Absolutly fantastic!!!

    I never dreamed of one of those new features ever...
    It will take me till version 2.5 to even look after the half of the new functions!
    Now i'm sure that the money for BBB was at the right place.

    Many many thanks to all people involved to this gigantic piece of opensource!!

  • RH2


    Too many features, you guys are working too hard. I can't keep up learning how to use the new features fast enough! (that's a good thing...)

  • Cuby

    Wow awesome!!! Can't wait to get right into it and make really good use of some of the cool new features, especially the animation side of things.

    Thanks for the notification!

  • Mink

    keep it coming motherfuckers! blender 4 life

  • Jasper

    Hoera! Thanks to all the people who make the Big Blender!

  • Rakunko

    so much in one version i dont know what do do first!!!!

  • vurentjie

    great scotts! this is best news all day, all week, all month, all year!! sanx

  • stratus26

    Ohhhh nnooooo !!! They did it again !!! Please let your competitor breath you b!^*# 3d industry revolution leader !!!

  • Brendan

    Wow--this is awesome!!!

    Thanks to all of the developers; I have tons of respect for what you do!

  • houari

    *just when i started to hang in quiet desperation...
    *bravo for everyone from devellopers to enthusiastic all those who make the blender community happy today on planet earth...
    *i have a little suggestion...what is devellopers could provide newbies with a pdf sheet like the one called "blenderquickstart" just to show main graphic user interface changes occuring from one version to another...:very few lines so that we 'll know where to put our mouse's cursor
    *another little suggestion.... for the future this one:can devellopers mix cloth proprietaries to those of particles systems like hair for instance...and make hair in wind...
    *thank you :after the ms case and the departure of bart...2.46 release is a wonderful timing...and bart can post everynow and then

  • Eddie

    luv it! but,settings and .b.blend In my document?, i dont really like it (to store something in my documents folder, i always keep it empty, and put my files on other partition). can i move it to blender (program) folder?

  • Born

    Thank-you, so much, Ton, all developers, and all who have contributed to the Blender community.... simply too many names to list, but you know who you are.... and, of course, the whole Blender community itself! Thank-you!

  • Tx_Rx

    Been playing with the Linux & Win32 Builds. Most impressive release yet. Well done to all the devs and many thanks for all your hard work. It's up to us to help spread the 2.46 love out there. Goodness knows there's some amazing new features worth shouting about!

  • ysvry

    thx alot for the new version, many great new additions. good also that i can imediately download optimized versions from too.

  • Tony

    Excellent. Thanks to all the devs!

  • Seikoh

    Cool! I am downloading it right now.
    But... Geez... Has the software grown! The first time I downloaded Blender (ver. 1.68, if I am not wrong) it was only 1.2MB. Now it is 10 times bigger...and 100 more functions, I believe :)

  • meltingman

    whaoo.. to become professional blender is the best !

    thank you for everything you do :-)

  • Martín Eschoyez

    Just to say BIG THANKSSSSSSSSSSSS to all developers! ;)

  • gistro

    Best release ever! Thank you sooo much guys!

  • Someone44

    When will the OSX 10.5 Leopard version be available? Does anyone know?

  • Nicknamz

    Wow!!... thanks a lot!!! ^^

  • MrNoodle

    Yahooooooo!Let 's counting the downloads!
    Sb post this on CGSociety!

  • dono

    A very very very big thank you for all developpers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's amazing !!! You made a incredible work !!!! :)

  • Ankit Pruthi

    thanks to all the developers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    downloading it right now.....
    cant wait to lay hands on new features!!!!!

  • Len

    Wow, wow and wow. I've been using the builds for a while now, but there's so many other new features that I didn't even know about!

    Amazing work guys! Thanks for all your efforts.


  • Vassilios Boucer

    Thank you so much to all Blender Developers!!!!!!
    Amazing Release!
    I Already Installed the Windows version and there is no (Folders) and Scripts Folders created in the Blender Instalation Folder!???


  • pyrosever

    woo-hoo! (you have no idea how much I need this right now)


  • Choi

    Thank you very much! Blender is the best!

  • stenosis

    One small step for a man ... one giant leap for Blender.
    Thanks to all the Blender developers and this wonderfull community!!!

  • smokebox46and2

    @ Someone44 ~ the 10.4 and 10.5 release are one and the same... i'm using 2.46 on leopard 10.5.2 right now

    Incredibly dedicated work, Devs. Infinite thanks to you all and congrats on this vast release ;)

  • Marcus

    cant't believe it's only 9MB!!!!!!!!!
    just crazy...

  • Numbuhone

    12th post!!!

    Yaa!! blender is soo cool!!!

  • Dusty

    Woo hoo!

  • Vassilios Boucer

    I read the Release Notes for 2.46 Blender Version!
    ...many New features are not there..will this added later!?

  • Grendies

    @Vassilios Boucer

    Assuming you're using Windows...
    Had to do some searching around before I realized where it was: it's tucked away in the Application Data folder now.

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Blender Foundation

    It will probably be somewhere other than the All Users folder if you selected "current user" during the installation.

  • Crouch

    Great! Time for some playing. (and the dvd release tomorrow!)
    By the way: did anybody already put up a digg link?

  • ByronK

    To all developers, thanks for a wonderful new version. I hope you all get some well deserved rest and relaxation!

  • Vassilios Boucer

    Grendies: Yeah!
    i found it also after searching....

  • Carlos

    Is anybody else having problems with Yafray? Blender keeps crashing every time I try to render with it.

  • fredpyo

    Wow... AMAZING feauture list! Can't wait to tinker with it...
    Another great version of Blender! Thank you!!!

    (by the way, does someone know which game appears besides the "Game Engine improvements" link?)

  • Mystery

    Incredible update, thank you to all developers.


  • manda

    Downloading now...
    (2:00AM now in japan, I'm sleepy)

    Thanks for developer!!

  • Vassilios Boucer

    It crashes for me only when the "xml" button is disabled!

  • Anthony

    yehey! thanks blender devs!

  • Leonardo S. R.

    Time to update gallery!

  • RNS

    No,script and plug in folder in my down load blender bindery.had to borrow and paste.any one same problem?

  • STart

    thanks it's a good one :)

  • Kyle Dell'Aquila

    Has anyone tried/have a macbook that got good results?
    it doesn't work over here

    its as lame as the previous version

  • fred

    THANKS THANKS THANKS developers!

  • Zecc

    @gistro Something would be very wrong if this weren't the best release yet :)

    Anyways, I can hardly wait to tried it out.

  • claas


    that seems to be an old memory problem.

    Do use xml for export and do not use the disabled
    xml button and it should work.

  • finty

    well done, super release

    I notice that the bevel modifier still disbales uv-mapped textures

  • ArtIsLight

    Yeees! Praise God... ciao! Thanks so much, to all the blender developers and enthusiasts! Let's see what this version has to offer...

  • Gwenouille

    Thanks to all the developpers ! I wish i knew how to programm... Well done to all of you !
    And Welcome to 2.46, surely a great vintage !

  • VanPelt

    Damn cool release! Thank you guys!

  • samran

    Thanks for all development team good work – only one off day and tomorrow pleas start dev new blender ver 2.5 ^_^ thanks for all

  • skrammel

    Thanks a lot to all the devs!

    Is the MacBook/Mac mini and Leopard bug fixed? I can't test it myself because I'm not at home right now.

  • NielsBlender

    Aha, my mind-transmission has new features :)

  • ArtWorks

    Congratulations with this new and awesome release. "Too many" options, I can't keep up!! Thanks a lot!!

  • Serpentus

    Thanks a lot guys!!! And Congratulations on a new breakthrough.

  • dalekbell

    Wow! Hooray for the Bunny! I wish every movie brought such benefits...

  • grafixsuz

    Great stuff guys! Get some rest all you Devs.

  • RNS

    My computer detected another blender application from previously download and rewited and deleted some folder.It was Fix .Now, I can setup my new bang,bang Ubuntu computer and server for my project. Thanks to all developer and Ton.

  • blendman

    soon we will take over the world. Muhahahahaah haha ahaha ahah heh he...he.heeh. (cough) cough. Just kidding... but seriously... I'm not kidding.

  • MiiWiiRPG

    Am I the only one getting a server error?
    I really want to try out all the new features

  • MiiWiiRPG

    It's working now :D

  • pictorali

    I'd like to extend my appreciation to the blender developers. I haven't done any real work with Blender for a while (not enough time), but I still follow it very closely because it's one of my all-time favorite apps. Nice work.

  • Dion Moult

    Thank you all the devs!

    This has been one awesome release and this AAO and particle system is already making my mouth water.

    Congratulations! You did it again! (and just in time too for some of projects!)

  • Lucas Da Costa Dantas

    Great !
    One step that i don't know about ..
    is all full documentation about how to build Blender
    by teach everyone to contribute the understand and build
    to new functions ,look utilities ,main objects() ,help files ,
    scene constructors ,... bring the ideas to program .

    A online school about all the maths,consepts,....
    and all development for Blender .

  • luke.xx

    Boids particals here i come!

  • Smelz

    The mac links don't seam to have been updated but if you choose to download by clicking one of the countries it works.

  • Lasphere

    WhooohooO! Nice one!!!!

  • gr8! (Dimitris Christou)

    Bravo to the devs and the Blender institute! Thank you all- wish you the best!

  • SoulVector

    At least a Million THANKS!!! :DD Sweetness!!

  • Steven Chan

    I'm also interested in the bug on the Macbook + Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) combination has been ironed out for this Blender release. It's a shame that it used to work under OS X 10.4.

  • Alexander Ewering

    A truly impressive amount of new features. I wonder why such a release doesn't result in at least 2.45 -> 2.50 ... I mean, other vendors would jump from 2.45 to 3.00 for such a huge number of features...

  • DiThi

    Spanish users:

    Menead esto, preferiblemente como usuarios registrados:

    (It's a digg-like site)

  • indiworks

    The Sequencer (video editing) is now even more interesting than before: I don't know of any NLE - be it commercial or not - that runs on basically all platforms and offers high-end video editing with a feature set as complete as the blender VSE! Combine this with the power of the Compositing Nodes and you've got a very impressive and unique tool for video post production. (And that is before you've started exploring the possibilities that the 3D features - including the particle system - offer for visual works of all kinds...)

  • andrew shea

    Im getting a server error every time I try to download. Is there a mirror or can it be hosted (windows version) on a download site so I can get my sweaty desperate hands on it....ppppppllllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bov

    This is great - I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed though. I'm just hoping some new video tutorials will appear to ease us into the new features. I really want to learn Blender.
    Cheers :)

  • Reaction

    Well I'm in the middle of three 2.45 "mission critical" animations at the moment - but what the hell - I can't wait any longer for 2.46! >:)

    Fantastic work guys - it's going to be one long 'lunchbreak' for me today...

  • Duranial

    OH YEAH! Just what I've been waiting for! An new and excellent version of Blender, in 10 minutes I made some animations with the cloth system, it's awesome!! Thanks for all!!

  • xenon

    Do someone know when linux 64 bit version will be released?

  • RedBirdiii

    Wow!! Great news!

    @xenon: you can find the linux 64 bit version here:

  • TX_RX

    looks like the download link is toast.

  • madcello

    Thank you so much!
    It as so many new and usefull features!
    With each release, i always get amazed!

    Thank you once more for this piece of art!

  • Aka

    Anyone has some ideas for new features? xD

  • sen


  • xenon

    Approximate AO is really faster. I am impressed!

  • GustavTheMushroom

    Had to get it from a mirror... Main download page is probably getting HAMMERED.

  • xenon

    We greatly appreciate Blender developers work.

  • Ja-Seen

    Wot a bunch of new features. They'll have to update the wiki. Can't wait to dive in a check out everything. Great work.

  • Darth Omnious

    Ton and all the other devs, keep up the phenominal 'effin work with Blender. We really appreciate what y'all are doing for the artist community and giving up and comers a complete tool to learn on.


  • Master Danix

    Awesome,i liked specially the hair feauture,i can now be an hair artist in blender :D
    Soon,i will experiment clothing system

  • Xtra

    Slowly but surely Blender reaches a stage of professionalism that makes it hard to understand the tools. I don't do 3D stuff for quite a while now (I'm back to my main interest: making musik) and visit this site from time to time because I'm still interested in Blenders development. With every new release I'm more impressed, but even if I would, I don't want to learn this application again. So much features, such a steep learning curve. Anyway, great work!

  • Michel

    Hey! There is some rt easter eggs in this release. Read post #10 ...

  • Nathan Letwory

    For those who can't seem to find their scripts: during install you can choose to view details. The log there tells you where .blender and .blender/scripts get installed.


  • endi

    Bevel tool kills UVs and vertex colors and other datas... (I have posted it in bugtracker.)
    But I think this is a very bad thing in a final release... :(

  • fraek

    cool - thank you kindly ~`...

  • artistic_kelly

    Just be careful...there's still bugs in the particle system in Blender 2.46.

  • Wim

    BIG thanks to all developers for your time & passion to make Blender an excellent 3D application!!!

  • koiku

    is there anyone who has problem with 'undo'? it came to undo all change not per step for a clone object....

  • damix911

    Hi guys, I'm not sure I'm writing something new, however Firefox couldn't find the word "Vista" on this page and I don't have time to read all the thread, so I'm going to post it:

    C:\Users\Dario\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts

    This is, for some reason, my script folder under Vista. Hopefully this will be helpful to some people; I saw a lot of posts on the Internet wondering where the Blender script folder is!

    Bye ;-)

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