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Release Dates Announced: 2.46, Big Buck Bunny

Ton just posted the following dates on the Peach blog:

  • May 17 or 18: Release of Blender 2.46
  • May 20th: DVD Arrival, shipping
  • May 30 or 31: Internet release of Big Buck Bunny


  • Hannu

    Can. Not. Wait.

  • Weeeoot

    Yes! Yes! and Yes !! *echs_dee*

  • ragingmon

    x. i. ted.

  • ragingmon

    x. i. ted..

  • MrNoodle

    The dvd release date is drawing near!

  • DingTo

    YEAH! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Big Buck Bunny rocks!!!

    Thanks Peach Team.

  • Nebular

    Sweet! X-mass?

  • Adam

    yesss! the end of may is gonna be soo awesome.. I'll be blenderin like crazy with the sweet new file browsing on 2.46 while laughing my head off at this new movie that i'm so psyched to see! Looks like i have something to do in my spare time this summer!

  • IronShield

    WOO!!! Sweetness!

  • Tx_Rx

    Man, the hard work put into all of the above truly makes this a great month for Blender!

  • Rakunko

    oh sweet blender godz it is time of joyous modeling and shiney animation lol

  • DramaKing

    I seem to remember that 2.46 was supposed to have been released back in April. Oh well, it's actually better this way because now I have time to actually use it! Looking forward to the Peach film, too.

  • RedBirdiii

    Woohoo! I'll get my DVD very soon!
    Can't wait to see my name in the credits!!

  • Sven von Brand

    Hope it doesn't take too long the DVD to cross the world to get to Chile XD
    This news make me feel more anxious, Want the DVD so badly, want to see the movie so badly, Great work everyone!!

  • Tynach

    Blender 2.46 is coming out the SAME DAY that my 3D animation class' final is due.

    In my class, however, we have to use Maya.

  • islam

    Great News !

  • troubled

    I can hear Scotty yelling something about no more bandwidth capt.! :)

  • BonE

    rejoice, all je nations, salvation draws near

  • Wayne C Fox III

    Very good to see
    I Get my books for blender a New Version comes out and The movie comes out aswell
    Tis a good end to a decent month

    Keep on Blending,

  • 2le

    Looking SO forward....

  • shredder

    sweetness. i've been incredibly anxious for that 2.46 release.

  • Andrew

    Crap... that means I won't get my Big Buck Bunny DVD till after the internet release :(

    Being in Australia sucks. At least with the May 15th date we had a chance.

    Oh well, can't win em all. Should be great though!

    A big thankyou to the hard work the Blender team are putting in :)

  • CrazyJack

    Ah man, just watched the trailer, and I want it!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all who worked on this project. If it were'nt for you guys, we'd propabaly be stuck watching a puppet version of this.

  • STu

    Have been wating so long,
    hope there is a fully working 3DConnection support, at least in Win release.

  • Anthoni_C

    Sweet Can't Wait!

  • a

    where is it??? :(

  • RP

    I like the new glossy reflections and other new features. Blender 2.46 is another great release! Thank you for making this amazing software for free.

    When there will be support for photon mapping/caustics in the internal renderer? Blender is great and mature now, I think the only missing features are these. Is this planned? Sure, I can use some tricks with nodes and Python scripting to get caustics but this is difficult and restricted to still pictures.

  • Andrew

    RP, I think you're better off using YafRay or Indigo for the time being.

    They've just spent months putting together this release, so don't hold your breath for even MORE features anytime soon.

  • Blenderdude86, is there any possibility that 2.46 will be released today(may 19th)?

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