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Short Cloth Demo

Blender ClothThe new Cloth simulation system of Blender brings a lot of possibilities for animation. Did you try it already? Well, a few artists are actually playing around with it, and they are creating amazing simulations!

Check out this Demo, from an artist called nudelZ:

Blender cloth simulation from Daniel Genrich on Vimeo.

Impressive, isn't it? If you want to try out the new system, go ahead and download the Blender 2.46 RC1, with the Cloth simulation. Is just me, or there are a few builds with a RC2 label for OSX?


  • Voc007

    That's very cool, can't wait to learn how to use it, keep it up !!!

  • http://magicalpictures.netcurrentlyoffline thondal

    Man i'm really looking forward to start using the cloth system.


    really extra!!! Realistic move dress ;)

  • Robin

    The aimation was really great!!! The cloth was just a big bonus (not that I am not amazed;o)!!!

  • Lee/LohnS

    great! this is final fantasy spec! haha, time to put that to use on some characters i think

    is the animation mocap or should i be squeezing tips out of the animator? ;)

    Blender kicks ass!

  • Morcy

    Wow!!! Really impressive; blender is growing very quickly in physic simulation. Keep on the good work!!

  • ethana2

    Blender continues to rocket its way into the future..

  • Hillo D.

    Cool! I'm really looking forward to some nice tutorials on cloth and particles for sure.

    (Hey blendernation, could you please fix the bug? It looks horrid without the white background)

  • Pawel

    WOW! Great movements! Did they use some kind of motion capture? And the cloth animation amazing too!

  • Serge Gielkens

    That is impressive.

  • David Revoy ( Deevad )

    exellent demo !

  • BonE
  • BonE



    Wow, I haven't had time yet to play with the 2.46 RC1...

    I's very impressive !

  • AnyMation

    Great stuff. Version 2.46 - together with BBB - is going to put Blender on the world map!!!

  • Fobsta

    Pawel - I think it is motion capture. Years ago when Maya first got cloth I think I remember seeing the same mo cap animations
    demonstrating cloth. Maybe it's free mo cap?

  • Kernon

    Awesome cloth sim! Definitely mocap character animation.

  • Jordan

    Awesome video. I really need to get Blender out and try some of these new features!

    BTW, Allan, it's not just you. There are some Blender RC2 files up there for OSX, and maybe for Linux, too (the lower ones on the list, marked "test2" not "RC2").

  • Aleksander

    Holy .... Didn't fall through!!!
    How did you do that???

  • elite2864

    Like Fobsta I think the idea is "stolen" from a Maya-cloth-demo!
    Meanwhile it was sure possible to get the mocap-data or even the Maya-file.
    I am commiserate about the fact Blender is nearly always only copying.
    A model on a catwalk or sth. else would do the same and would be unique.

    Blender is only a shape with functions of other CG-tools. And even the demos are!

    What a bummer!

  • yellow


    So not only has a coder got to be a great coder they have to be a great blender artist as well?

    They are clearly very gifted individuals.

    Would you like to do the honours with an elegant animation to demonstrate the new cloth features, of a totally original idea that's not copying something else?

    It takes everyone time to get their heads round new features but you can bet artistic use of the cloth system will wow in time.

    as for the mocap looked like one of those old free dancing BVH ? ones available to download for blender. Don't think it necessarily has come via Maya.

  • yellow
  • Dread Knight

    Whoohooo! xD

  • RNS

    No. RC2 for window? maybe blender may drop window for good and go Linux.

  • RNS

    Future project will be clothes,composite node and mocap for a 3d and live action blender film.Ton did mention a possibility some day.

  • Dimitris Christou (gr8!)

    Lee/LohnS: Blender kicks ass!
    Me: +1

  • Daniel Genrich

    @ elite2864:

    Really weird: When doing our own scene, we get comments like "Hey, do you fear Maya/Max? Why don't you do direct comparisation?".
    So and when we do direct comparisation, we get comments like "Ha, Blender can only copy, nothing more!"

    I guess we can't do it right for everyone ;-)

    @ All other people: I hope you enjoy the new functionality!

  • flyvin

    Cool, I wish cloth didn't take so long to bake though

  • DramaKing

    That's pretty impressive, I must say.

  • horace

    awesome! how long does something like that take to calculate?

  • John B

    This is the most impressive cloth motion I have seen yet, congratulations! Next question: since I specialize in shooting & editing video of dance groups and I look at scenes like this every day... the cloth looks natural but it seems a bit heavier than I expect. I don't know if this can be changed simply by adjusting the strength of gravity, or if you have to include the effect of air movement on the fabric (or are you already doing that?) Especially with sustained turning movement and a longer dress, you get significant air movement which in turn has a strong effect on the motion of the fabric.

    Anyway, very impressive work, keep it up!

  • kylecaldbeck

    What where the settings?

  • MeekWarrior

    Looks really good. But how long did it take to render, or to calculate the movement.

  • wayne

    all the physics simulators need to be multi-threaded...

    and the bullet physics engine needs to be moved from the game engine to the not-game engine... with no ipo baking

    then we shall see :D :D :D

  • crsP

    "The aimation was really great!!! The cloth was just a big bonus (not that I am not amazed;o)!!!"

    " Years ago when Maya first got cloth I think I remember seeing the same mo cap animations
    demonstrating cloth."

    "Awesome cloth sim! Definitely mocap character animation."

    Motion CAPTURE is NOT animation. It's recording of movement. Animation is the creation of movement. Even the cloth simulation is animation [created by a computer], but not the movement of the character. People calling moCap animation is ridiculous. Motion does not equate to animation.

    You may hate me.

  • wayne


    i'm with you on that...

    moCap is visualFX, not animation

  • Kernon

    I think we already know that mocap is not animation, but thanks anyway.

  • Jasper

    wow that looks great, i go look at the Cloth simulation right now!

  • fredpyo

    Great video, I remember I tried to simulate cloth before using Solid Bodies... My first results were pretty nice, but I got frustrated by the relative bad quality of "self-collisioning"...

    Now this... this is something completely different! Great work, as always :D, oh great masters of Blender code (and math). By no means I expect this to be a Clic & Play solution, but... results look light years better!

    By the way, the video is just a demo so that we can appreciate the quality of the simulation (that means, the awesome code behind it), by no means I think we would have appreciated something like:

    Hey guys, well, here is the code that calculates the collision between cloth segments and that simulates wrinkling and stretching, it uses a modification of the *Random Russian Name Here* algorithm, optimized for multi-threaded processes. What do you think, neat huh?

    ... I didn't think so... so...
    Thank you for the video!!

  • jacques

    This is so realistic! Amazing really.

  • Cristo

    That's freakin awesome! Lovin' the mo-cap motion as well.

    I am doing an animation hopefully soon with a character with a small cape. Not sure if I'll do soft bodies or this new cloth sim.

    I'll have a look when I get to that anyways.

    Awesome job, guys! Blender on!

  • elite2864

    @Daniel: Every Product has its own advantages.
    F.e. Houdini - particles, Max - architectural, Maya - PFX (impressive GUI and easy going!!), Zbrush - working with giant polys ...
    No denying: Blender is great because it has features some of them don't have.
    But it has no unique function!!
    If it will have one it will be different positively an a alternative to the great packages.

    I think sometimes the programmers of blender don't have a clue of marketing ;-)

    So I use Maya with Blender as compositing because Maya has none.

  • ccherrett


    I think your point is silly.

  • Kernon

    @John B
    There are presets available in the cloth sim (silk, cotton, denim, etc.). You also have control over air dampening, stiffness, collision quality, gravity amount and direction, etc. Plus, the cloth sim will respond to the many "fields" that are available in Blender (wind, vortex, harmonic, magnetic, etc.).

  • Kukanani


  • ToastBusters

    Any way to make the cloth not look like it's infinitely thin? Some cloth sims let you set a thickness to the material, which will give some mass to the edges (such as the bottom of that dress, straps, etc) to make it more convincing; especially in up-close shots.

  • tom


    But it has no unique function!!

    Blenders UV mapping is the most advanced available in the 3D tools.

    Blender has some of the most advanced animation tools available coming in 2.46.

    No other 3D suite has NLE integration. No other 3D suite has multiresolution mesh sculpting integrated.

    No other 3D suite comes with an integrated Realtime/Game Engine.

    Also pretty much all 3D tools just make use of the same research in the academic literature.


  • NathanKP

    Wow, this animation is awesome! I see real possibilities for the cloth simulations. Now if I can just figure out how to use them....


  • Tynach

    elite2864: Blender is open source. Marketing is used to produce income, by having people pay for a product.

    Marketing doesn't really fit in here, really, so don't complain about Blender's marketing strategies, or lack of any.

  • Gingerman The Bread

    This is really a breakthrough, cloth is probably one of the most important things for character animation in convincing movies. ex Shrek princesses?? Watch out bigger programs, Blender is on its way...

  • elite2864

    UV-mapping: look at the new MAYA or 3DSMax 2009!
    Animation: dito!
    NLE: Maya has one! But I prefer to use stand-alone profi-tools!
    sculpting: with blender? not with a-millions-of-polys meshes! you can't even load them!
    game engine: do you compare the blender-engine with the ones of Crytek or Epic??

    So no one of your points is unique!!

  • elite2864

    I am doing sales for about 20 years.
    Don't tell me rubbish.
    Marketing is also when you are making a presentation or an introduction of a product.
    If you say Blender doesn't make marketing then they have to close this page!

  • O oh

    elite2864, havent read that much wannabe nonsense in a long time, you have absolutely NO CLUE what your speaking of. Just for the records ... "elite" says it all, no?

  • O oh

    Berthold Grünhagen isn Laberhannes!

  • elite2864

    @O oh:
    Why do you have a clue?? And i miss your argumentation.
    Did I personally harm you?? Oh, you are a really coward.
    Otherwise you sign with your real name (and website).
    So everybody can see what you are about!

  • tibou

    sh** **p elite2864 !! who cares,you don't like it, you wonna critic, so what ? you prefer commercial software, fine do it, nobodies telling you, you are wrong about it, but don't come spit, on great programmers work !
    as you said blender got unik functions, and some others where it got some pruve to do, and so try to compare with others (like btw, commercial one do one to another). Anyway, yeah, big news, blender is not perfect, do you want a medal to point that out ? if you think demo are so useless the way they are, and marketing for blender is not that good (and I'm kind agree with you) then do it ! or at least respect the ones who are doing there best !

    btw blender's free right ? do you know how much cost marketing for commercial software, talking about ressourses and money here ?

    Please give us a break !

    thank you

  • Daniel Genrich


    So what is marketing about? INcreasing Version numbers by at least 0.5/1.0 with only 1-2 really new features? (see Maya 2008, Max3d 2009). Ah yeah - or using future dates in the version name (see Max). And the best of all: Sell it for several hundrets of $$, That is not marketing, that is simply very clever and everyone who buys those products is simply stupid.

    Regarding technique: Blender has many techniques which are way ahead. See cgtalk thread where they (also Maya+Max users) were stunned by the fact that the 3 rodents (BBB movie) can animate in almost realtime. They were also very impressed by Blender unwrapping so that they even made a (first) illegal plugin of blender unwrapper to have it in their "superior" Maya ;)

    I think that our elite guy is simply so much into marketing that he buys everything which the companies tell him. What a greenhorne ;)

    Let's move on to more important things :-)

  • Dave

    Brilliant. Fantastic. Now only if the cloth system was available a year ago, I could have used it for the swishing curtains in this video:

  • Bitblitter

    @elite2864: I am angry too, those Blender guys think they are going to take Maya's marketshare just by copying its features, trying to make them better and offering them for free, with full access to the source code? they are insane! This is harming the CG software industry, they are nothing but pinko subversive commies! argh!

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