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Modeling and Concepting With the Sculpt Tool

doggy.jpgEndre Barath [endi]sent in this tutorial on how to create organic models using multi-res meshes and the sculpt tool.


  • basse

    maybe host the image somewhere on blendernation, seems slow and download stops everytime i try..


  • Bart

    @basse: ack! Hmm, that file is a bit too large for us to host, but I've changed the link into a Coral Cache link - it should start loading faster in 10-15 minutes from now. Please let me know if that's better!

  • ysvry

    still slow , just host it on bn and reduce the file size . Or are you afraid you get "blendernationed" your self?

  • Bart

    @ysvry: yes, I can't afford that. The link *should* be getting faster in a bit - please give it another try later!

  • hillrunner

    Thanks for this !

  • hillrunner

    Endi, if you don't mind, I made a mirror for your file here :
    Tell me if you want I delete it.

  • Dion Moult

    Didn't seem much like a tutorial IMHO, more like a workflow. Which is pretty regular with sculpting.

  • LoMac

    Love it!
    That reminds me that I need to get sculpting.
    neat that it's all in one picture.

  • dusty

    Link broken

  • TX_RX

    Link working for me, nice tutorial. :)

  • thinkinmonkey

    Endi, nice guidelines and thanks for sharing !
    Well, it could be better to have a timelapse of your work, but it's a good source of inspiration, especially, the spaceships and horse are really nice, the material is awesome, my congratulations.
    Because I'm a newbie, could anyone tell me if there are tutorials about baking dirtmap and retopology ? Thanks.

  • Jens

    Thank you.

  • Ben
  • gauravanim

    Brilliant work dude

  • tedi

    Thanks to Endi.

  • endi

    Sorry for the slow server. :(
    You can clone the image of course and thank you.

  • Kernon

    Nice! If the image were compressed a little that should help with the slow download (it's a pretty big image).

  • amdbcg

    How'd he use the retopo tool to lower the poly count?
    Also, what about all that normal baking n' stuff?

  • Dread Knight

    Very cool.

  • Chris

    "Concepting (much like "architecting") is not a word. Perhaps you meant "Prototyping"?

  • Schnappi

    nice tutorial but thats more or less standart knowledge for working with sculpting.
    i would have been more interested in your use of the different brushes and strokes, how you create special folds and different shapes of detail etc. because thats what counts.

  • BlendRoid

    "Concepting (much like "architecting") is not a word. Perhaps you meant "Prototyping"?

    Yes, but neither are many of the terms we geeks use constantly. It's just jargon.

    Anyway... Nice tutorial on the basics. It would be great to see a timelapse instead though.

  • DramaKing

    Very nice tutorial, but it's not good for beginners.

  • Bear594

    Man That is awesome, and the work incredible. Thanks

  • NathanKP

    The tutorial does take a long time to load. They should host it on

    NathanKP - The Ink Weaver Collection - Book Review Blog

  • Eelko Gielis

    @ Anyone with download problems, check the mirrors.

    Great tutorial, like the way it's done too. No need for a PDF generator.

  • Billamu

    I didn't fully understand sculpting workflow, and it is concisely explained in this tutorial. Also I think your models are inspiring.

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